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Cloud Nine Comfort Gentle Bed

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Cloud Nine Comfort Gentle Bed



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Cloud Nine Comfort Gentle Bed
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You save R 2,800.00
16% OFF!
King XL
R 14,599.00

Cloud Nine Comfort Gentle Bed

Comfort Level

20 Years Service Warranty

2 Year Guarantee

Weight Limit

130 kg per person

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Product Description

If you find yourself disgruntled by the fact that summer is upon us, the Cloud Nine Comfort Gentle Bed is just for you. It's Blue Gel cooling sleep technology ensures a cooler sleep surface, especially during warmer nights. So whether you live in a balmy climate or you just heat up easily during the night, the Comfort Gentle Bed has got your back!

Medium comfort Ideal for the following sleeping styles: 
  • Back Sleepers
  • Stomach Sleepers
  • Side Sleepers


Not only does the micro-quilted jacquard cover offer a cushy surface to sleep on - but it also has anti-bacterial properties. The multi-needle deep quilted protector acts as a sufficient moisture guard, adding to the longevity of your mattress. You can say goodbye to regular human allergies too since this mattress contains no chemicals and is 100% odour free. On top of that, the foam Cloud Nine uses for its mattresses is made to be completely durable, non-toxic and hygienic.

Allow the buoyant Polyurethane and deluxe high-density Visco-Elastic foam layers to work their magic on your sleeping form during the night. One of the best features of memory foam is the absorption of movement. Experience it now with the hug-like feel of the foam as it moulds to the contours of your body with soothing support as it promotes good blood circulation and proper sleeping posture.

If you wake up with back pain or joint aches, the Comfort Gentle Mattress is here to help. The high-density reformed foam support core rectifies your posture while you sleep to ensure you wake up feeling vibrant and refreshed.

An invaluable feature, really. Zero movement transfer guarantees that both you and your sleep partner can sleep uninterrupted. A peaceful night’s rest is only a few clicks away!

Summary of Cloud Nine Comfort Gentle Bed:

  • Designed and manufactured in South Africa.
  • Medium comfort - level 3.
  • Perfect for back, stomach and side sleepers.
  • Turn-free support with Blue Gel cooling sleep technology.
  • High-density pure foam core for support, pressure relief and all-around comfort.
  • Allergy-free, hygienic and non-toxic.
  • Non-turn mattress.
  • Approved by the South African Society of Physiotherapy.
  • Bed Height: 250mm
  • 2-Year Guarantee
  • 20-Year service warranty.
  • 130 kg weight limit per person.

Comfort Level


Beds in this comfort scale usually fits most people’s needs. 3 Rating beds can be seen as the equilibrium of the sleeping styles. They are perfect for guest bedrooms and are also well suited for the hospitality industry. This bed is normally soft enough for the average side sleeper and supportive enough for back and stomach sleepers.

Want to know how mattress Comfort levels are rated?

Bed Sizes

King183 cm x 188 cm
Queen152 cm x 188 cm
Double137 cm x 188 cm
Three Quarter107 cm x 188 cm
Single91 cm x 188 cm

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Why Cloud Nine?

Cloud Nine beds are endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa. All their products have above industry standard warranties. It’s not only a beautiful mattress, but it’s also an incredibly capable one.

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