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Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse
Hotel Collection Linen
Make your own bed feel like a five star hotel.
The hospitality industry is all about white linen. It’s clean, it’s fresh and it just looks like a million dollars.
Have you ever heard of thread count before…? Well it’s basically the more the better.
The stitching should be as close together as possible for the higher thread counts.
Our range consists of 200, 300 and 500 thread count.
In these we supply all standard sizes:
Duvet Inners
Percentage of feather and down is what you are looking at here, or for the people who suffer from allergies there is also a synthetic siliconised microfiber option that emulates feathers.
The higher percentage goose down in the inner the more luxurious it feels. What needs to be considered when purchasing an inner is your climate. If it gets extremely cold where you live you need a winter inner or if it gets extremely hot you need a summer inner. There is also an option to buy an all season inner which includes a summer and a regular inner that clips together.
Pillows also depend on the percentage feather and down or for the allergy sufferers, the siliconised microfiber pillows. The latter is very polular amongst hotels becuase of its luxurious feel.
These products are for sale at your nearest Mattress Warehouse in South Africa.

Or make use of our online shop to buy these quality products.

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