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How to to remove odours and stains from your mattress

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

It is important to keep your mattress dry, odour and stain free. Natural ways to remove odours and stains from your mattress are easy and cost-effective. A clean and fresh mattress will improve your sleep and health.

Sleep is crucial to health and wellbeing. Many scientific studies repeatedly confirm this. As humans, we spend over twenty-five years asleep over a life span of seventy-five to one hundred years long. We sleep for an average of one-third of our lives. With all this time that we spend on our mattresses, it is no wonder that they have to contend with stains and odours.

Coffee spills, blemishes, blood and saliva.

Coffee spills or blemishes from snacks are typical for most people. Saliva, sweat and blood are a natural part of the human lifecycle. Babies, toddlers and sick or seniors may sometimes vomit or have weak bladder control. The resultant grime and stench can be extremely unpleasant until you can resolve them competently. Issues such as these are far easier to tackle than most people think. Having the ability to cope with these little eventualities seamlessly simplifies one’s daily life.

coffee spills and odours

To clean a mattress effectively is a skill that everyone requires

Regardless of whether or not you are the parent of a toddler who is adjusting to nappy-free nights, knowing how to clean a mattress effectively is a skill that everyone requires. Carers of the sick or elderly need to know how to maintain mattress health on a daily basis. Foul smells that assail your nostrils and shabby marks are not only unattractive, they are also unhealthy. Neglecting to remove messes leads to very unhygienic conditions promoting bacterial and fungal growth.

Invest in your health by cleaning and airing your mattress regularly.

An odour indicates the presence of microscopic organisms which the sleeper inhales. Potential respiratory issues become a risk. Skin problems can also result from constant bacterial or fungal irritation. Further neglect can cause chronic health issues which compound over time. Avoiding thirty minutes of light labour and several hours of patience means risking immediate and long term health and wellness.

Furthermore, body acids in urine and vomit can undermine the integrity of the fabric. Neglecting to deep clean a mattress can cost more than the time and money you may spend on cleaning it. Apart from regular turning and airing, deep cleaning to remove ugly marks and putrid smells extends the lifespan of every mattress.

Why using chemicals to remove odours and stains ultimately defeats the object.

Sleeping on a fresh, clean mattress contributes to sleep quality, health and wellness. Ensuring your mattress is free from unsanitary scents and defilements helps promote longevity. Using harmful chemicals may sometimes remove smells and marks efficiently yet there is no guarantee. Besides, chemical toxins in your mattress build-up over time resulting in potential respiratory or inflammatory conditions. Doctor’s appointments, increasing medical expenses and further toxic build up from unhealthy medications is a reality. Weeks of illness every year can occur as a result of inhaling or absorbing noxious fumes and liquid residues from harsh chemicals.

Some humanmade substances that are present in cleaning fluids cause acute problems. Short term irritations of the epidermis or the lungs gradually evolve into more severe conditions. Not being able to clear the mattress of the noxious chemicals entirely can contribute to an increased risk of cancer. Logically, it does not make sense to use harmful chemicals to remove dirty spots and unpleasant smells.

Look out for organic cleaning materials.

organic odour removal

Chemicals are often harsh on fabrics and consequently decrease the lifespan of your mattress. New mattresses are a costly investment. For the busy person, spending a little more on specialised, natural cleaning materials is worthwhile. Several stores provide shoppers with an abundance of options regarding one hundred percent natural or organic cleaning products.

Besides, staying away from hazardous chemicals makes for a safer home for your children. House cleaning agents caused close to ten percent of all reports that the US Poison Control Centres dealt with in the year 2000. Over one hundred and twenty thousand cases concerned youngsters under the age of six. Cleaning a mattress is not worth this type of risk and prevention is always better than cure! Cupboards free from dangerous substances guarantees greater peace of mind for parents and a safer home environment for young children.

Furthermore, manufacturers use artificial fragrances to mask chemical smells. Scent can quickly and effectively mislead the shopper. Odour and stain removers that have beautiful scents are not any easier on your mattress or your lungs. Humanmade fragrances are toxic and add to the risk of disease.

Cost-effective ways to naturally remove stains and odours from your mattress.

Entirely avoiding chemical cleaners is possible. There are a few natural substances that are particularly easy to access and far kinder to your purse than any chemical preparations.

Safe ingredients include pure soap, baking soda, naturally distilled vinegar, lemon juice concentrate and borax.

These will be more than sufficient to resolve any fresh or old marks and will effectively clear your mattress of pungent smells. Coincidentally, they will also provide all the cleaning solutions that your home needs to remain clean and fresh.

Environmental friendly toolkit.

Tools such as buckets, sponges, old rags and some empty spray bottles complete your arsenal. Gloves and masks are unnecessary. Your human and environmentally friendly toolkit will give you the confidence to restore your mattress to a pristine state.

Urine spills and stains are easier to address than may be apparent. Remove the sheets and relevant bedding and put them into the washing machine. After that, you are free to combat any odour and staining before they become deeply ingrained. Simultaneously, the recipe that follows is ideal for very effectively removing old stains.

Gather your materials taking a few rags, a bucket and a spray bottle of vinegar. Do not dilute the vinegar mixture!

If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, add a few drops of essential oil as camouflage.

Removing urine stains and spills from a mattress

Spray vinegar on the affected area.

For a fresh urine spill, first gently soak up as much of it as possible with a cloth before using the spray bottle. Avoid pushing it deeper into the mattress. Once you have soaked the urine up as much as you can, liberally spray the area with your vinegar cleaner. Thoroughly saturate all relevant sections. Cover both old and fresh defilements and allow sufficient time for the liquid to penetrate the fabric well. Wait for approximately ten to twenty minutes during which a good breeze can accelerate the process.

Increase the airflow in the room.

Open the windows to increase airflow or turn on a fan. Afterwards, soak up the vinegar using a clean rag or two. Switch off the fan.

Use baking soda to soak up the vinegar.

Pour a few cups of baking soda into a sieve and sprinkle it evenly over the offending arena. The powder begins to cake after a couple of hours as it soaks up the remaining vinegar. As it does so, it removes the awful stench. Allow it to remain on the mattress for two to five hours. Use your vacuum cleaner to remove the soda. Vacuum thoroughly several times over ensuring you go into every crevice.

Advice for stubborn stains and odours.

For particularly stubborn stains utilise a small brush to scrub the vinegar well into the mattress. After that, follow the same protocol with the baking soda. For excessively strong and stubborn odours an hour or two of natural sunshine with some extra baking soda will do the trick. Always apply the vinegar and soda technique first before doing anything further since it is unlikely that you will need to do more.

Stains caused by pets.

Vinegar and baking soda are such an efficient team that the recipe is one hundred percent effective on the worst offender. Cat urine is as easy to address as any other urine. Pet lovers can indulge their pets and have peace of mind. Pets may happily sleep on the bed at night and mattresses can remain pristinely clean. Pet owners can keep couches clean using the same method. Start by removing pet fur with a damp brush with short, hard bristles. Apply vinegar for stains and baking soda for odours. For colour fastness, first test a tiny patch of fabric in an area that is not ordinarily visible.

Advice for additional stains.

stains and odours

Combining vinegar and soda as per the recipe above works just as well for vomit. Firstly mop up the vomit to the best of your ability. Feel free to address blood stains with the same approach, whether they are old or new. Smelly fish or cabbage soup spills are as easy to remove in this manner. Facilitate deep stain removal by using a hot iron over a damp cloth before spreading the baking soda over the mattress. Direct application of heat rapidly lifts out all blemishes.

Vodka is as effective as vinegar on bad odours, although it does not work for stains.

Employing hydrogen peroxide is supremely quick and effective for removing stains. Do take great care to obtain the correct formula. High concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are hazardous and flammable. At all costs avoid solutions of thirty-five percent and higher. Utilise a three percent concentration for guaranteed safety. Thoroughly spray the sections that your charge has soiled. Position a fan so that the airflow passes directly over the damp region. Observe as all stains disappear before your eyes. Do not store hydrogen peroxide in your home if you have young children.

After cleaning, always allow your mattress to dry completely. Mould, fungus and bacteria favour damp conditions.

 Mattresses that smell fresh and look clean are a pleasure to sleep on.

Odour and stain-free mattresses last longer.

Ensuring your mattress is free of contaminants and unsightly defacements is crucial to your health and wellbeing. Providing your mattress is sparkly clean reduces your medical bills. Productivity increases. Saving money is only one of the benefits of an odour and stain free mattress.

Using natural cleaning solutions is easy, cheap and safe.

They support good health and parents of small children can rest assured. Their little ones can sleep clean and live free from the threats that noxious substances pose. Being able to remove odours and stains from mattresses means pet lovers can enjoy the company of their furry family as much as they wish. With a few safe ingredients and some simple steps, everyone should be able to keep their mattress clean and fresh.

Happy sleeping!


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