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My Evergreen Bedroom

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Alas! The long days of swimming, bathing in the sun and cold drinks are over. As you wave nostalgically goodbye to summer, you say hello to the arrival of the cold months. When autumn rolls around, we brace ourselves for the cold winter temperatures. We look forward to cozying up in bed, drinking hot drinks and wearing snug clothing during the cold winter months. My favorite part of seasonal change is the alternation of aesthetics in the bedroom. Creating an evergreen bedroom is an easy task, if you know where to start. A well decorated bedroom features a variety of color, textures and scents.

1. Squeaky Clean

When starting any redecoration process, it is imperative to begin with a proper deep cleaning session. With winter looming, you prepare to spend the majority of free time inside your warm, cozy home. You want to spend time in a clean environment. This is why your first step in creating an evergreen bedroom is a thorough cleanse.

Cleaning is the first step in the decorating process

Firstly, get rid of all unnecessary clutter spread out in your bedroom. A good rule of thumb is to throw away all items that have not been used in the past 6-10 months. Take special care to declutter out all hidden areas such as drawers, bookshelves and other storage. When cleaning, work from top to bottom. Start by wiping down all shelves and dressers with a wet cloth. All the dust accumulated during summer will not be a welcome element when you catch a winter cold!

After you’ve decluttered and wiped down all surfaces, give your floors a deep clean, good sweep and mopping session. Take out any loose carpets into the sun and give them a good beating to get rid of any dust and other particles. Additionally, vacuum any carpet flooring and consider hiring a carpet cleaning service for a deep cleanse and stain removal.

Last but not least, give your bed a proper wash by following the next couple of steps. Start by washing your duvet, pillows and sheets according to their respective labels’ care instructions. Additionally, take care of your mattress with a deep cleanse to prevent your allergies from flaring up.

2. Palette

It is essential to choose a colour scheme when decorating any room in the house. When decorating your autumn/winter bedroom, be sure to select a colour scheme that fits your taste. If you’re not really into yellow, burnt orange and red, make up your own colour scheme! Remember, not all trees change colour with the seasons so, feel free to decorate your bedroom in an evergreen style. Let combinations of burgundy, grey, and tan or faded teal and reddish brown capture your creative mind. Incorporate splashes of gold, silver or copper too, for a trendy, metallic look.

Choose a color pallette when decorating to achieve a unified look

It’s worth noting that you should keep your budget in mind. If you can’t afford to repaint your yellow walls, a purple color scheme might not be the best idea. Once you’ve chosen your color scheme, the fun part awaits you! Now you get to decorate your bed, walls and round it off with miscellaneous decor.

3. Bed

After you’ve given your mattress and bedding a deep cleanse, it’s time to put it all together with your new color scheme in mind. A economic way to make your bed seasonal all year round is by choosing neutral sheets. Use neutral white sheets as a base. This way, you get to change the theme of your bed every season by seasonally swapping the decorative pillows and throws.

Incorporate different textures to create warmth and coziness

Keep the season in mind when choosing pillows and throws. Colder months call for more textured bedding additions like knits, fur and thick blankets. Add warmth and cosiness to your evergreen bedroom with a fur throw for those extra cold nights.

4. Walls

When decorating walls, be sure to keep your room’s size in mind. A small room will feel very crowded when the walls are cluttered with frames and paintings. A large room with little wall art, however, will create a vast and empty look and feel. This is why it’s important to achieve just the right balance of wall decorations and the size of your room.

For a crisp and stable look, hang your wall art in a vertical line. If you’re more into a dynamic look, opt for a diagonal or circular spacing of wall art.

Compliment your wall art collection with hangings to suit your taste and colour palette. Line art, botanical drawings, memorable photos with a metallic frame in between are just a few suggestions to spark your creativity!

5. Plants

When choosing seasonal plants, especially for your autumn/winter bedroom, keep coming conditions in mind. Remember that winter with colder temperatures and little sunlight is on its way. For this reason, light and heat dependent plants will not be very practical to decorate your room with.

In the same fashion, keep the habitat of your room in mind. Do you have enough ventilation, light and heat to begin with? No plant can survive in a stuffy, dark room – no matter how well you care for it. If your bedroom is uninhabitable, consider a fake plant purchase – but a natural plant has many benefits to reap in.

Choose the appropriate plants for the season

Fall and winter plant suggestions include:
– Orchids (Phalaenopsis Blume)
– Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)
– Sword Fern (Polystichum munitum)
– ZZ palm (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

Another great option to house any plant all year round is a terrarium. These little glass gardens create the perfect greenhouse effect to host any small plant in – no matter the season. If you’d like to see how to DIY your own terrarium, then click here.

6. Other decorations

With all the main elements of decorating completed, only the final touches remain. Add warmth and cosiness to your evergreen bedroom with small touches of scents and lightning.

Purchase a bedside lamp fitted to your color scheme. If a whole lamp is too big of an expense, consider only buying a different shade for interchangeability between seasons.
Furthermore, for added ambience and a cozy effect, make use of fall-scented candles or a scent diffuser for your bedroom.

Candles and scents will round off the decoration process

Decorating for fall is an exciting way to look forward to the misery of the cold winter months. Be inspired this season to create a cosy evergreen bedroom!

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