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Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Buying Queen Beds & Mattresses

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Have you been complaining about your sleep due to morning muscle aches? Have you bought a new mattress in hopes of finally getting good quality sleep, but this didn’t seem to work? Sleep is arguably the most important part of the day. After a long, productive day nothing beats climbing into a cosy bed, and snoozing away! At The Mattress Warehouse, we value your sleep as much as you do. And so we listed the top five blunders people often make when picking queen beds and mattresses, which is one of the most popular sizes from firmness to material (often informed by price), and so on. So if you want to get the right type of queen beds or mattresses this time ’round, keep reading. 

1. A cheap bed isn’t always the best bet

Being mindful of your wallet is admirable. But you cannot afford to squeeze the coin-purse where restorative sleep is concerned. The price you are willing to pay largely determines the quality of your mattress. That’s not to say that you can’t find good quality, affordable beds. However, to ensure the longevity of your bed, it might be wiser to shop in a higher price bracket.

Cheap queen beds are made of cheaper, or fewer materials. As such it stands to reason that the mattress won’t offer the right amount of support. Furthermore, cheaper materials often contain more toxic chemicals, which can be detrimental to your health. Lastly, highly synthetic, mass-produced material wears much faster, meaning you will be back at the store quicker than you anticipated.

You do not necessarily have to pay an arm and a leg for a mattress. But taking into consideration the material used and how it has been crafted is always a good idea.

2. Not considering your sleeping position

Whether we care to admit it or not, we all have that one sleeping position that could make you miss the apocalypse.  You could be a back-, side-, stomach-, or combination sleeper. And no matter how you lie down, sufficient bed space is always a win! That is probably why queen beds are the most popular bed choice – it offers ample space and comfort to accommodate your preferred sleep position. Moreover, it will also give your partner enough room to get in some quality “Zzz’s”.

A picture of an animated girl lying in various sleeping positions.
Every sleeping position requires a different comfort level mattress

How does your sleeping position influence what kind of mattress you should buy?

  • Combination sleepers often require a mattress with medium firmness, like the Kooi B-Series Medium Mattress. Enough softness to support the torso muscles and joints, and firm enough filling to ensure hip alignment.
  • Back sleepers experience magical slumber on mattresses with tall inner coils and medium filling, like the Sealy Clio Firm Mattress. Or firm foam, if you prefer a pure foam mattress. This kind of bed cushion offers optimum shoulder and hip alignment whilst asleep.
  • A much softer mattress fill is essential for side sleepers. They tend to exert much pressure on their joints, shoulders, and hips. The softness helps alleviate the pressure. Check out Restonic’s iDream Whisper Ultra Plush mattress.
  • Stomach sleepers should opt for a firm comfort rating to support their hips and lower back. This will keep the pressure off of their spinal columns and alleviate back aches. The Cloud Nine Legend VX Mattress is perfect for stomach sleepers.

Sleeping Tip: If you and your partner have different sleeping styles, get a bed with a medium comfort rating. Alternatively, get a bed that supports two twin mattresses so that both of you can get your well-deserved beauty (and health) sleep.

3. Ignoring advice about the mattress firmness

There is nothing cute about getting into bed only to sink right to the floor. You’ll get nothing but extremely uncomfortable neck, shoulder, and back pains. This is also not a recipe for a good day either. Getting a mattress that supports not just your weight but also promotes pressure alleviation in the joints should be uncompromised. The degree of firmness and your sleeping position goes hand in hand. However, your body type also comes into play when you talk about mattress firmness.

If you’re a big-boned person, you should consider getting a mattress with ample support and a comfort rating that leans toward the firmer side of the spectrum. This type of mattress offers support to your entire body. On the other hand, a much softer filling, with medium to light firmness, is more appropriate for those of you that are more petit (unless you sleep on your stomach, then get a firm mattress). It renders comfiness and sufficient support to the body, without straining the joints and muscles. 

4. Not checking the fine print

You’ve probably heard it many times but believe us, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! This applies to all brands, not just the popular or high-end ones. Be wary of buying mattresses without a clear warranty. This means that should you experience any dissatisfaction or come across a defect, the shop/manufacturer may not be liable for it. Such an unpleasant experience! It is also very advisable that you go through other customer reviews beforehand so that you make an informed purchase.

At The Mattress Warehouse, we pride ourselves on offering a 100-day trial period (if you get a mattress protector along with your new bed – see, fine print), as well as an excellent return policy. We value transparency!

5. Failing to safeguard the mattress longevity

Keeping your mattress in good condition for as long as possible is essential. Not only is it beneficial for hygiene reasons, but it also plays a role in your mental health. While you sleep, you tend to sweat, and if you have kids, little accidents are frequent. These leave bad odours, stains and can fast-track the disintegration of your mattress. This is why you need to invest in a waterproof mattress protector. It helps to regulate body temperature and lessens moisture.

Mattresses are also a breeding ground for micro-bugs. These are unpleasant to experience and may be detrimental to your skin, hair, and to some extent mental health. A dirty bed decreases the quality of sleep, which consequently affects your mood and general mental state. Another preventative measure is to purchase mattress covers

Buy queen beds online countrywide 

Cutting corners is not a cute move when it comes to sleep quality. So it is time you drew the curtains on compromising your comfort and health just for a bit of spare change. If you are on the lookout for queen beds for sale, just remember the five tips we gave you and you are sure to find your dream bed. You are worth it. And if you shop with us, we will deliver your new bed right to your doorstep – free of charge!

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