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5 Tips for Buying a Sleeper Couch

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Buying a quality Sleeper Couch can be a great investment towards the comfort of your future guests. No one wants to spend the night on a lumpy old mattress or a floppy air mattress. Why should your guests?

5 Reasons to Buy a Sleeper Couch

1. Space Saving Seater/Sleeper

When you’re living in a small space, space-saving furniture is a must-have in your home. Consider buying a Sleeper Couch that can be your couch by day and your bed by night. This feature will save space, as well as transform your home into a welcoming room when you’re hosting.

Additionally, a Sleeper Couch can be utilised in any room where you are in a pinch for space. Use this space-saving couch in the bedroom, study or living room and unlock its full potential – no matter how big or small the space.

2. Two-in-One – Cost-Effective

A Sleeper Couch is a two-in-one product. So, this two-in-one feature is the reason why these couches are so popular. A quality Sleeper Couch will be more expensive – if you view it as one furniture piece.

However, think of it as buying both a bed and a couch – and you’re walking away with the deal of the year! This affordable product is ideal for newlyweds, bachelors and students.

3. From Couch to Bed – Versatile

As mentioned previously, space saving furniture is a must-have in a small house. Furthermore, with Sleeper Couches being so versatile and dynamic in their designs, they are suitable for almost anywhere in the home. Place one in your child’s room, the study or living room, and you’re good to go!

Additionally, you could rent out this couch on sites like Airbnb or Couchsurfing. Turn this couch into a money-making asset for your home!

4. Sleeper Couches are Comfortable

Typically, a Sleeper Couch reminds us of a thin, floppy mattress spread out over jabbing bars of the steel frame.

If this looks like your recollection of a Sleeper Couch, then think again. Nowadays, we are spoilt for choice with high quality and most comfortable mattress at the tips of our fingers.

With revolutionary designs and components, uncomfortable Sleeper Couches are a nightmare of the past! Today, these seaters provide exceptional comfort when you’re spending an evening watching TV or chatting away with friends.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

Having an old mattress lying around can become an eye-sore in the house. A beautiful Sleeper Couch, however, can provide an aesthetically pleasing environment in your home.

Additionally, you are spoilt for choice with many options to choose from. The wide range of options enables you to choose a Sleeper Couch that suits both your style and interior theme.

A Few Things to Consider

When purchasing a Sleeper Couch, it is essential to look out for a few crucial aspects. This will ensure that you buy an excellent quality couch, that is comfortable for both sitting and sleeping.

However, keep in mind that it will primarily be utilised for seating. Therefore, ensure that your Sleeper Couch fits in with the aesthetic of your room. 5 Tips on Buying a Sleeper Couch

So, you’ve decided to buy a Sleeper Couch. However, before solely deciding on aesthetic, keep the following in mind:

  1. Frame
  2. Mechanism
  3. Comfort
  4. Size
  5. The Mattress

The above-mentioned will ensure a quality buy. In return, your guests will experience the luxury of an actual bed for years to come!

1. Quality Frame

When looking for a Sleeper Couch, the first criteria to stop by is the quality of the frame. Look for a solid frame made of hardwood like Beech, Mahogany, Walnut or Ash wood. Stay away from softer woods like Pine, Spruce or Cedar.

Contrastly, the frame can consist of steel. Look out for a frame that is made of solid steel, not hollow steel pipes. Furthermore, ensure that all steel edges are well rounded off. This will prevent any injuries due to sharp edges poking out.

2. Mechanism = Transformation

Since Sleeper Couches transform into a bed, there will be some sort of mechanism involved. Common mechanisms found in Sleeper Couches are:

  • Drawer
  • Futon
  • Pull-out
  • Electronic

Make sure that all hinges, screws and wheels are of high quality that won’t break easily. A good mechanism should open and close smoothly, without any squeaks or bumps. Lastly, ensure that all mechanisms open and close properly. After all, you don’t want a sofa that accidentally slides into a bed!

3. Comfort is Crucial

Just as you would with any other bed and sofa, be sure that comfort is of utmost importance. The catch with a Sleeper Couch, however, is making sure that both the bed version and sofa are comfortable.

To be sure of this, test both the sofa and bed out, if possible. Some stores may allow a trial period if you stick to the rules and properly take care of your sleeper during the trial.

Take in mind, as well, how frequent the couch will be utilized as a sleeper. If you plan on using it as a permanent bed, you might want to invest in a proper sleeper with a comfy mattress that suits your sleeping style. More on this later.

4. Size Matters

The right size of a couch have many determining factors. Take the following into consideration:

  • Size of the Room
  • Seating Required
  • Size of Bed

Firstly, make your decision based on your space available in the room. If you have ample space, consider investing in a corner or four-seater couch. These couches will transform into large beds with ample space for a couple or some kids sleeping over.

If, however, you find yourself in a teeny space, a one or two-seater couch would probably be best. These couches fold out into single or double beds.

Furthermore, take into consideration how much seating space you require. If you frequently host movie nights, rugby games or chats with a group of friends, then a Four-Seater or Corner Couch will be your best bet. Contrastly, if you’re more of an intimate person having only a friend at a time over, a couple of single couches, or a Double Seater Couch will work best.

As mentioned previously, the Bed Size is another determining factor. If couple-friends of your’s visit regularly, it might not be a bad idea to purchase a couch that transforms into a Double Bed. Contrarily, bachelors might opt for a single bed Sleeper Couch, for the occasional friend staying over.

5. The Mattress

The most important factor in any bed is the mattress. Without it, it simply isn’t a bed. This is where many Sleeper Couch manufacturers miss the point. A Sleeper Couch cannot be a transforming rack with a couple of pillows on it.

A good quality Sleeper Couch has a proper mattress in it. This means that the pillows and toppers consist of Pure High-Density Foam. If there are Springs and Coils present, these must also be of high quality – since they will be used for both sitting and sleeping.

Remember, a thicker mattress does not necessarily mean better quality. One that is thinner, but better built can provide endless nights of supreme comfort.

Additionally, if you’re planning to use your Sleeper Couch as your own bed, purchase one that suits your sleeping style. Follow the following guide:

Sleeping Styles for Sleeper Couches

  • Back sleepers: Plush and Soft
  • Side sleepers: Medium Firmness
  • Stomach sleepers: Hard and Firm

At The Mattress Warehouse, we sell Sleeper Couches that suit all the above-mentioned needs. From single to corner couch, we stock it all! Have a look at a few examples below.

1. Astrid Single Sleeper

This single couch sleeper works simple. Take off the back cushion and slide out the base, always working from the centre. Fold the cushioning over to cover the extended base with the back cushion.

Astrid Single Sleeper Couch
Astrid Single Sleeper Couch

2. Zazzi Double Sleeper Couch

The Zazzi Double Sleeper will utilize space optimally in any room. Additionally, this roll-out Sleeper Couch has many fabric variations available for you to choose from! To set the Zazzi up, simply follow the instructions as per our handy video on the same product page.

3. Louise Sleeper Couch

The Louise Sleeper Couch comes in the form of a simple futon design. Simply unhinge the back and flatten the backrest, level with the seating space to transform this couch into a double bed.

4. Moxi Daybed Sleeper Couch

This corner couch both seats and sleeps, three people. It can accommodate 2 adults and one child. Additionally, the couch can be ordered to your custom taste, with a wide range of fabric colours to choose from.

Moxi Daybed Sleeper Couch
Moxi Daybed Sleeper Couch

5. Delft 3pc Sleeper Couch

The Delft 3pc Sleeper Couch boasts as one of the Top of the Range Sleeper Couches at The Mattress Warehouse. The smooth sliding base of this sleeper ensures an easy transformation from couch to bed.
There are many ways to customize this sleeper:

  • Select the side on which the Sleeper Couch is located.
  • Choose the colour and texture from a wide range of options.
  • Select the colour of the corner table – mahogany or oak.
  • Corner table can be a seat and vice versa.
Delft 3pc Sleeper Couch (Double, Corner, Double)
Delft 3pc Sleeper Couch

From couch to bed, from bed to couch – the Sleeper Couch has it all!
Have a further look at our wide range of Sleeper Couches, at The Mattress Warehouse – available now.

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