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The 7 best teen bedroom ideas for boys and girls

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

The Mattress Warehouse stocks a wide range of three quarter beds and other bedroom furniture that are perfect for teens. Find some tips below on how to help your teen decorate their bedroom!

Decorating your teen’s bedroom can be a challenging project to take on. By now, your teen will have started to develop their own style. While their style may not yet be fully formed, they’ll want independence to get rid of the bunnies or car figures painted on the walls and change up the room to something a bit more age-appropriate (think, freshly painted walls and a three quarter bed).

However, especially in the beginning years of adolescence, your teen’s style may not yet be fully formed. Therefore, it’s important for you to guide them in the process of styling their bedroom to last through their teen years.

Also, remember that a teen’s bedroom is like their mini apartment. There, they’ll be studying, sleeping and hanging out with friends. Therefore, whilst decorating, keep these bedroom needs in mind.

Some points to consider before you start

metal bed frame with white bedding and some throw pillows. Macrame and a sign that reads "brave" is against the wall above the bed.

Revamping any space can be challenging if you don’t take some principles into account beforehand. Sticking to certain “rules” will make the room look more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing in the end. However, if that’s not your way to go; feel free to give yourself free rein in this regard.

1. Pick a style and colour scheme

There are some very trendy styles out there that your teen can use for inspiration to their bedroom. To guide you in this process, here are a few bedroom styles that are popular with teens:

  • Eco modern
  • Contemporary
  • Bohemian
  • Shabby chic classic
  • Eclectic (a blend of styles)

Furthermore, let your teen pick out a colour scheme for their bedroom. This may include their favourite colour (or pops of it if it’s really bright). Usually, a colour scheme is made up of 4-5 colours that involve some neutrals as background tones accompanied by colours that are close to, or next to each other on the colour wheel.

2. Keep it personal

Encourage your teen to incorporate their own personal likes in the bedroom. Simple guidelines such as their passions and interests can be added into their bedroom. If your teen is really into music, make sure to add elements of that into their bedroom.

Furthermore, encourage your teen to pick out their own decorations whilst guiding them according to the style and colour scheme they chose.

3. Don’t over-clutter

Decorating can be a fun experience. However, if you add too many ornaments and accessories to a room, it can quickly look cluttered and messy. On top of that, most teens are still learning how to keep their space neat. Therefore, the smallest disorder in an overly-decorated room can quickly start to look like chaos and demotivate your teen.

7 Ideas to decorate your teen bedroom

Vanity table with circular mirror against the wall. Large plant next to vanity table.

Now that the core principles are out of the way, we can get started with the good stuff. At The Mattress Warehouse, we’re dedicated to helping you in creating the best living space for your teen. Through these tips, your teen’s bedroom will be well on its way in being a space for optimal rest, relaxation and having fun!

1. Start off with a fresh layer of paint

A good layer of paint can be a great way to create a clean canvas to work from.

  • Remove everything from the bedroom and decor from the walls.
  • Give the walls a good wash with some soap, water and a sponge.
  • Next, remove all screws and nails and fill those holes with some Polyfilla. Remember to sand down any remaining residue.
  • Choose a colour from the colour palette. This can be a neutral tone, light pastel, or dark earthy colour. Moreover, you can make use of more than one colour on the wall; an accent wall or geometric pattern can also work great in a teen’s bedroom. Be sure to also pick the right colour tone for the size of the bedroom, as darker colours may make a small bedroom seem even smaller.

2. Warm-up the room with a rug

A rug can be one of the most inexpensive ways to bring warmth into a bedroom by tying all elements together. Choose a rug that matches the style and colour scheme of the bedroom.

Also, make sure the rug you choose is the right size for the bedroom and furniture in it. Ideally, all the furniture pieces should be placed partly on the rug.

Some rug ideas:

  • Fluffy faux fur rug
  • Geometric printed rug
  • Woven rug
  • Crochet circle rug
  • Animal hide
  • Brightly patterned accent rug

3. Decorate the walls

Next, have your teen decorate the walls with their own personal touch. As mentioned before, have your teen incorporate their own personal interests and passions into the bedroom’s look.

Here are a few wall decor ideas:

  • Painting or drawing a piece of art (for artsy teens)
  • Frame and hang large prints of drawings (sketches, maps, plant art)
  • Using wall decal stickers with quotes or geometric patterns
  • Creating a wall gallery
  • Hanging string lights
  • Paint patterns on an accent wall
  • Hanging pictures on a string

4. Invest in a three quarter bed

The Mattress Warehouse stocks a wide range of teen bedroom furniture essentials. Teen years are filled with newfound freedom and independence. With this, your teen may need a bigger bed as they might’ve outgrown their current one, or would like to feel more grown-up on a bigger bed.

A double bed may take up too much space in your teen’s bedroom. Therefore, a three quarter bed will be the perfect middle ground. Feel free to take your pick from our wide range of three quarter beds available. We also have free delivery nationwide so you don’t have to lift a finger!

5. Match with new bedding

To match their new bed, get some new bedding to go with your teen’s new three quarter bed! Have them choose a fun geometric print, a neutral shade, or a fun pop of colour.

A more economical option that’ll last more than a couple of years and through many style changes is a pure white bedding set. This is easy to clean; simply use a light bleaching agent to get the material to its original pristine condition. Also, a neutral bedding set is easy to customise with fun throw pillows and blankets.

6. Work with contact paper

You can customise surfaces easily and cost-effectively by covering them with contact paper. Marble surfaces are very in right now. Get some marble contact paper to cover a desk or cupboard shelves in.

Other fun alternative contact paper ideas are:

  • Geometric patterns
  • Wood pattern
  • Pastels
  • Neutral colours

7. Frame special moments

Above all, teens value their friends and (sometimes) family. Pick out some of their favourite photo’s with friends and family to place into frames that’ll suit the style of the bedroom. These can be placed all around the room to add a personal, welcoming touch to the room.

Decorate with The Mattress Warehouse

We hope these tips on how to help your teen decorate their bedroom were helpful! With a fresh layer of paint, a three quarter bed and some new staple pieces they’ll soon have a brand new room to thrive in!

If you have any questions or would like some more advice, feel free to contact our friendly sales team, and they’ll gladly assist! Have fun redecorating!

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