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How do you choose a mattress for a child?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

If your child is growing out of their baby bed and into their first “big” bed, you should start looking out for the correct mattress for them to sleep on for the next ten years. This is part of the most developmental time of their lives, especially physically, so the importance of a mattress that will encourage their healthy growth and a good spine cannot be understated. The best mattress for a child is a firm one, as their bones are still growing and should not sink into a softer mattress. They are also growing at a rapid rate, so need a flexible platform to sleep on, making a foam mattress the best one, but there are very good coil beds too.

Make sure your child sleeps well.

Make sure your child sleeps well.

Better sleep means a happier, healthier, and stronger child that will do well academically and emotionally. A new mattress can be bought for a child as young as 2 who is getting a new bed as well as much older, like 6 or 7, dependent on when you feel they should be moved to a “big person” bed.

Genessi Junior Active.

This is a foam mattress that is firm and durable. Durable is important when it comes to a mattress for a child, and they can be well when paired with a bunk bed like the Denise Double Bunk or David L-shaped bunk. Foam mattresses are also light and comfortable for a child to sleep on, and will discourage kids jumping on the mattress, because foam isn’t bouncy like a spring mattress. The Genessi mattresses are made with a high density foam that will sleep very cool and comfortable, promoting a healthy and strong spine in your child.

The Junior Active can also be used for a more temporary reason such as a sleep over:  This mattress will also fit very well into a hideaway bed, which can be pulled out from under another bed when the kids have someone sleeping over.

The bed within a bed!

Another foam mattress, this bed is made with high density foams for maximum durability and support. The mattress has a strong core made from a durable chip foam (which is environmentally friendly) with other foam comfort layers on the top. It is a great bed for children, firm but not too hard, and getting them started in life with a bed that will keep their back well supported and supple. A Cloud Nine Dream Me will last for a long time, carrying your child through their childhood until you need to buy another for their changing needs as they become a teen.

children jumping on bed foam bed

Rest Assured Dreamrest.

A coil bed with foam layers on top, this bed is durable, long lasting, and the perfect combination between soft and firm needed for a child. The coils used are Bonnel coils and are made with double tempered steel, which is the best way to make coils that will last long without snapping or losing their bounce. The foam layers on top are firm, ensuring a healthy body for your child.

All these mattresses are hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which will reduce the amount of dust mites and other allergy inducing factors, so these beds are safe for a child with allergies or asthma, and will prevent the likelihood of a child developing an asthma condition from breathing in corrupted air.

Asthma is a truly horrible condition for anyone, especially an active child.

Asthma is a truly horrible condition for anyone, especially an active child.

The Mattress Warehouse carries every kind of bed brand for children and adults, over and above Genessi, Cloud Nine, Edblo and Rest Assured, which are all South African brands. We also have Sealy, Serta, Silentnight and much more. Call us today for assistance in buying the right bed for yourself or your child without hassle or deliberation. We will deliver to your front doorstep for free, and help you choose a bed that fits within your price range and allow you to budget for your bed. View our selection of bunk beds for kids. Call us today on 0861 007 000 or simply buy the bed you may already want online at our online store.

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