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Mistakes People Make When Buying a Bed

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

A new bed is a huge investment, The Mattress Warehouse endeavours to guide you along this path. So, here goes a blog dedicated to informing you about Mistakes People Make When Buying a Bed.

Watch out for These Pitfalls:

  • Old habits
  • Purchasing without feeling the mattress
  • Allowing a Friend to influence your decision
  • Buying the Cheapest Option

All too often, buying a new bed is a venture taken too lightly. The possible risk of this isn’t only a little bit of discomfort, or the mattress is having that annoying “just not quite a right feeling”. Sadly, one possible outcome can leave you in an unexpected amount of pain!

To avoid such a situation and steer clear of a potential case of buyer’s remorse, there are a few common errors that you can avoid.

Old Habits Die Hard

Brand Loyalty Does not Guarantee Sleep Comfort

Don’t purchase a brand or make just because it’s the same one you acquired ages ago. Many years of research, development, and advancements in technology have drastically changed the quality of beds all around the world. While some brands that were well-known in the past remain popular, there are many modern mattress brands which outperform and outshine them. Today there is an entirely new world of state-of-the-art mattresses. So, don’t be too set on your current mattress brand. Investigate and be openminded to a new world of advanced mattress technology!

Purchasing Without Feeling

Lie down and feel the mattress before you buy

Most people don’t decide to buy a car after only sitting in the driver’s seat for a minute or two. They take it out for a test drive to see if it adequately meets their needs. So, the same principle should be applied when selecting a mattress.

Don’t just sit on a corner and bounce up and down a few times. Take your time and lay down on the bed for 10 minutes to get a proper feel of the bed.

Be Patient and Take Your Time

Bed shopping requires time and patience. Set aside at least an hour so that you don’t have to rush through the wide selection of brands and their different models. Making an informed decision is time-consuming. Allow enough time to test drive each mattress that you consider purchasing.

If you wish to purchase a bed online visit the closest branch of The Mattress Warehouse and get a feel of the Mattress it before you make a decision.

Allowing a Friend To Influence Your Decision

A Friend’s Advice

We all value the advice and recommendations of a good friend. Do take note that body needs differ. So what’s perfect for one might not be perfect for you. Don’t blindly follow advice just because you do not have enough time to explore your options. Take your individual Sleeping Style and Needs into consideration and be sure to do your research. It is important to do your own research and to make up your own mind. After all, you will be sleeping on your mattress for years to come.

So, when you enter the mattress shop you should be:

  • Be familiar with the pros and cons of different types of mattresses and the materials used.
  • Know the difference between Memory Foam, Natural Latex and Pure Foam.
  • Furthermore, consider partner movement and the spring system of the mattress.

Not Understanding Your Needs

Plush, Medium or Firm?

Those that suffer from body injuries would greatly benefit from a plush mattress, while back pain sufferers would probably do better with a medium-firmness rated bed. Individuals that require spinal alignment and those that do not sleep on their sides could opt for a firmer mattress. Side Sleepers beware, a firm mattress is just not soft enough for your needs, rather opt for a medium or plush mattress. Those individuals that prefer to sleep on their tummy could benefit from a medium firm mattress.

Researching the advantages and disadvantages of Innerspring, Pocket Springs and Continuous Coils. This information will greatly assist you to narrow down your options based on your comfort and support needs.

Buying the Cheapest Option

The Mattress Warehouse Stocks a Variety of Beds to Suit Your Pocket.

It might not be recommended to buy the most expensive bed possible, but cheap beds are cheap for a reason. They do not meet the same standard as their premium counterparts! When factoring in their adverse effects on your health and the rate at which you need to replace the mattress, you could end up spending a lot more than you initially thought. Your wellness depends on a good night’s sleep, so purchasing a good quality bed will save you a great deal of trouble in the long run.

Support Equals Comfort

For many people, cosiness is the most important thing when it comes to mattresses. Regardless of that, any mattress can be made comfortable using only cheap materials. Low-cost ease doesn’t last, despite how convenient it may seem in the moment. Support is just as important as comfort, and they should be considered equally, as they work hand in hand.

First-rate, durable materials are what make up a good quality mattress and allow it to provide maximum support and comfort. Look out for a bed that is fire retardant and built to last up to 8 to 10 years without losing its shape or collapsing.

Narrow Down Your Choices

Having an idea of what you need in a bed before walking into a store, will clear your mind and allow you to focus. Too many choices can overwhelm you. Narrow your options down to soft or firm, natural latex or memory foam and so on. Focus on reliable brands that are highly trusted and known for their advanced sleep technology. Have a look at The Mattress Warehouse Home Page.

red Wrong Way signage on road

Popularity vs Your Needs

Don’t base your decision on how common a brand is. The most important factor is what is inside the mattress and how well the bed can meet your specific needs. Choose brands that are known for being ahead of the curve with advanced sleep technology incorporated into their designs.

Return Policy and Comfort Trial

It is important to be informed of the Return Policy and the Comfort Trail requirements. The reason for this?

The Mattress is not comfortable

After a few nights, you realise that you made a mistake and the bed is too soft or too hard. With The Mattress Warehouse Comfort Trial Policy, you are covered, provided you purchase a Mattress Protector with your new Mattress.

Incorrect mattress length

There are even cases where individuals purchase a bed that is too short for them. Be sure to measure your length before your purchase. Most bed-brands come in extra length sizes to suit your individual needs.

Be sure to buy from a reputable bed shop with a good return and exchange policy. The Mattress Warehouse has a 100-Day Return Policy on all beds and mattresses. To qualify for the 100-day Comfort Trail, you must invest in a waterproof mattress protector. You could purchase one Here

Read The Fine Print

All beds come with a Guarantee and a Service Warranty. Be sure to know the difference between these two terms?

A Warranty is a written guarantee promising to repair or replace an article if necessary within a determined period.

A Guarantee is a prescribed assurance and the fulfilment of certain conditions. Further, a guarantee also implies that the product will be of a specified quality.”

Check the website for this information, also be sure to confirm with the sales team that the purchased products adhere to the Warranties and Guarantees.

Involve Your Partner

If you are shopping for a double, queen or king-size bed, it is essential to consider your partner. Involve your partner with the research and take him/her with when testing your new bed. People have different styles of sleeping, different body types and needs and these needs will determine your mattress choice.

Don’t be Impulsive

Be sure to check out your favourite online store for regular special offers on mattresses. It might be worthwhile to wait for those special seasonal offers; you could also use your savings to purchase bedlinen and sleep accessories. Never give in to impulse shopping as it could cost you a pretty penny!

Check Your Mattress Base

The general rule of thumb is that a bed-base lasts longer than a mattress. Before venturing out and purchasing an entirely new bed, inspect your base. Make sure that the bottom is in excellent condition. If this is the case you could order only a mattress, this could imply that you could spend more money on your mattress. If you are concerned that the base would be dirty or appear tatty compared to your mattress, you could order a base cover.


Buying a bed, when done wrong can result in sore muscles, drowsiness and an increased sense of irritability. Many factors can dictate the quality of your sleep, and the bed you choose is one of the most obvious. Sleeping on a poorly suited bed is a short road to potentially being confronted with health issues. Being sleepy as you go about your day can also be an accident in the making. Whether it be losing focus car or at work, a lack of focus can lead to some pretty serious mistakes.

Choosing the right bed is guaranteed to help you feel less stressed, more productive and give you a spring in your step.

Next time you are on the hunt for a new bed, be sure to keep your wits. Buying a divan is a substantial investment, time spent on this will be well worth it!

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