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7 Cosy Winter Bedroom Décor Ideas

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Winter brings many toils and troubles to deal with each year. With dry skin, endless chilly nights and the flu season pestering you, it’s time for some distraction – right? Well, what better way is there to be distracted than by livening up your bedroom furniture with these 7 cosy winter bedroom dècor ideas?

What are the essentials to decorate your bedroom?

First, let’s look at the basics. A winter bedroom needs a few essentials that most people already have and utilise. These are:

  • Thick, warmer duvet inner
  • An extra warm blanket on top
  • Winter duvet covers
  • A portable heating device

As we go on, we’ll discuss these essentials in detail.

How to decorate my bedroom?

Winter bedroom decoration can be a troubling task if you handle it the wrong way. The best place to start is with a page and a pencil.

Plan your look

With your bedroom furniture and intended aesthetic in mind, you can plan your bedroom’s winter look.

Start by choosing a colour scheme. Going for a winter wonderland theme? Or perhaps an evergreen forest? Choosing a colour scheme is the first step in decorating a space.

Evergreen forest colour palette to match your bedroom furniture

Pick one main colour, and 2-3 supporting ones to set the tone of your bedroom. For example, forest green as the main colour with complementing touches of brown, light green and neutral grey as supporting tones makes for a beautiful evergreen forest look.

Too many colours may result in a busy looking bedroom that’s sore on the eyes. However, if busy, bright and colourful is your thing – by all means, go ahead!

Next, decide on what you want. Not the frilly type? Then chuck the scatter pillows and small ornaments out of the picture. Choose dècor items that suit your style, and fits with your bedroom aesthetic.

Plan for your future bedrooms

In today’s economy, we all need to buy smart in everything we want. Chances are, that you’ll be using the bedroom accessories you buy today for a few years to come. Therefore, plan your decorating strategy accordingly.

Choose multipurpose dècor items that you can use for every season. For example, choose two-toned throw pillows (e.g. green on the front, blue on the back). This way, you can use the same scatter cushions all year round.

Additionally, purchase neutral-toned throws and blankets to match both your summer and winter bedrooms.

Getting warm with these essential bedroom basics

Curl up under brushed cotton

Investing in a brushed cotton duvet cover is probably the easiest way of achieving a warm, cosy bedroom in winter. This fabric is crafted from the cellulose fibres of a cotton plant. The fibres are spun into strings and, consequently, woven into cotton fabric.

Picture of brushed cotton

Brushed cotton is the product of simply brushing this fabric with a fine steel brush. The brushing creates a soft, napped texture in the fabric. This texture is ideal for trapping air particles in the fabric – making it an ideal insulation material to sleep under in the winter.

Is brushed cotton not really your thing? Don’t worry! Alternatively, you can choose a warm, thick duvet cover from the Linen Company to curl up under this winter if you are sensitive to the texture of brushed cotton.

Layer with quilts

To become even warmer this winter, consider the purchase of a quilt. These duvet blanket hybrids work best in layering your sheets.

Flower quilt

When layering, remember to work from heavy and denser blankets underneath, to the lighter, fluffy blankets on top.

Moreover, a quilt serves well to liven up a winter bedroom! Nowadays, these bedding staples are inexpensive enough to be a seasonal accessory. Select from a wide range of colours; from light and bright to soft, warm and earthy tones.

Lastly, you can choose a quilt style to match your bedroom furniture. Choose between farm/country style, crispy Scandinavian lines, or simple floral like this one above!

Hot Water Bottle

We all have one of these at home. These portable heaters are safe and easy to use to keep warm in winter. Additionally, as you can see below, a hot water bottle can make a great addition to your bedroom furniture!

Fluffy warm water bottle

Simply fill this bottle with hot water and secure the rubber stopper tightly. Additionally, make sure you expel any air from the bottle before you secure the stopper.

Most hot water bottles are made from rubber, so make sure you replace your hot water bottle every year. You don’t want a porous rubber bottle to burst and cause serious burn wounds!

Lastly, consider variants of the traditional hot water bottle we know. You are spoilt for choice with electric hot water bottles, microwaveable bean bags, and heat-in-a-click hot pads to keep you warm in the cold months.

Decorate your bedroom furniture with these accessories

Pick a pretty throw blanket

One thing you need for sure in the winter is a throw blanket. These décor items are perfect for adding an extra sense of warmth and cosiness to your winter bedroom.

Throw blankets

Furthermore, these blankets can be a perfect addition to match your bedroom furniture. Pick a splash of colour that livens up the bedroom, or choose from neutral tones to keep things natural.

Plush pillow accents

Scatter cushions are everything. These dècor items are perfect for adding the last touches to your bed.

Velvet and fluffy pillow

Furthermore, these plush ornaments are wide in variety in colour and texture. A few examples of texture are soft and fluffy, velvety smooth or pure cotton.

Decorate with plants

Winter and stuffy bedrooms go hand in hand. We usually close every door and window to prevent a pesky draft from hindering our comfort. However, this causes the previously stuffiness in a room.

Woman holding potted succulent plants

To combat this, add houseplants in your bedroom. Make sure you choose highly oxygenating plants to compliment your aesthetic. These natural wonders will help eliminate the stuffiness in your space by releasing oxygen into the air.

However, don’t rely solely on your plants to do all the work. Open your windows during the day to let the fresh air in.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get warm by cosying your bedroom with these 7 dècor tips. Additionally, head on over to The Mattress Warehouse and have a look at our wide range of bedroom furniture to choose from!

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