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The 10 most expensive beds in the world…and the most expensive one has the most unfortunate name

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

All advertisements for new beds promise you a unique sleeping experience that you have never had the pleasure of enjoying before. But while not all of those beds will live up to the promises they ooze from their stunning images used in these adverts, these top 10 luxurious beds are guaranteed to live up to your expectations and their promises.

Convention is thrown out of the window with these beds

Convention is thrown out of the window with these beds

With a heavy price tag and a rather unusual design, they might not be the beds that are going to grace our bedrooms but they do provide eye candy for those who love their sleep.

The Sphere Bed

Strange name right? Just wait until you have a look at this bed that is valued at 50 000 US dollars (R 699 000)!

Suddenly that bed you thought was expensive is no longer that big a deal. The general impression of the Sphere Bed is that it certainly comes from the future, where beds are basically going to become capsules in which to live. Well, maybe not really but this bed is the ideal option if you are the type of person who doesn’t want to wander too far from a beds cosy confines on your off days.

The Sphere Bed

The Sphere Bed

The Sphere Bed is much more than a bed, and the fact that it comes with a champagne holder, TV set, LED lights and mirrors are proof enough that this bed is more than a place to sleep, it is also a place to be entertained…although entertained in a way that you might not have expected.

The Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed

Available at a cool R 699 000, who wouldn’t want to enjoy their sleep as many times as possible in this luxury bed? This bed has all of the latest sleep technology to give you a superb night of rest while it also has all of the additional accessories that will give you plenty of comforts. One of the best features of this incredible bed is that it has the technology that is needed to reduce snoring. To further your comfort experience this sleek and stylish bed is designed in such a way that each side is able to move independently of the other. So you can sleep at an angle while your partner sleeps flat, just a suggestion, it’s up to you.

Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed

Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed

And now to what you want to know: The Accessories. The Accessories of this bed are so incredible that they are written in standout capital letters because they are so worth it. The Starry Night Bed comes with a place to put your iPod, a temperature setting and a…internet connection! Gamers, you might have just found your happy place. For those looking for the good old fashion entertainment, this bed has video projector installed in it so you can easily screen movies or TV.

Monarch V-Spring Bed

If you imagine softness when you day dream about the bed you are going to fall into tonight, then this bed is the one you have imagined. And you can own it if you have R 699 000 to spare. It is called the Monarch because its superior quality has the ability to make you think that you are sleeping in a bed reserved for the tired bodies of royalty only.

Within the structure of this bed, you will find over 3000 quality springs that give this bed a cushioning that is unlike any other bed. Each bit of fabric placed on this bed is hand stitched and the overall mattress is made from a quality that is undeniable.

There is not a soul who would be unable to enjoy a solid night of rest once their body hits the fabrics on this bed.

Cosmovoide Bed

The price goes up just a little bit here and with an odd look about it, this bed is definitely a statement piece, especially of you are eccentric. Within this different looking bed, you are going to find a home theatre system along with intricate lighting along the half “roofing”, for lack of a better word. The bed is equipped with a phone as well as a DVD player and TV.

The Cosmovoide Bed

The Cosmovoide Bed

The Cosmovoide is shaped, with no better way to describe it, as an egg. The bed has a hammock like spring feeling and electric relaxation bed frames that are designed to help you get the best possible night of rest. And if you are the type who likes everything to be customised then this bed is ideal as the French manufacturers are more than happy to customise your bed to suit your tastes.

This bed is not for the minimalist and if you would like to own this rather an unusual creation then you should consider saving up R 838 800.

Majesty VI-Spring Bed

The Monarch is nice, but the Majesty reigns supreme, taking the praise for comfort and relaxation reputation from its relative. This glorious piece of bedroom furniture is made from cotton, cashmere AND silk along with 6000 springs. The Majesty is handcrafted by Jab Anstotez, a group dedicated to producing stunning interior crafts. Those who make these beds truly believe in making the sleeping experience one that is going to be life-changing. Looks mean nothing when it comes to comfort and this company explores this theory beautifully.

But other than all the handcrafted luxury what could possibly make this bed cost more than a million South African Rands? I think it has a lot to do with the delicate gold and silver layers that are included in the design…don’t you?

The Quantum Sleeper Bed 

Doesn’t it just sound futuristic? Well, after you read about this bed you will see why it has this name. It is the most outrageous bed on this list and it is the one that you probably wouldn’t invest your R 2 236 800 in, even if you had that kind of spare change lying around. Equipped with a ventilation system (this is necessary due to the beds lockdown system), motion sensors, oxygen sensors and, uhm a toilet, this bed is probably every survivalist’s dream bedroom furniture.

The ultimate survivalists bed

The ultimate survivalists bed

This bed is also great if you struggle with a sense of impending doom and paranoia. You certainly won’t need a safety room with this bed as you can spend numerous days locked up in the bed, however I would suggest stocking food and drink somewhere inside, should you need to use it as a survival refuge.

The Parnian Furniture Bed

This bed has a really nice look about it, as if nature and sci-fi have come together to make this very interesting looking design. For all its good looks and comfortable fabrics and fibres, and heavenly mattress, this bed will only set you back R 2 935 800. The bed frame is carved out of wood stainless steel and gold. If you are looking for style then that is exactly what you will find with this bed.

But as mentioned before, the look of a bed means nothing if it is not comfortable and if you are paying out a sum of money that could easily buy you a very nice house, you don’t just want a good looking bed. This bed comes with an iPad holder, secret compartments and a Swivel TV. There is no doubt that this bed is truly something beautiful to look at.

Jado Steel

First we’ll discuss the price and then we will talk about the features. This bed is going to set you back a hefty R 9 458 169, so it is definitely a fantasy bed for most of us sleep lovers. This bed is made for royalty, with the entire frame made out of gold and Swarovski crystal. The bed also comes with a sound system and DVD player as well as an internet connection.

This bed looks like a magic flying carpet and perhaps a night of sleep on it will take you on an incredible journey of blissful sleep.

Magnetic Flying Bed

Hold on, before you read this erase everything you have ever thought you knew about a bed. This bed throws all convention out the door and revolutionises the way in which you will think about beds.

The Magnetic Flying Bed is not just some fancy name given to your everyday bed in the hopes that you will be enticed to buy it, the name is actually a very accurate description of the bed.

This bed floats in the air!

You read that right my friend. The Magnetic Floating Bed, which will set you back around R 22 million, has magnets within the bed that are designed to make the bed float while it is anchored down with tough wires…to ensure that it doesn’t float away! The bed itself looks fairly simple so we can’t say anything about the type of comfort you will be treated to, but I hope that after spending such an unbelievable amount of money that this bed at least gives you some great rest along with making you a bit sea sick.

Drum roll please for the most expensive bed on the planet…

The Baldacchino Supreme Bed

It’s been a long journey but we are finally at the bed you have been waiting for, the bed you have been wanting to read about. It’s the world’s most expensive bed, it looks like it belongs in the palace of Versailles, and it looks like it is going to spoil you with the most exquisite night of sleep.

This bed is made out of not one, but three different types of wood namely Ash, Classy Canopy and Cherry and it is designed by Stuart Hughes.

Baldacchino Supreme Bed

Baldacchino Supreme Bed

Every inch of this bed is made lovingly by hand turning this bed into a real work of art, and what makes this bed even more extravagant is that it is made of 107kg’s of 24 carat gold. Gold leaf finishing touches really round off this stunning bed. This bed is a rare find and for those who can afford it, the bed can be customised by having diamonds and other precious stones embedded in the headboard. But the chances of owning one of them is slim as there will only be two beds like these ever made.

The price tag on this work of art is R 88 074 000.

Find the bed that you want

Let’s face fact, we are probably never going to own any of the beds that were mentioned in this article but as practical people with practical needs we don’t necessarily want to have one of the beds mentioned above. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot have a bed that is luxuriously comfortable and that suits your every sleeping need. These days one type of bed for all is a concept that does not exist, rather with all of the many beds available you have a choice of which bed you should buy.

Beds in South Africa, such as the Fabbro, the Modena Pillow Top bed or the Spinalign Bed range, are all designed to provide you with the most exceptionally comfortable mattress that will give you all of the support that you need. And the luxury beds that are available in South Africa no longer cost a small fortune, rather they are perfectly priced and designed to last long.

Sleeping uncomfortably is a thing of the past, your important sleep no longer needs to be interrupted by a bad night of rest. You can and should be revolutionising your sleep with a new bed. Sleep not only affects the type of mood that you will be in when you wake up the following day, but it is also going to have a massive impact on your overall health.

It is not good to not get enough quality sleep each day, in fact, it can lead to serious damage being done. It is time to take your sleep health seriously and to invest your money in a bed that is going to rest your body and mind every night.

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