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The Quality of Cloud Nine

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Founded by Walter Laurie, the Cloud Nine bedding company was established in the Cape in 1968 and branches spread to Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth. All the Cloud Nine beds boast exceptional quality, luxury and comfort – having multi-layered foams and being hygienic, non-toxic and allergy-free. The company proudly produces most of their own components: viscous elastic (memory) foam, polyester fibres, polyurethane foam, woven Damask and wooden bed bases. The Cloud Nine bed ranges are creatively diverse and all offer only the best in comfort and support.

Cloud Nine Motion Beds are innovatively designed to offer luxurious support at the push of a button – an I-sleep Slomotion or Eurolatex Slomotion is a must-have!!

The I-sleep range boasts with luxury memory foam. This foam is specially designed to mould to your body shape as the heat from your body softens it. The mattress is composed of layers of memory and polyurethane foam, giving it a high density foam posture support core and memory foam ventilation.

The Eurolatex range also has a high density foam posture support core, but instead of memory foam, it is composed of natural latex and polyurethane foam layers and has the i-rest ventilation system.

Both these ranges are allergy-free, hygienic, and non-toxic and give zero movement transfer, meaning fewer disturbances between sleeping partners during the night.

The other great bed ranges within Cloud Nine are as follows: I-sleep (primarily memory foam), Eurolatex (primarily latex foam), Rapid Reform (multi-layered foam) and Strandmattress (multi-layered foam). Pillows are also listed under the quality products of Cloud Nine!! Profile Pillows come in either the conventional or profile shape and Fibre Blend Pillows are composed of memory foam chips.

Come take a look at the best Cloud Nine has to offer at The Mattress Warehouse!!  

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