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The original luxury Fabbro Beds now available in South Africa

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

While the Fabbro Mattress is nothing new to the South African markets, many people are not aware that this stunning bed is available. Fabbro beds are pure, luxury handmade beds. The grand family of beds manufactured by Fabbro gives each person the choice of exquisite mattresses that will make you fall in love with your bed.

More than a bed

For some, the bed is just a place to sleep, a place of necessity rather than a place for pure relaxation. But for those who are looking to own more than just a bed, the Fabbro bed is the one to have. Using only the most advanced innovation and only the best possible fibres and fabrics, each Fabbro bed is made to be an elegant addition to your bedroom while also being the ultimate piece of furniture for your relaxation.

Fabbro beds offer sleepers the ultimate sleeping experience. Not only are these beds super comfortable but they are also able to provide you with a temperature regulated sleep experience night after night. Imagine sleeping on a bed that circulates air so well that you never get too hot or too cold. Cashmere, organic wool, and pocket spring technology, Fabbro beds conform to your sleeping body perfectly.

Fabbro beds are fitted with a Compression Activation technology that is most welcome for when the body really needs to rest. This technology not only supports that body in all the right ways but it also ensures that your sleeping body is never affected by painful pressure points that are common when sleeping on a lower quality mattress. Chiro Gel and Latex-Flex is used in some of these mattresses, providing a great balance between comfort and support.

Fabbro beds are all about giving you the quality sleep you need, and deserve, in this rushed world that we live in. So you can expect a luxury bed that is both exceptionally comfortable and supportive for your sleeping body.

The mattress and your sleep

A mattress has a powerful hold over your sleep. You can try anything when you start experiencing back pain and should nothing the doctor prescribes help you, sleeping on a mattress that is suited to your body might hold the answer. The Fabbro bed is designed to be the exact bed to give you the exceptional support and comfort that is needed to prevent back pain and pain from pressure points.

Your mattress has a bigger impact on your health and on your mood than you think. It is not just sleep that revives you but it is also the quality of the sleep that you get that will boost your mood and keep you healthy. You should always invest in a bed that looks after your sleep health needs. Your body deserves the best comfort and support and that is exactly what you will get when you are investing your money in a Fabbro bed.

Do you know that when you are sleeping on an inferior bed, your spine is often not properly aligned? As scary as this sounds it is true, and throughout your night your back muscles are overworking themselves to bring your spine back into alignment. This means tense back muscles all night long. The result of this is that just one night of sleep on a bed that is not giving you the right support can lead to prolonged periods of back pain.

Fabbro promises a bed that will support you in every way. This mattress and bed manufacturer sources the best mattress materials in the world and will search long and hard to find the best fabrics and fibres. They know that when a bed is made from only the most luxurious materials, it will provide the most luxurious comfort. Each bed in the Fabbro family is handmade and is guaranteed to change the way in which you look at your mattress.

If it is time to change the way you sleep and to change the type of mattress, why not consider giving your body a real treat by investing in one of the beds from the Fabbro mattress and bed range? Handmade, luxurious mattresses have never been so easy to buy. Visit The Mattress Warehouse or our online store to browse this range or to find out more.

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