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The Best Headboards for Bedroom Styles

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Headboards are the perfect furniture item to round off your bedroom’s look and style. However, there are many different headboards and bedroom styles and that makes it hard to find the perfect aesthetic match. Luckily, The Mattress Warehouse is here to help with that. With years’ experience in the bedroom industry, we’ll be sharing the best headboard to suit your bedroom’s look and feel.  

Help! Which headboard should I choose? 

Choosing a headboard to suit your bedroom look and style can be a tricky task to take on. Therefore, to make your life easier, we created a list of the best headboards on the most popular bedroom styles out there.

1. The best headboard for a modern bedroom style

The modern interior design is perfect for smaller spaces since the decorative elements of this style helps create the illusion of space. These elements are:

  • Clean lines
  • Minimal texture
  • Neutral or natural colours
  • The asymmetrical arrangement of furniture and decor
  • Minimal decor and accessories
Simple headboards work well for a modern bedroom

This plain and simple look is perfect in creating a comfortable space that doesn’t feel cluttered. To complete your modern bedroom look, opt for the one our popular headboard ranges. This plushy padded furniture piece fits in perfectly with the principles of modern design. Consider headboards with a plush backrest and clean lines.

2. The right headboard to for an eco-modern bedroom 

Developing out of the modern style came the eco-modern look. Where a modern-inspired bedroom would contain clean lines and a cooler atmosphere, the eco-modernist bedroom aims for something more. This interior design style is known for its warmth and incorporation of nature, whilst still keeping déecor and accessories to the minimum. 

An eco-modern bedroom would typically have the following elements:

  • Warm, earthy tones
  • White walls
  • Makes use of indoor plants as decor
  • Wooden furniture and decor
Complete an eco-modern look with the right type of headboard

When keeping wooden furniture in mind for your eco-modern bedroom the Cayman headboard in driftwood would be your best bet. With its natural wooden appearance and clean lines, this headboard will perfectly complement the eco-modern style. Prop it up against a white wall to emphasize the eco-design of this headboard.

3.  The best type of headboard for farmhouse bedroom style

This unique interior design style combines comfort and simplicity to create a perfect homey atmosphere. A farmhouse style bedroom combines natural tones and lots of texture for a cosy, warm look that’ll make anyone feel right at home! The most notable elements of the farmhouse style are:

  • A neutral, light colour palette
  • Barn door style (The X on a wooden door/ furniture piece)
  • Exposed wooden pillars and roof beams
  • A mix of different textures
Rustic farmhouse or cottage style bedroom design is always a popular choice

To complete your farmhouse bedroom look, we suggest going for a traditional wooden headboard. Following the design of a typical barn door, this furniture piece will be the perfect item to round a farmhouse interior. 

4. Complete an industrial bedroom with the right headboard

A growing trend of this century, the industrial or urban look is gaining popularity with many homeowners and interior designers. An industrial bedroom is ideal for those living in big cities and smaller homes. Space is created through many different decorating techniques. This type of design is known for the following elements:

  • Steel, brick, concrete, dark wood and leather as textures
  • Large windows and open floor plans
  • Unique decor elements such as ladders or old storage cabinets
  • Dark, neutral tones as accents
Industrial-inspired bedroom designs are gaining popularity in urban living spaces

When decorating your urban bedroom, keep the above principles in mind. We think the Oslo Leather Headboard in Mahogany is the perfect item to round off this look modern urban-inspired look. 

5. Classic bedroom headboards

A lot can be said about a classic bedroom. This décor style is perfect for those that are keen on aesthetic, timelessness and cosiness. The décor style and look of a classic bedroom are what makes this décor style elegant and timeless. The most notable elements in a classic bedroom are:

  • Neutral earthy tones
  • Subtle lighting
  • Wallpaper
  • Symmetrical decor
  • Tufted headboard
The classic bedroom exudes posh confidence and timeless elegance

To round off your classic bedroom, have a peek at our Artifex headboard in grey fabric, grey PU or brown PU

Headboards for sale in South Africa!

You’ll have decorated your bedroom based on your personal taste and style. It may be an exclusive style fitting into one of the above-mentioned looks, or it can be a mixture of the five! Whatever the look and style of your bedroom, The Mattress Warehouse has headboards for sale for all bed and mattress sizes. Head over to the headboard section to have a look at our wide range of headboards available.

Also, have a chat with one of our friendly sales consultants, should you have any more questions. Happy shopping!

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