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Queen Size Beds

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Have you ever wondered where the term “Queen Size Bed” came from? Or where beds and mattresses originated from in the first place? In this blog we will explore these questions and give a bit of insight into the history of beds.

The History:

Two queen size beds in hotel room

Beds have been used even as early as in the Neolithic era; There were allocated sleeping areas suspended above the floor.

The concept of Mattresses were adopted by the Europeans from the Arabians during the crusades. The Arabians threw huge pillows on the floor to soften their sleeping spaces. The word mattress was derived from their Arabic word “matrah”, meaning “to throw down”.

The terms Queen Size (as well as King Sized) first became commonly used after a bedding company first used them in 1958, but the concepts themselves have been around much before then. There were probably beds of those sizes before then, but the exact measurements weren’t standardized like they are now. The measurements of a Queen Size Bed is 188cm by 152cm.

How to Buy the Right “Queen”:

The first thing you need to when you want to buy a Queen Size Bed, is find a specific model you want. Do lots of research about all of the models and compile a list of pros and cons for each model. Once you have considered all your options and decided on the best one for you, make a list of where you can buy them and for what price.

queen size bed in room

Tips on finding the right model for you:

You should keep in mind that high quality beds will inevitably last longer, so make sure you are in the know about what materials are used to make your bed.

In today’s world it simply isn’t enough to go to shops; in order to ensure you cover all your bases, you need to surf the web as well. Be wise and don’t limit yourself to window shopping.

The Mattress Warehouse allows you to shop a wide variety of mattresses and other mattress-related products online.

If you are on a tight budget, there are some things you can do:

  • Read our blog on Financial Security and Sleep and apply for credit.
  • Consistently keep a lookout for specials on mattresses.
  • For the best prices on queen size mattresses click here.
  • For the best prices on queen size beds click here.

Remember that everyone is unique and that your needs are distinctive to you. Only you know exactly what your needs are, and only you can decide exactly which bed would best suit these needs.

Queen Size Bed vs. King Size Bed:

1. Size:

The first thing you should know is that these two beds have different width, length, and therefore have a different width available for each person lying on them.

girl curling up on bed

As previously mentioned, a Queen Size Bed is 188cm by 152cm, while a King Sized bed is 188cm by 183cm. That is a significant 31cm difference. A Queen Size Bed therefore has 76cm width per person (considering there are 2 people lying on it), whereas a King Sized bed has a whopping 91.5cm per person.

2. Prices:

As for the prices, due to its larger size and heavier mattress, the king size is definitely the more expensive one between the two. The exact price will vary from mattress to mattress, based on the materials that the mattress is made of (latex, memory foam, spring, etc), the distributors, the manufacturers, as well as the model of the mattress.

3. Usage:

The names of the mattresses can be used as a guide in regards to what they are generally used for:

feet in a bed

People usually make use of the king size bed in the master bedroom, where the “king”of the house sleeps, while they generally put theQueen Size Bed in a smaller guest room. Furthermore, if you live in an apartment, or just have a smaller room, it makes more sense to make use of the smaller Queen Size Bed instead of trying to put a king size bed in your room and taking up all of the space.

4. Popularity:

When you compared the popularity between these two beds, surprisingly the Queen Size Bed is surprisingly more popular, taking up 32% of purchases, while the king size bed only makes up a mere 7%. Queen Size Beds are significantly cheaper when compared to a king size, which is likely to be the reason behind this large difference in popularity.

5. The Advantages of Each:

Queen Size Bed:

  • Easier to fit into a normal sized room.
  • Much lighter, making it easier to handle (to move and clean).
  • Significantly cheaper.
girl reading on bed

King Size Bed:

  • Larger (more space equals higher levels of comfort).
  • A king size bed will likely be more convenient for a couple who has or is going to have a baby; there is more space for your baby to sleep (if you decide you want your baby to sleep on the bed with you instead of in a cot).



With the vast range of choices, finding the perfect bed for you an be slightly overwhelming. Rest assured knowing that a Queen Size Bed is a good fit for most people; scoring at 32% on the popularity chart, followed by the single bed at 30%, double bed at 21% and lastly the king size beds at 7%. They are not as expensive, while still allowing for ample space. There are even extra length mattresses available; if 188cm is too short for you, you can now buy a mattress 200cm in length.

Ensure that you do thorough research about which materials you want your mattress to be made of, and which model best fits your needs, and you won’t be disappointed!

Whatever you are looking for, there is a Queen Size Bed for you!

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