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Why Buying a Bed Can Not Always Guarantee A Good Sleep

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Most of us think that by buying a bed, it will definitely guarantee us a better sleep at night. Yes, of course, it’s true. But it’s not entirely the fact. When it comes to sleeping at night, there are a lot of different reasons why our sleep is always disturbed. It could be the condition of your bedroom or the food you have taken earlier that night.

So, if buying a bed won’t guarantee a better sleep, what should you do then? The first thing you must learn about is your body. Our bodies function differently from each other. What might work for one person, may not be best for you? How much sleep we get every night will definitely affect us in a lot of different ways. That is why you must know exactly what to focus on once you figure out that the environment of your bedroom was not the main reason why you have insomnia.

We will not stop you from buying a bed, especially that new mattress in the market. But in this article, we are going to teach you some tips on how you can make sure your sleep is top-notch.

So if you are always sleep-deprived, struggling throughout your day and grumpy, we suggest for you try our sleep hacks! And then, do not forget to get to bed early tonight!

Try Morning Energizers before buying a bed.

buying a bedIf buying a bed doesn’t work for you when it comes to treating your sleep-deprivation, perhaps you can try some morning energizers. You can start by having a cool shower. This is because cool water acts as a booster that will wake you up. Make sure that the cool water hit your head first and continue to the toes. And do not go for extremely cold water. Just enough to help cool and wake you up.

Apart from that, you can try adding some mint to your morning. Mint acts as a refresher, so it is better to add mint to your shampoo, toothpaste or body wash. It helps in waking up your body. Always remember to moisturize your skin. This is because when you have sleep deprivation, it will often dehydrate you but by adding moisturizer, it can help in faking the glow in your cheek. Buying a bed won’t always guarantee you a good night’s sleep. So you must learn how to apply some of these tips in your everyday life.

In order to subtract puffiness, you can freeze two metal spoons in a glass of very cold water before placing them under your eyes. Massage under your eyes gently with the metal spoons in order to reduce the puffiness. Apart from that, you can use a bag of frozen peas, used tea bags or even cold cucumber. When drinking your coffee, do not chug it. But instead, sip your coffee nicely. This is because studies show that if you drink 2 0z. of coffee per hour, the caffeine is enough to make you stay awake. But do not drink any coffee after 2 pm. Buying a bed will then not even help you fall asleep.

Noon Refreshers.

Now, we move on to the noon refreshers. Buying a bed is all good, but until you realize that even your new mattress is unable to give you the healthy sleep at night which you desire. Of course, when you tell people about being an insomniac, the first thing they will ask is whether your mattress is good enough. The second would be the environment in your bedroom. However, buying a bed alone will not guarantee you the best sleep.

In order to reduce the sleep deprivation, you must try morning energizers and noon refreshers. Some examples of noon refreshers include making sure that you have cooler air when you wake up. This is because the warmest temperature tends to make you feel tired and sluggish. Always soak up the sun by sitting near a bright window. Or if you can go outside, take a stroll, especially at lunch. Always move your body. You can do a dozen of jumping or you could run up the stairs. This will keep you wide awake.

Do not forget to drink lots of water, because sleep deprivation tends to cause dehydration. Even if you are not drinking any alcohol the night before, we suggest you keep on drinking, drinking and drinking lots of water. If you want to increase alertness, add some ice to your drink! Apart from that, wash your hands with cool water. If you want, you can try a power nap. This nap should not be more than 15-20 minutes, otherwise, you will struggle to fall asleep that night. Well, we told you buying a bed is not the only solution when it comes to sleep deprivation! You can control your own sleeping destiny!!

Evening Tips.

buying a bedWhen it comes to evening tips, always take a pass on caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea or even chocolate. If you are going to drink a glass of beer or wine, do it when you are taking your meal at least 2 hours before bedtime. Other than that, you can prepare your bedroom for relaxation and tranquillity. Prepare your new mattress with relaxing stuff such as scented candles and dimmer lights. You can even try playing some soft jazz in the background.

Even if you are buying a bed, but you are too attached to your electronics, it won’t help. When it’s time to sleep, you have to turn off all of your electronic devices. The last hour before bed should be well-spent by quietly reading a good book or chatting with your loved ones. If you have a problem going to bed on time, you can set up a bedtime alarm. It will remind you that it’s time for you to call it a day.

If you want to grab a snack, go for Greek yogurt, peaches or Parmesan cheese toast. This is because the right amount of protein and carbohydrates will soothe all of your senses before you are sleeping at night.


Everyone seems to think that buying a bed, you will get the right amount of sleep needed. This is due to the mentality set by most buyers who claimed that a good mattress will give the best sleeping experience. It is true, but buying a quality bed goes hand in hand with what you do, eat or drink before bedtime. Sleep deprivation tends to have its root in the way of how we manage our sleep time. So hopefully, this post will help you in reducing your sleep deprivation. Check what you eat or drink before going to bed.

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