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Rest Assured has Gone Purple!!

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Rest Assured have gone purple! I must admit the new look is amazing. It not only gives the beds a new look, it also give the mattress a new feel to it. It’s a brilliant concept and it works. Being a girl myself of course I am in love with the colour purple. I may pride myself in not having a favourite colour but the girl in me always picks the colour purple given the chance. 

They have a lot of bed brands in their store and the good thing about Rest Assured beds is that they are all locally manufactured in South Africa.  This makes the bed brand a crowd favourite.  They have the Rest Assured Evolution Bed. This is top of the range. It has pocketed spring system. It offers minimal motion transfer. It is covered in knotted fabric. It is durable and long lasting. This bed offers comfort at its best. If you want a mattress that is not too soft or too firm then this is the bed for you. The Rest Assured Canterbury is by far the best seller

When you buy a bed it has to be something which you have felt or slept on before.  There are many bed brands and each bed is made with a specific preference to it. Whether you like a plush to medium feel mattress or a firm mattress. The bed of your choice should be solely dependent on the comfort and not the price. I always emphasize that buying a bed dependent on the price is a risky move because you will end up with a bed which is not for your comfort however because of the money you spent on it, you will now be forced to keep your bed. Rest assured has a wide variety in mattresses from plush: the Rest Assured Dreamrest to firm feeling: the Weightmaster

I have fallen in love with the Rest Assured Beds, there is also the Matrix Iso Bed. This bed offers maximum sleeping comfort. It has a sleep support system. It has interlocked coils which reduce the tossing and turning as you sleep. It also has soft knit fabric and has a medium feel. Nothing beats investing in quality whether it be in furniture, clothes or bedding. Quality lasts you a longer time and you get to see your money’s worth.  I call it one of life’s great investment, because you can never go wrong with a Rest Assured.

Many of our customers come into the shop seeking to buy a bed that will last them a long time. If you are also that customer who wishes to invest in their sleep then The Mattress Warehouse is the place for you to be.

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