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The Ultimate List of Bedroom Accessories

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

There is nothing quite like escaping to your bedroom after a tough day. Sinking down onto your comfortable mattress, with your thoughts slipping away from the world can be just what you need.

Check out our list of must have bedroom accessories!

But, in order to create the ultimate bedroom setting, you need to have the right accessories, not just to create the look but also the feel.

At The Mattress Warehouse, we have all of the bed accessories you could possibly need. From luxury linens to the most comfortable pillows, you can customise your sleep experience. A bedroom is about more than just the bed and your linen.

So we have set out to create the ultimate list of those bedroom accessories that are perfect for transforming your bedroom into a space you will want to relax in. Here is our list!

  1. The Bed

What list of this kind is complete without the bed? The ultimate bedroom will include your mattress, your bed frame and your base. Without these key pieces, you don’t have a bedroom. Headboards, detached from the frame, are quite popular and very versatile. Along with offering a selection of the best beds and mattresses in South Africa, we also have stylish headboards and frames.

  1. The Layered Look

To give your bed that extra layer, or layers, of comfort, you need to have more than a top sheet and flat duvet. This is your comfortable place, do you not want to add a little more comfort to what you already have? Your bed is likely to already support you in all the right ways, but some extra layering won’t hurt. And did we mention layering can really add to the overall look of your bedroom?


  1. Add Allure with Lighting

You don’t have to stick to the style of lighting that your bedroom comes with. That standard fitting can be changed, all you need to do is be a little creative. The lighting used in any space can completely alter the mood, so why not create the atmosphere you are looking for by changing your lighting? Try lamps, or even a chandelier, and to add that extra touch of relaxation, make the lighting dimmer than you would usually have it.


  1. Use the Right Colour

We have discussed bedroom colour pallets and the emotions they bring to the bedroom in a previous blog, but we are mentioning it again because the colours you choose are so important! The wrong colour pallet can hinder relaxation while a cool and calming tone can help you unwind. Blues are always popular as are greys and different shades of creams. Pick the colours that cause you to naturally calm down, your intuition is sometimes your best décor makeover guide!

  1. Let’s talk texture

Most bedding is sleek, but if you are looking to add depth and dimensions to your bedroom you need to look at using different textures. One way that many people add texture to their bedrooms, is by altering their headboards. Headboards are great because they can be recovered, and thus reinvented, as often as you like. Using quilted linens can also add textures, as can throws. As long as you like it and it helps to create the vibe you are looking for, add it.


  1. The Storage Space

Some of us need more than a wardrobe and bedside tables to store our bedroom-bound possessions. But instead of adding some ghastly looking box or plastic storage unit, this is your chance to get creative. The foot of your bed is one of the best places to fit a storage trunk. Something vintage or perhaps something that is covered in a gorgeous fabric that matches your bedroom’s colour pallet should change the way you see bedroom storage accessories.



  1. Hang a Mirror

Not everyone is a fan of having a mirror in their bedrooms, but there are a few design benefits to consider. A mirror can make a room look larger, should you have a small bedroom, and they also have the power to brighten up your space. You don’t have to worry about buying an expensive dressing mirror, a decent sized one will do.

  1. Have a Theme

When we are young and growing up, we have themes for our bedrooms. But once we reach adulthood, all of that goes away. Where is the fun in that? Having a themed bedroom can actually look really nice and it is another opportunity to unleash your creativity. There are so many options for bedroom décor these days that you are bound to find the style that suits you.

  1. Be Generous with your Pillows

For some, having a few extra pillows scattered across the bed is just the look they are going for. It’s not that the pillows will serve any other purpose than looking pretty, but they can be the perfect finishing touch to the look you are going for. While we are on the subject of pillows, be sure that the ones you are resting your head on are right for your posture. A bad pillow can lead to unpleasant neck and back pain, and you might just wake up in the morning with a headache. We have a selection of pillows for you to choose from and don’t be shy about asking for advice from one of our sleep consultants.


  1. Fill your Room with your Favourite Things

Whether it is a gorgeous picture frame you picked up on your last holiday or a sentimental ornament from a relative, decorate your room with your favourite pieces. Not everything has to be shop bought. If a candlestick from your mother makes you smile, add it to your bedroom. This is your space, and it is where you should be happiest!


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We sell high-quality beds, mattresses and bedroom accessories. Start your journey to a personalised bedroom with us.

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