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How to clean your room fast (and keep it clean)

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

You have some friends coming over for the first time, so you know they’ll want the grand tour.

As you’re preparing for the visit, you run another mental check to make sure that everything is in perfect readiness.

  • Roast in the oven, check
  • Bathroom, check
  • Livingroom, check
  • Foyer, check
  • Bedroom…

And then it hits you. Your bedroom looks like its been hit by a hurricane!

So now what do you do? Your duvet is crumpled up and stained and because you are in such a hurry, you can’t decide which one of your other duvet sets to use. You’re not sure what to do with all the dishes. Not to mention all of the clothes lying around!

Okay so maybe this scenario is a bit over the top. But most of us have been in a situation where we needed to clean our bedrooms and clean them fast!

Or perhaps you simply have an untidy bedroom and you’re wondering…

How do I clean my bedroom?

Cleaning in progress warning sign lying on the floor.
Cleaning in progress

It is actually not such a difficult task, as our team of homemaker experts at The Mattress Warehouse is about to show you.

First things first. Gather all of the cleaning supplies you might need:

  • A tray for the dishes/bedside items
  • A moist cloth to wipe away the dust
  • A trash can/bag for, you guessed it, tossing the trash
  • A clothes hamper for the dirty laundry
  • A vacuum cleaner to vacuum the floor
  • One of those clean duvet cover sets for the bed

Good. Now you are ready to start cleaning your room.

Step 1: Open the windows

Open the blinds/curtains – working in natural light is so much healthier than doing it by electric light.

Open the windows.

Having clean, fresh air waft through your room will help to remove the odours that might be lurking there.

Step 2: Clear away the dishes

Removing the stuff that doesn’t belong in your bedroom, like that coffee mug next to the bed, will immediately make it look better.

Moreover, removing the breakables before you start shaking out bedding zeroes the opportunity for you to break something. And let’s be honest, when you are in a rush, glasses and mugs tend to end up in tiny pieces on the floor. Not something you want while you are working against the clock.

Step 3: Make the bed

Quickly take off the dirty duvet cover and pillowcases, strip the sheets off the bed and toss everything in the clothes hamper. Use the one you picked from your duvet sets and make your bed.

Neatly fold extra blankets and place them on the foot of your bed while you stack the pillows at the head.

A newly made bed will immediately make your bedroom look better. That is why we suggest you do this early on in the process. Because if those guests arrive early, you can stuff the clutter under the bed (don’t do that unless you ABSOLUTELY have to!).

With your bed made, you now have a large flat surface for folding your clothes (coming soon).

Step 4: Hamper the dirty clothing

Grab all of the dirty and wrinkled clothes and chuck them in the clothes hamper.

In case you are wondering; “what is a sign of a messy room?” clothes lying around is the second biggest offender, right after an untidy bed, when it comes to things that make your bedroom look untidy.

And if you aren’t sure whether an item of clothing is clean or dirty, put it on your bed for the next step.

Step 5: Put away clean clothing

Now is the time to focus on all of those pieces of clothing that didn’t make it to the laundry basket.

Neatly fold and sort them into piles that go together. T-shirts with T-shirts, shorts with shorts… You get the idea. Hang up all of the stuff that needs to be hanged, like trousers, blouses etc.

Step 6: Clear and clean surfaces

After removing the dishes and putting away the clothes, most surfaces should be clear of unwanted objects. However, your dresser or nightstand (or both) may still be host to some clutter.

You’ll want to get rid of that clutter next:

  1. Put the tray on your bed
  2. Put the loose items from your bedside pedestal and dresser on the tray
  3. Take the moist cloth and wipe away the dust from those recently cleared surfaces
  4. Place the loose items in their rightful place
  5. All of the loose items that remain on the tray obviously belong somewhere else. Figure out where, and put them there

Tip: If you find loose items that don’t belong, like chocolate wrappers and old clothes receipts, chuck them in the trash can.

Step 7: Vacuum the floor

You are nearly done!

All that remains is for you to vacuum the floor. Start in the furthest corner and meticulously make your way to the door. Make sure to vacuum every nook and cranny so that those dust mites don’t bother you at night.

Tip: Use the crevice tool (that tapered nose piece) to clean out the dust in the corners and from the tops of the baseboards.

And there you have it. A clean room and some time to go check on the roast.

The best thing about this cleaning method is that you can chop and change it so that it suits your personality (or schedule).

Don’t have time for browsing through your clean duvet sets? Not a problem. Simply shake out the duvet and put the shiny side up when you make your bed.

But what if you want to clean your room and you are not in a hurry? Or are you one of those people that clean your room today and tomorrow its a complete mess again? Don’t worry, we get that. We’ve been there.


How do you clean your room so it stays clean?

Spacious, clean bedroom with a beautiful view. The decorators of this room clearly spent time browsing through a selection of duvet sets before deciding on this one.
Spacious, clean bedroom with a beautiful view

Well you can still stick to the 7 steps we laid out above. They are a solid foundation to cleaning any bedroom.

However, we do have some extra tips that might make it easier to keep a clean room in the long run.

Remove “the chair”

Yes. You know which chair we are referring to.

That one with the heap of clothes stacked on top of it. We all have that chair that is never used as a chair but is used as a clothes stand. And it is just too hard to pass up on an opportunity to put another piece of clothing on top of the pile…

Especially when you are going out and you can’t decide which shirt or skirt to wear. It’s just so easy to pile the unwanted items on the chair. And we always promise ourselves that we’ll put away the clothes when we come home.

That never happens.

So. Remove temptation.

If there is no chair, chances are that you’ll refold that shirt or rehang that skirt instead of stacking it for “later”.

Keep a minimalist bedside pedestal

Your nightstand should be room to your bed lamp, current book and alarm clock. And at night, maybe a bottle of water (something that won’t break or spill if you accidentally knock it over).

Whenever you notice extra things cluttering up your bedside pedestal, pick them up and put them in their place. It should never take you more than 5 minutes to do so. In fact, we’ve discovered that a bedside pedestal can completely change the look and feel of your bedroom.

Tip: Do the same with your dresser. Keep it clear of anything that is not dresser-related. Throw away empty/old makeup containers.

Make your bed

It sounds tedious, we know. But making your bed every morning gives your room a fresh, clean look.

Besides, it should only take you a couple of minutes at most.

Have at least two duvet sets

With two or more duvet cover sets, you can easily keep your room looking fresh.

Even on wash day.

You won’t have to wait until the duvet cover is dry before putting it back on the bed. Simply take off the dirty cover, and put on the clean cover that’s been waiting in the linen cupboard. Then, once the dirty one is clean and dry, fold it and stack it until next wash day.

Plus, didn’t someone once say;

“A change is as good as a holiday”

– Someone

One of the tricks to having a spotless bedroom or cleaning up in record time is by having all the right linen and bedding. Nothing makes your bedroom look cleaner than a lovely new duvet cover set. And if you don’t have two duvet sets that’s not a problem. The mattress Warehouse stocks a wide variety of top-quality linen and bedding online. So, head over to our bedding section to check out our amazing selection of linen and bedding accessories.

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