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Charlene Hi-Foot Bed (Graphite)

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Charlene Hi-Foot Bed (Graphite)



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Charlene Hi-Foot Bed (Graphite)
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Charlene Hi-Foot Bed (Graphite)

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Product Description

Mattress, pedestals, linen, pillows & accessories not included

By mimicking the style of a picket fence, the Charlene Hi-Foot Bed (Graphite) is the perfect addition to your master bedroom! With a complementing foot end that repeats the same features of the headboard, you’ll be able to securely tuck in your duvet to create a neat and put together bedroom style. Additionally, you’re spoilt for choice with the wide range of stains you can customise your Charlene Hi-Foot bed in.

Rest easily and comfortably on the Charlene Hi-Foot Bed, knowing that your mattress is also perfectly supported by this aesthetic gem!

Charlene Hi-foot Bed (Graphite) Dimensions:
Single: 91cm
Three Quarter: 107cm
Double: 137cm
Queen: 152cm
King: 183cm

Radiata Pine
The Mattress Warehouse strives to provide you with only the best-made furniture that will last you for years to come. To achieve this, the Charlene Hi-Foot bed is meticulously crafted from aged radiata pine for extra sturdiness and strength. 

Radiata pine is a type of wood that has no pores and consists of long fibres. It is also much denser and, therefore, stronger than other types of timber. This is why radiata pine is excellent for creating staple furniture pieces, as its incredible structural integrity will ensure ultimate support and extreme longevity. 

Ultimate versatility
To also provide you with the flexibility of customising your own bed, we thought it best to dress the Charlene Hi-Foot Bed in any of the following stain choices: Mahogany, Chestnut, Oregon, Rustic, White, Graphite or Combo. By doing so, the Charlene Hi-Foot’s appearance can be custom designed to fit into any bedroom theme or colour scheme. 

Mattress support
The most important feature of a bed frame lies in its structural functionality. It was ensured that this is most definitely the case with the Charlene Hi-Foot bed. By carefully placing horizontal slats along with the frame of the bed, maximum mattress support is ensured.

Lastly, for added support, screws are inserted along the key stress points in the bed frame to ensure maximum strength and durability. Now you can rest worry-free, knowing that your bed frame has your (mattress’) back!

Summary of the Charlene Hi-Foot Bed (Graphite)

  • Available in sizes: Single, Three Quarter, Double, Queen and King.
  • Extremely durable; manufactured from 35-year aged Radiata Pine structure
  • Available colours: Mahogany, Chestnut, Oregon, Graphite, Rustic, White and Combo
  • Slats along the frame provide exceptional mattress support


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