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This interesting bed has caught the attention of pet owners

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse
Should you share your bed with your dog?

Should you share your bed with your dog?

For some of us, our pets are like children. They are companions, a constant happy presence and they contribute to our lives in ways that nothing else can. And for some people, it means that they allow their pets to share their beds, something that is not always easy, especially when your hound is huge. Sharing your bed with your pets is not really practical, but there is some hope for those wanting to share their beds but not their space.

Introducing the innovative company and owner of the idea of a bed designed with a built-in place for your pet to sleep…

Colchao Inteligente Postural

Think of it as a bunk bed for you and your dog

Think of it as a bunk bed for you and your dog

The Brazilian bed company that has created a most unusual or perhaps ingenious pet bed, within a bed. It is actually a very cute idea. Your pet’s bed is built into the box spring of your bed, basically creating a place for them to sleep right under you. Fitted with comfortable bedding, and even curtains, this unusual bed design is only suited for the smaller pooches or cats. The bed hit headlines earlier this year but appears to be unavailable in South Africa at the moment. It is not the only bed that has been designed to accommodate a furry friend but it is certainly the one that has gained the most fame.

The 5 real benefits of sharing your bed with your dog

Although it might be a taboo for you, there are those who would tell you that sharing your bed with a dog has some surprising benefits. However, it also creates a whole new situation to deal with, one that only those who share their beds would understand. The struggle is real, but it is so worth it and here is why.

Some faces are hard to say no to

Some faces are hard to say no to

  1. Dogs can help you relax

Sharing your bed can help you relax, and it is even known to assist those with insomnia. Some say that the breathing pattern of the dog can soothe you and help you drift off to sleep faster than usual. While others will tell you of the dogs snoring, this benefit all depends on the type of sleeper your dog is.

  1. Dogs are warm

The winter nights are really chilly lately. Having a furry canine curled up next to you on your bed is guaranteed to keep you, and your dog, warm. A fun fact that you might not know is that a dog’s body temperature is 6 times warmer than our own.

  1. A dog can make you feel safe

Research has shown that those who sleep with a dog in their beds are likely to feel safer. This contributes to them feeling more relaxed and sleeping more soundly.

  1. Dogs are good for your brain

Again research has shown that when cuddling up to your loved dog, your brain releases oxytocin that will make you feel happier, calmer and more relaxed. You didn’t need a reason to cuddle your animal, but now you have science backing you.

  1. It makes the dog happier

Well, it does make them look happier. We all love spoiling our dogs, by allowing them to sleep on your bed, you are definitely spoiling them and they do seem happier.

And now for why sharing your bed is not always a good idea…

  1. Those who are suffering from allergies are more likely to experience discomfort and flare-ups when allowing their dog into their bed.
  2. Dogs can snore up a storm, they can snore louder than their human counterpart, turning your bedroom into what could appropriately be compared to a sawmill. This is going to interrupt your sleep, which is not good.
  3. If you are sharing your bed with a partner, your dog can easily come between the two of you, and even damage your relationship. Another reason why it might be best for your dog to have their own bed.
  4. Dogs can become territorial when they are allowed to sleep anywhere they like on the bed. This can lead to some unwanted aggression. If you are going to have your dog on the bed, then you might want to consider training them to only sleep in a certain area.
There are ups and downs to sharing your bed with your dog.

There are ups and downs to sharing your bed with your dog.

Before you allow your animal to sleep on your bed there are many things to consider. You don’t want your dog damaging your mattress so it is best to make sure that you buy a quality mattress that is not going to be easily damaged. Or perhaps buy a comfortable bed for your dog.

The Mattress Warehouse stocks a huge range of beds, including big brand names such as Genesi, Serta, and Fabbro. While we don’t stock the unique pet bunk bed mentioned in this article, we always enjoy hearing about the interesting bed creations from around the world.

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