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Is a Bed Base with Storage Any Good? Find Out Now

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

It’s weekend and all you want to do is to chill in bed with your favourite show on in the background. But you can’t, because it looks like your bedroom’s been hit by a hurricane. Or maybe you can’t put your kids to bed because there are toys everywhere. Either way, you need more space to store your bedroom items. That’s probably why you are thinking about getting a bed base with storage capabilities, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, The Mattress Warehouse talks about the ins and outs of beds with storage. Keep reading.

What is a bed base with storage?

It is a bed base that has built-in compartments or drawers where you can store bedroom items. The drawers are normally either at the foot of the bed or on the sides and some of the beds with storage flip open like a top loader washing machine. And no, you don’t have to remove the mattress to flip it open. These drawers or compartments are great for storing your change of bedding, a couple of extra blankets or even your socks (if the drawers are easily accessible).

A bed base with storage is slightly more expensive than normal bed bases. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, because they contain more specialised material than your average bed base would.

What kinds of storage beds are available?

In general, there are three main types of storage beds, namely:

  1. Bed bases with pull-out drawers
  2. Divan bed bases with drawers
  3. Ottoman bed bases

You might be wondering what the differences are between these bed bases, right? Let’s find out.

1. Bed bases with pull-out drawers

As the name suggests, this is a bed base that comes with loose-standing drawers that are made in the same style as the base. The base can be upholstered, in which case the drawers will be upholstered too and will fit into special cavities left in the sides of the bed base. Or it can simply be a wooden bed base with drawers. Either way, the drawers are not attached to the bed base and run on their own little wheels, not on drawer runners.

2. Divan bed bases with drawers

Divan bed bases are made from a wooden frame with padded upholstery around the frame. Most bed sets consist of a divan base and a mattress. In divan bases with drawers, the drawers are built into the base itself. They do not touch the floor and run on a set of drawer runners. There are many drawer options to choose from. Here are some of them:

  • A drawer on each side of the bed
  • Two drawers on each side of the base
  • A drawer at the foot of the bed
  • Drawers on only one side of the bed

As you can see, divan bed bases with storage are quite versatile.

3. Ottoman bed bases

These are the bed bases that flip open. Moreover, they are also the bed bases that offer the most storage space. But how does it work? How can an entire bed flip open? Doesn’t the mattress get in the way? Glad you asked! An ottoman bed base with storage comes with supportive hydraulic gas springs (like the ones keeping your car boot open) at the hinge of the flip-open top. Moreover, when you lift up the top of the bed and the mattress, these hydraulic springs take a lot of the load. So you can flip open your bed base to reach those stored items without breaking your back.

Pros & cons of a bed base with storage options

There are definitely benefits to owning a bed base with storage capabilities. But there can be some drawbacks too. So let’s take a look at the pros and the cons:

Pros of storage beds

  • Space saver – If you can put your extra linen and blankets in/under your bed, you save on a lot of cupboard space. Likewise, putting your kids’ toys away in drawers under their beds saves space.
  • Neat & tidy – You won’t have unecessary items lying around in the bedroom, leaving it neat and tidy.
  • Bedding at hand – If you choose to store all of your extra bedding in your bed, it is very close at hand. So when you have to change the sheets or grab an extra blanket, everything you need is right there in bed with you.

Cons of storage beds

  • Malfunction – If the mechanism operating the storage unit in your bed base malfunctions, it can be nightmarishly frustrating. Especially if you urgently need to get out a clean sheet.
  • Dust & dirt – Storage units in or under your bed can get in the way on cleaning day. And if you are in a rush, you might skip cleaning under the bed altogether, which leads to dust build-up and an increase in allergens in the bedroom.
  • Ease of access – When you have limited bedroom space and you have to move your bed every time you want to get someting out of the storage compartmnet, it can get old after a while.

Bed base with storage options at The Mattress Warehouse

At The Mattress Warehouse, we have a very innovative storage bed base for sale. The Hideaway bed is designed for children and is a perfect option to keep their rooms tidy. Not only does the base have two wooden drawers where you can put your child’s toys, but the entire storage unit acts as a second bed!

Hideaway Bed

Wooden bed base with storage units built in.
The bed under the bed makes sleepovers so much easier. Toys in one drawer and extra linen in the other. Sorted.
  • Currently on offer for R9,199
  • Single bed size only

Shop bed bases for sale online or in-store

Now that you have a clear picture of how a bed base with storage options can help you (and frustrate you), it should be easier to decide what kind of base you want for your bed. For more bed base ideas, browse our extensive online catalogue or go to your nearest Mattress Warehouse outlet. And remember, you buy, we deliver and install.

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