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Create a Magical Bedroom In a Small Space

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

A magical bedroom in a small space can be your haven away from it all.  Yes, even smaller areas can be peaceful and light. Providing you keep it simple, clean and clear of clutter, it can be your private paradise. Did you know that there are 3 basic steps to apply? Firstly, clear clutter and keep it spotless. Secondly, be creative with ideas for storage and keep only essential items. Thirdly, keep your palette simple and plain. A little creativity goes a long way when you implement it in a small bedroom.

Besides, clutter reduces any size space to an unattractive shambles. Clutter negatively affects how you feel when you walk into your room. Disarray in your room clouds your mind and disturbs your sleep. Therefore, your first prerogative besides clearing clutter and making your room spick and span is to create storage space for essential items.

Take note before you buy anything at all that you accurately measure everything. Correct sizing is crucial in any room, particularly when creating a magical bedroom in a small space.

Tips on Creating a Magical Bedroom


Storage can be ingenious, lending a bit of mystery to your special room. Tidy is the password to a magical bedroom.

Buy a Bed With Storage Space

Many beds have storage space available underneath the bed. A few examples here are the Hideaway bed and the Cabin Bed. These beds have drawers under the bed and this will be ideal for extra storage space. Have a look at this link. The Mattress Warehouse stocks these products so please contact us should you be interested in one of these.

Drawers and Cupboards

Keep bedside drawers clear for important items. Although occasional night time forays require light, torches take up space. Rather, acquire a motion sensor with a soft light. They are small and easy to install without tools. Place the sensor on the passage wall opposite your bedroom door. Ideal for night time bathroom visits. Moreover, it adds a touch of magic and mystery.

Furthermore, keep drawers neat and organized with dividers. Apply the same principal to any bookshelf or bedside cupboard. In addition, use dividers in your closet shelves to create maximum space with perfect organization.

Also provide extra space for essential odds and ends with a shoe organizer. Hang it against the wall in your cupboard. Alternatively, you could hang it on the inside of your cupboard door.

In the same way, you could make better use of your mid-level cupboard space. One option is to hang a hanging closet organizer. In this way, you get extra shelving inside your cupboard in a jiffy. An ideal place to keep underwear and pyjamas tidy.

Make more room for your hanging clothes by utilizing a multi-level hanger. Hang 5 dresses on 1 hanger and 5 pairs of pants on another. In the event things are still a tad cramped, get a hand held garment steamer. Steamers are ideal for emergencies and ensure beautifully neat clothes whenever you go out. Iron out any wrinkles in seconds without leaving your magical bedroom.

Create a magical bedroom with creative shelving and storage ideas.

Extra Shelving

Creating a magical bedroom in a small space requires some ingenuity. Buying or building a tier of shelves for a corner can solve many storage issues. Moreover, you can design it as you please and the shelving can reach right up to your ceiling. Furthermore, add a door to each shelf to maintain the mystery and a neat appearance. Another method for those that are building their own, is to add 1 long door and close-in each open side with a panel. Ensure that you use colours that are plain or muted. The way to go is to keep the palette simple. A great idea is to create shelving in the space over your head as you walk into your room. Beautiful light shelving that blends with the walls and ceiling creates space without taking away from the area you have. Tidiness is an essential component to any magical bedroom.

Peaceful Background Palette

Bedrooms are For Sleep

Only gorgeous bedding and items you consciously select should be visible. So, prevent your toiletries and makeup from spilling over into your sacred space. Get a lovely compact toiletry holder for your bathroom and keep it all there. Furthermore, this is certainly the perfect place to store your makeup along with your reusable makeup remover cloth. In addition, stash your hairdryer, brushes and combs in your bathroom. Conversely, using an attractive hanging tiered basket works wonderfully regardless of which unused corner you hang it in. The separate baskets keep categories neat and add great interest in a blank corner. Being organised is vital, once you have achieved this you will love your small space room.


Next is your background, since the framework of your room sets the tone. With thoughtful use of windows and walls you create a backdrop that brings peace and beauty into a small space. Use similar shades of colour for restfulness.


As for curtaining, dark colours bring heaviness to a small space and vibrant colour or patterns create clutter. To create light and space in your bedroom, use plain light curtains. Furthermore, they must have a blackout at the back for deep nighttime slumbers. Making your own curtains and bedding may mean that you can get precisely the fabric you want for both.

However, saving time is often a priority and beautiful bedding in natural fabrics are at your finger tips in top stores. Keep in mind that as long as the colour is very similar or blends wonderfully, that’s great. Your palette must remain peaceful and appealing. Soft, gentle colours allow sufficient room for a clear mind. In addition, they illuminate the area by reflecting any available light. Lighting in a small space is of particular importance. Therefore, always keep your curtains open. Neighbours or passers-by outside your window? Easily ensure privacy with blinds through which you can see yet remain invisible to others. Blinds allow sparling sunlight into your magical bedroom in a small space.

Ideal Temperatures and Mozzie-Free

For perfect summer temperatures, keeping your windows open is paramount. You may require attractive window netting to keep mosquitoes out. Small spaces tend to overheat easily and the little monsters love that.

However, adding a touch of technology can magically make all your problems disappear. Unless you already have a ceiling fan, mount a fan on your wall. Plan your purchase and placement carefully, taking into consideration both summer and winter needs. Make sure that your fan sweeps the entire room free of heat and mosquitoes in summer.

In addition, fans should provide sufficient warming for winter. Fortunately, a small area is extremely easy to warm up and keep warm.

Create a magical bedroom by controlling the temperature.

Bedding for an Enchanting Room

There is nothing as irresistable as a sumptuous bed to sink into at night. The bed is the focal point of the room and must have pride of place. Ensure you display it well by making use of fabulous, top quality bedding. Spend as much as you can afford and use some clever folding techniques.

One option is to lay a flat sheet wrong side up, over your fitted sheet. The top of the flat sheet must be in line with the top of your mattress. Thereafter, fold the excess at 45 degrees and tuck in the corners and bottom. Lay the duvet down over the bed, the top reaching to just underneath where your pillows will end. Now fold the flat sheet over the top of your duvet, the correct side will be facing up. Tuck it in or leave it as it is. The choice is yours so it will depend on your personal preference. Moreover, the right techniques can add professionalism and a look of luxury to the most basic bedding. Keep duvets and pillows plumped to create a beautiful bedroom.

For a lovely white look on your bed have a look at our new linen sets. These are soft to the feel and are made of quality cotton. A soft sateen weave will ensure that you sleep restful every night!

Bring In The Night Light

Too small a space to have bedside tables? No problem! Low lighting on the walls around your bed can easily replace bedside lamps. Otherwise, hang ethereal fairy lights or simply get an expert to connect up your main light to a remote control with dimmer. That way you have bright light when you need it and soft lighting to encourage sleepiness at night. These lights will create an enchanting room, guaranteed to make you feel at ease!

No Mirrors On The Walls

Mirrors reflect, creating light and space. However, they also magnify small amounts of clutter and movement and overwhelm a small room. A popular option is to hang your mirror inside the cupboard door. Alternatively, keep your mirror in the passage or dining room. Any place where it reflects something you love.

Tech Out The Door

Leave technology where it belongs, at the office or in your study. Alternatively, have a little basket in your lounge where you keep your cellular phone. Lacking space? Simplicity is the solution! Hang it on hooks with your keys and eliminate the stress of searching your phone in a panic just before you leave for the office.

Moreover, bedrooms are certainly not the right place for a noisy television set. Therefore, keeping your bedroom in a small space gorgeous, requires that you prioritize.

An Illusion of Space

Creating pockets and areas where there is empty space, opens a room up. Optional areas include the top of your new corner shelving, most of the wall area and above your blinds.


A magical bedroom in a small space demands that you put your sacred space and time first. In doing so, you create a sanctuary of peace that enriches and balances your life.

If you require any assistance please feel free to contact The Mattress Warehouse. Alternatively, give us a call and we will gladly assist!

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