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Six Ways to Make a Bed Cosy!

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Few things beat a cosy bedroom. South Africa is slowly but inexorably moving into winter. Pretoria is getting dry. Cape Town’s rains are coming, and so on. We are feeling the chill and it creeps up on us during the night and early morning hours. Problem is, you still have summer bedding. One of the worst things is climbing out of a warm bed on dark winter mornings. Even worse is climbing out of a bed already feeling cold. If you sleep warmly enough when you hop out you’re warm enough to function at least. Here are six ways to make your bed cosy.

Make Your Bed Cosy – Quality Duvet 

Six ways to make a bed cosy

It’s starting it get chilly in Pretoria, and the rain will soon be pouring in Cape Town too. Last night I slept under a duvet that kept me cosy and warm. I woke up feeling snuggled and warm, with a good night’s rest behind me. Waking up cold is the worst: you don’t want to get up and be even colder, but your bed just isn’t satisfying enough to want to stay either. Sometimes a duvet doesn’t seem to be enough.

1. Duvet Inners are Important for Comfort

The reason for the coldness that you feel might not be what you put on top. Maybe it’s the duvet inner itself. Rather than piling high with extra blankets, buy a new duvet inner. A thicker inner will enable you to sleep perfectly warm or cool without fuss. Microfibre Duvet inners are considered the very best, especially in South Africa where they can adjust to suit winter and summer weather. Microfibre duvet inners are cool in summer. Furthermore, they are warm and comforting in winter.

Additional Benefits of Microfibre

Microfibre is an easy-care fibre and can be washed. Furthermore, it is anti-allergenic. At the Mattress Warehouse, we stock quality duvet inners. Have a look at the Linen Company Duvet Inners. The outer cover of the duvet is made out of 100% cotton. So, this will ensure that you are warm and cosy during winter. Additionally, this quality lightweight product comes with a 5-year warranty.

2. Quality Linen to Provide Warmth

What About Fuzzy Linen?

The sheets you have on your bed make a surprisingly large amount of difference to how well you sleep. A breathable and soft fitted sheet under you keeps you from tossing and turning. Cotton sheets will make you feel warm and comfortable. Winter sheets are made from a flannel material and are soft and cosy.  So, for winter rather opt for these than for percale summer sheets. Get a fluffy winter sheet to sleep on. You will notice that a fluffy sheet will keep you much warmer. This applies to your top sheet too. Top sheets make you much warmer in the winter. Furthermore, it adds an extra layer of insulation and heat storage. For warm winter sheets click here.

Cotton Sheets will Also Do!

Perhaps you only have cotton sheets and you can not afford to buy fleecy ones. Alternatively, you could also be in the market for some 100% cotton sheets. One of the advantages of cotton sheets is that these will be fine for both winter and summer. Cotton sheets are breathable and will also keep the heat in during winter. Consequently, this will ensure that you are warm and comfortable during the winter months.

Six ways to make your bed cosy

Cotton sheets and a fleecy blanket = great combo

3. Select Duvet Cover

Not only should your duvet be of the right material to keep you warm, so should your cover. A 100% cotton cover is easy to wash. Additionally, these are breathable, cosy in winter and cool in summer. A good quality duvet cover will last for decades. Climbing into bed and having a crisp duvet settle around you is one of the best feelings in the world. Don’t compromise on it! (click here to order online)

4. Mattress Protector

An important element of a cosy bed is the mattress protector. This will add an extra layer to your mattress and will contribute to your comfort. A mattress protector adds softness and protection to your mattress. The Linen Company’s noise free and totally waterproof mattress protectors come in a towelled and bamboo fabric. Both of these protectors are excellent choices and will add an extra layer of softness to the mattress.

However, the feel of the mattress protector is just a bonus. The true purpose of this item is to protect your mattress. Coffee spills, fluids and sweat can damage your mattress. Additionally, the protector will ensure that you will not lose the warranty on your mattress.  A quality mattress protector will also ensure that you sleep warm and cosy during cold winter months. The extra layers on your mattress will ensure that the heat is trapped inside. This way your bed will be warm and cosy during winter.

Have a look at the Terry Towel Mattress Protector. This protector is ideal for those that wish to experience softness and plushness during the night. Personally, I love the feeling of a soft and plush bed. A bonus of this protector is that it is waterproof too. A cosy bed is an inviting space, children and adults enjoy spending quality family time on a cosy bed. So be sure to protect your cosy bed with a quality mattress protector.

5. Get a Soft Blanky for Warmth and Comfort 

For added comfort and cosiness during the day and night, get a fleece blanket for the foot of your bed. These fleece blankets trap heat really well (although they cannot hold it, which is where your duvet comes in) and will make you deliciously warm during the night. The Mattress Warehouse will soon have a few fleecy blankets available.

6. Add a Mattress Topper

A Mattress topper will provide added comfort and even added warmth to your bed. Get a memory foam mattress topper for warmth at night, and save power on an electric blanket, feel soft and cuddled, and even sleep better with your back in alignment from the foam, leading to a pain-free back and better day.

Six ways to make your bed cosy

Soft, warm, and affordable!

All these products and more are available at The Mattress Warehouse! Stock up on all your winter bedding, blankets, duvets that will last all year. Have a look at our pillows, pillowcases, sheets and mattress toppers. We stock top quality products on our online store!  As a further bonus, we deliver free of charge.

Guarantee and Warranty of Mattress

Mattress manufactures consider guarantees and warranties void if the mattress is stained, and anyway, a wet mattress will not dry quickly on a nippy winter’s day, especially if you stay in Cape Town and it’s raining the whole day! Protect your bed from coffee spills or any other accidents with a mattress protector or two, by buying one here.

So there you have it! Six ways to make your bed cosy. Plan ahead for winter and be sure to sleep warm and mellow during this winter!

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Six ways to make your bed cosy

Stay warm up to your nose!

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