Bosonaco Sleeper Couch

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Product Description

Perfectly suited for your needs the Bosonaco Sleeper Couch offers the ultimate compromise between comfort and minimalization. You need the sleek space, the cushy comfort, and the confident convenience. We offer you a compromise between all three of your needs. Now you can go ahead and make the decision that best suits your home. Maybe your flat is small, and you desperately need that extra inch or two of space for when your family comes to visit (don’t they always). So, go ahead and come on over to get your very own Bosonaco Sleeper Couch knowing that you are getting exactly what you are looking for.

The Bosonaco Sleeper Couch is wonderfully diverse as it comes in a range of sizes for your convenience. Go whip that tape measure out and decide exactly what works for you in your home or flat. The size, the color, and the texture are up to you. Your house, your couch sleeper, your choice. The optional sizes consist of 76cm, 91cm, 107cm, 137cm and finally 152cm. But that is not all: the Bosonaco Sleeper Couch is also available as a non-sleeper or a regular couch in many different sizes! So, if you are loving the couch but not so keen on the dual functionality then say the word, and this extraordinary Sleeper Couch will lose its first name.

The Brilliant Bosonaco Sleeper Couch:

As for the fabric, we have a range of fabulously fantastic and sturdy ones to choose from. Or if you had something else in mind, you can provide it of your own ensuring the exact look and style you desire. Either way, you get to pick and choose the perfect design and look for the Couch Sleeper for you. If you do want to provide fabric personally, make sure to take a look at the specific measurements to ensure the perfect result. Furthermore, we offer optional scatter cushions as an extra giving a choice back to you. So, what will it be? Plush and cushioned or Sleek and spacious?

To add on to all of this, we provide a one-year service warranty excluding foam and fabric, and with reasonable exceptions. To operate this intriguing Bosonaco Sleeper Couch pull the base out from the center (Pro tip: always work from the center) and then place the previously removed back cushions on top of the middle to support it as you fold the top cushioning layer over. And there you have it: a firm, accessible, and fully operational couch bed!

Our range of optional colors boasts Ratio Dune, Ratio Jet, Ratio Mocha, Honour Sable, Nigel S71, Nigel S74, Nigel S75, Nigel S77, Nigel S78, Origin Cappuccino, Origin Steel, Origin Ash, and Origin Dune. Or of course, your own material.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about the Bosonaco Sleeper Couch.


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Facts & Features:

  • Fabric sleeper couch
  • Various fabric textures and colours to choose from
  • Scatter cushions optional extra

Sleeping surface: Width = 137cm, Length = 205cm

One Year Service Warranty

This product should provide you with long and satisfying service, within the merits of original quality and excellent craftsmanship, alongside being handled with loving and apt care.

Based on this premise, we provide the service of our product (other parts to be specified below) within the period of a 1-year service warranty that will be operated as stated below.

Workmanship, Material and Components
The following will exclude items that are listed in the below paragraphs. Within this period (1 year) Sleeping Couch & Sofa manufacturers will provide the repair or replacement of parts that are found to be defective – this will be done at no extra cost to the customer who originally purchased the product. It should be noted that the only cost incurred to the original purchaser, will be that of transport (if applicable) costs. Following this period, a service price will be charged based on retail value, recommended by us, as determined by the date of purchase, or a repair charge – which is determined the lesser in addition to transport costs, should there be any.

Fabric and Foam
The guarantee/warranty will not extend to foam or fabric since we are not the manufacturers of these. We reserve the right to deny service within the following cases: product is found in an unsanitary condition, product failure is as a result of misuse, it is found that improper installation was applied or if faulty material or workmanship is present. The warranty will only apply to the original purchaser and becomes effective immediately on the date of the product’s sale. Please be aware of the fact that NO warranty will be applied to fabric fading as a result of its natural fading tendencies caused by direct light exposure. As a result of dye batches and fading Sleeping Couch & Sofa Manufacturers shall not be held liable for colour matching that is not exact between fabrics bought at different times.

Cleaning Instructions
Should your couch require cleaning, we highly recommend that you contact a professional upholstery cleaner. Upholstery cleaner can be used to clean select dirty marks, at own risk.