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Why do you want a motion bed?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Motion beds

The fact that motion beds are the not most popular way of sleeping shows that people like to cling to what they know and what feels like a traditional bed. There is the fact that they are quite expensive and only work for certain sleeping positions and those who like sleeping on memory foam. However, adjustable beds are really fantastic for lower back support and relieving pressure points. They can also double us as comfortable reading and working chairs, and they just look so classy in a bedroom! Genessi Motion bed

Motion beds, or adjustable beds, are motorised bed frames that can elevate the head and bottom sections of a mattress to take weight off the lower back and allow it to sink in while supporting the rest of the body. Using a remote control, the motor raises and lowers both the upper and lower portions of the mattress into a very flat  V shape. Constant talk about supporting the body’s pressure points and keeping the spine in a straight line on a normal mattress is all solved by a motion bed, which allows the spine to be straight, as well as elevating the feet and calves, which contributes to blood circulation.

Most motion beds come with memory foam mattresses, which work the best because memory foam cells are very resilient. The mattress can be bent and return to its original shape numerous times, continuing to offer the best support. However, this means that motion beds work best for people who prefer memory foam, and sleep on their backs or sides.

Mattress support is very important in any bed, but especially motion beds, since the mattress is bent, so it should be held in a stable but breathable way. The support of the mattress comes from the flexibility of the slats and their elastic mountings on the frame. This also makes the frames light enough to be lifted with a person on the mattress. Dependent on price range and make, the bases usually consist of four joints (back/stable/leg/foot) or, with more expensive beds, 5 joints (neck/back/stable/leg/foot), that are operated by two motors that operate the back and leg joint, and the movement of the neck and foot joint is semi-automatic (sometimes there are motors with three actuators – also for the neck, and even with four – one for every joint). The Genessi motion bed has 2 motors that lift or depress the back, stable (middle of bed) and foot. The weight of the frame, mattress and sleeper all need to be supported by the motors, which is what makes them quite expensive, especially if they are to be durable.

Adjustable beds were first conceived for hospitals, although not with motors, to help prevent pressure sores. Their movement into commercial use shows that the mattresses provided superior comfort and sleeping experience for some who used them. The decision to use a motion bed is greatly based on personal sleeping style, experience, and preference. I encourage you to come the The Mattress Warehouse showrooms in Nelspruit or Midrand and give them a try: you might be surprised by how much you enjoy it. Where can you get quality but affordable motion beds and other mattresses and sleep systems? Call The Mattress Warehouse on 0861 007 000 (Nelspruit) or browse our website here.



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