Bahama Sleeper Couch

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Product Description

So, you are sitting there, in your perhaps crowded living room and thinking, “what is there left to do?”. You have installed the biggest cupboards, thrown out the junk, and minimized your decorations and yet there is still a gaping lack of space in your living space staring right out at you screaming “fix this!”. Okay, so hopefully it is not so bad for you. However, we had all reached a point in our lives (at some or other point in time) when we desperately needed that extra bit of space and did not know how to get it. Well, I have the answer for you. Come on over and grab our fantastic Bahama Sleeper Couch.

Now you can have that cute couch without making mom and dad or little sister feel unwelcome. You really can have it all! Merely unfold or pull out the sofa to create a quaint yet quality bed for your occasional guest. The rest of the time you can sit back and relax in your space for that perfect Netflix show or Disney movie without having to worry about knocking into, onto, or over anything. But that is not all…

The Superbly Brilliant Bahama Sleeper Couch:

The Bahama Sleeper Couch, apart from offering the perfect compromise between expectations and reality, also offers a range of colors for you to choose from. These fabulous fabrics consist of colors ranging from black to grey (Ratio Jet, Ratio Mocha, Honour Sable, Nigel S78, Nigel S77, Origin Steel and Origin Ash), some from brown to beige (Origin Cappuccino, Nigel S71, Ratio Dune, and Origin Dune). Then you also have a rearing red (Nigel S75) a bold blue (Nigel S74), or your very own submitted fabric. That’s right. You can pick and choose fabric elsewhere and then provide it to us for the perfectly styled and perfected couch sleeper for your home. You can also ask for the pricing and use of genuine leather. Now that’s something special.

Need to know more?

Now if you are looking for sizes to fit that specific space be sure to check out our measurements mentioned in the specifics listed with this ideal item. When and if you get the Bahama Sleeper Couch you can assemble it by putting the frame on its back to remove packaging (Pro tip: do not remove bolts and screws… they are there for a reason). When done safely and carefully place the sofa upright. Now slide the bottom out. With the base out reposition the sofa so that it is standing on its back again to attach the seats. These need to click into place by being slid in again once you put the sofa down correctly.

Another pro tip: make sure everything is slid, not lifted or pushed since the sleeping couch operates on runners… Then add on the back cushions, and there you are! To operate, make sure you work from the center, removing the back cushions, gently sliding out the base, and then unfolding the pillows over for an even, smooth, make-shift bed.

Finally, our warranty extends up to a year without liability for fabric and foam or other reasonable exceptions.


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Facts & Features:

  • Fabric sleeper couch
  • The backrest drops from behind to form a bed
  • Various fabric textures and colours to choose from
  • Scatter cushions optional extra

Sleeping surface: Width = 143cm, Length = 200cm

One Year Service Warranty

This product should provide you with long and satisfying service, within the merits of original quality and excellent craftsmanship, alongside being handled with loving and apt care.

Based on this premise, we provide the service of our product (other parts to be specified below) within the period of a 1-year service warranty that will be operated as stated below.

Workmanship, Material and Components
The following will exclude items that are listed in the below paragraphs. Within this period (1 year) Sleeping Couch & Sofa manufacturers will provide the repair or replacement of parts that are found to be defective – this will be done at no extra cost to the customer who originally purchased the product. It should be noted that the only cost incurred to the original purchaser, will be that of transport (if applicable) costs. Following this period, a service price will be charged based on retail value, recommended by us, as determined by the date of purchase, or a repair charge – which is determined the lesser in addition to transport costs, should there be any.

Fabric and Foam
The guarantee/warranty will not extend to foam or fabric since we are not the manufacturers of these. We reserve the right to deny service within the following cases: product is found in an unsanitary condition, product failure is as a result of misuse, it is found that improper installation was applied or if faulty material or workmanship is present. The warranty will only apply to the original purchaser and becomes effective immediately on the date of the product’s sale. Please be aware of the fact that NO warranty will be applied to fabric fading as a result of its natural fading tendencies caused by direct light exposure. As a result of dye batches and fading Sleeping Couch & Sofa Manufacturers shall not be held liable for colour matching that is not exact between fabrics bought at different times.

Cleaning Instructions
Should your couch require cleaning, we highly recommend that you contact a professional upholstery cleaner. Upholstery cleaner can be used to clean select dirty marks, at own risk.