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Safe & Hygienic Bed Deliveries: All your Questions Answered

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

South Africans are bravely dealing with the current health crisis by answering the government’s call for a nationwide lockdown. This also means that some businesses are not in a position to make deliveries during this period and The Mattress Warehouse is amongst those affected. 

At The Mattress Warehouse, we pride ourselves on our prompt and efficient delivery services, but to ensure your safety during this time, no deliveries will be made before the 16th of April or until the lockdown has been officially lifted. You can still shop for mattresses and beds for sale online via our secure eCommerce platform. 

We’re aware of your concerns and questions, so we’ve compiled a question and answer guide to help you put your mind at ease. 

1) Lockdown and deliveries

Q: We understand that your stores/warehouses have been temporarily closed over the lockdown period, when will deliveries resume?

A: Deliveries (with extra measures mentioned below) are set to resume once the lockdown period has passed. As of publication, deliveries are set to resume on the 17th of April 2020.

Q: I placed an order (and paid) for a product prior to the lockdown. Why haven’t I received my product yet?

A: The Mattress Warehouse deliveries are executed within 5 working days in main city hubs if the product is in stock.

Therefore, if you haven’t received your product(s) that you ordered before the lockdown period has ended, it may be for a couple of reasons:

  • You placed an order less than 5 days before the lockdown started.
  • You placed an order more than 5 days before the lockdown started, but you’re not located in a main city hub. Delivery will, therefore, take longer and probably fell into the lockdown timeframe.
  • You placed an order more than 5 days before the lockdown started, live in a main city hub, but the product wasn’t in stock in the warehouse near you.

2) Deliveries and Hygiene

Q: What steps are being taken to ensure that deliveries are hygienic?

A: The Mattress Warehouse cares about your safety, so we have ensured that all products being delivered are disinfected before entering the homes of customers. Any beds, mattresses and furniture exiting the store will be disinfected before delivery. 

Q: Will your delivery team be wearing any protective clothing?

A: Yes. In order to maximise both our customers and staff’s safety, our drivers and delivery personnel will be wearing masks and gloves when delivering your bed/furniture. These masks are the same face masks used in hospitals and quarantine centres in South Africa.  

Q: Will delivery personnel be equipped with hand sanitiser?

A: Yes.  In addition to wearing protective equipment, drivers will also make use of hand sanitiser before, during and after delivery to your home. 

Q: Is the truck/van/lorry sanitised prior to making a delivery to my home?

A: Yes. Delivery vehicles will be thoroughly disinfected after each delivery to ensure that products are sanitised during the delivery process.

3) Products and Hygiene

Q: Have the products been sanitised in the warehouse?

A: Yes. The Mattress Warehouse warehouses will be thoroughly disinfected daily to ensure safe and hygienic delivery of all products for our customers. 

Q: What extra measures can I take to sanitise my bed/mattress?

A: It’s great that you want to take extra measures to ensure your new mattress is safe and hygienic. Sanitising your mattress is simple and easy. For best results, spray your mattress with a disinfectant spray all over. Alternatively, you can also wipe down the mattress with disinfectant wipes. Just make sure that your mattress is thoroughly dry before you put anything on it.

Q: Should/can I sleep on my new bed or mattress right away or should I wait a while? If so, how long?

A: Before answering this question, we just want to state, again, that our products are disinfected very frequently for your safety. This includes daily in the warehouses as well as disinfecting each product before delivery.

 If you want to be extra-safe, we recommend that you give your mattress a few days to breathe, around 72 hours should do it!

We’re in this together

From our side, we’d like to wish you health and safety during this period. Stay safe, and stay indoors.

Should you have any further questions regarding the lockdown or any other sales query, please reach out to us on our social media. Our friendly sales team will, as always, be more than happy to assist.

Stay safe! We can’t wait to serve you in-store once the lockdown is over. 

Find bedroom furniture, mattresses, bedding and beds for sale online at The Mattress Warehouse. 

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