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Having Trouble To Sleep? Try Feng Shui!

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

https://www.mynewbed.co.za/Bedrooms are supposed to be a haven for everyone to have a good night’s sleep. They are the sanctuaries for relaxation. But you’ve already changed your bed sheets and pillow cases, and you’ve made sure that you bought the best mattress for your needs. Yet, you still have trouble to fall asleep? Then, perhaps you need a different approach in helping you to stay asleep all night long. Do you know what is Feng Shui?

What is Feng Shui? And How Can It Help Me To Sleep Better?

In Feng Shui, it gives you the idea of how to arrange the placement of objects and things within. This is because Feng Shui experts believe that it affects the energy flow in your living environment. In Feng Shui, there is this belief where these objects influence and interact with your personal energy flow.

Therefore, it does make good sense then to apply Feng Shui in your living environment. As this could definitely help you in experiencing a better sleep at night. If you’re someone who experiences disrupted sleep called insomnia, the answer you have been looking for is perhaps hiding in the act of applying Feng Shui into your living environments. A bedroom which is influenced by good Feng Shui flow are supposed to be serene, comfortable, cozy and allow deep and sensual rest at night. Now, doesn’t that sound a lot better? If you want to learn more about Feng Shui and how you can apply this to your living environment, read on.

Feng Shui For Bedroom #1 : Subtle Lighting

It is very important to have very good lighting in the bedroom. Feng Shui experts suggest that it is very important to pair good objects in order to create a balanced orientation which is special in the bedroom. For example, side tables, lamps and pictures should be placed in pairs in order to promote partnership and equality. Feng Shui experts believe that if any of these objects come in pairs, it will also allow the positive flow to run well in the bedroom. In other words, if you are single and looking for a partner, you should start pairing things in your bedroom. Also, you may add pairs of candles if you really want your bedroom to have high levels of serenity.

• Feng Shui For Bedroom #2 : Paint Bedroom With Peaceful Colors

If you want soothing, nurturing environments in your bedroom, Feng Shui experts suggest you paint your bedroom in peaceful colors. These colors include the warm and rich hues of beiges, lavender, creams and brows. All of these earth tones will give you more relaxed environments. Colors which will diminish the sensuality and intimacy include too much of white, bright greens and blues. However, as much as people tend to avoid red colors, surprisingly red is considered a good color to be used to paint a bedroom. This is because red color will promote passion and tenderness.

Feng Shui For Bedroom #3 : Strategically Arrange Furnitures

In order to get a good flow of Feng Shui, always make sure you are able to walk around both sides of your bed. This is because a bed should be the focal point of any bedroom. Your bed should be the epitome of serenity and comfort. If you are currently mattress shopping, we suggest for you to find a retailer of Restonic mattresses near you.

How Do I Know I Have Bad Feng Shui For My Bedroom? Could This Be The Reason For My Poor Sleep Experience?

The author of Know Feng Shui, Rodika Tchi, gave some tips on what should be avoided. If you are attempting to create a sleep-inducing and a lot more harmonious bedroom layout, you should consider:

Tips #1 For Feng Shui For Bedroom : Don’t Place Bed Under a Window

sleepThe Feng Shui tends to be very weak if a bed is placed under a window. According to Feng Shui, the feelings of weakness and sadness tend to overwhelm people who sleep under the window. Sometimes, they tend to feel as if they are lacking support in life. But if you are traveling and figure out that the bed in the hotel room is placed under a window, you do not have to worry about it too much. This is because the effect will only take place if you are sleeping under a window for a very long period of time.

Consider moving your bed to another wall, if your bed at home is under a window. Perhaps, you can try to place your bed against a wall facing the window. Other than that, you can try adding a window covering that can be closed at night or a strong headboard if you can’t move your bed. Both of these tips will help you to create a more secure backing for the bed.

Tips #2 For Feng Shui For Bedroom : Never Put Your Bed In Line With A Door

If it’s in this position, you might want to move your bed. It is called a coffin bed due to this placement of the bed which has a very harsh quality of energy pointed right at the bed. In classical Chinese Feng Shui, this bedroom layout is a very bad one. It is a very weak and a unsupportive bed placement. It will not help in increasing good flow of Feng Shui in the bedroom.

So how can you fix this if it happened? You should move your bed to another side of the bedroom. However, you can try adding a solid footboard to your bed if you are unable to move your bed to another wall. Also, you can put an upholstered chair, a small shelf or even a bench with some throw pillows in between the door and the bed.

By applying Feng Shui to your bedroom, you will add more positivity into your sleeping area. It is very crucial to have a very good night’s sleep. Because a good night’s sleep will promise you a better experience the next day. You don’t want to wake up and living your life feeling irritated the whole day, right?

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