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Edblo Omaruru Mattress

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Edblo Omaruru Mattress


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Edblo Omaruru Mattress
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R 2,999.00

Edblo Omaruru Mattress

Comfort Level

10 Years Service Warranty

1 Year Guarantee

Weight Limit

100 kg per person

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Product Description

The Edblo Omaruru Mattress is a support top that’s built for cool comfort throughout the night. It shines in the areas of durability and consistent, firm support. Choose a trusted company such as Edblo who has decades of expertise and is committed to using renewable natural resources along with recycled plastics in the production of ‘greener’ beds. 

Comfort level:  2 - Firm

Suitable for the following sleep styles:

  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers

Ultracare Fabric Treatment
Going the extra mile in favour of hygiene, the manufacturers of the Omaruru mattress have included antimicrobial treatment in the mattress fabric. This means a reduction in the likelihood of fungi, mould, odours and bacteria. So, there’s no need to be concerned about allergies when it comes to this mattress! 

Cooltouch Knit Fabric
Enjoy the fresh feel of our Knit Fabric mattress cover. Complete with anti-bacterial properties, it is long-lasting and breathable.  

Firm Comfort Support
Sleep away those troubles without a moment’s concern when it comes to your mattress. It's sufficient to know that your support top consists of high density layers and fibres finely arranged for a firm yet comfortable, unforgettable sleep experience. 

Choice Comfort layers
What’s in this great mattress? Specially selected layers of foam and fibres that work together for strength, durability and firm comfort. 

Low-bounce Insulator Pad
This mattress won’t be too springy, thanks to the Insulator pad. For excellent mattress performance, the insulator pad brings uniformity and less movement between the various layers of the Edblo Omaruru.

Durable Bonnell Spring Unit
The characteristic hourglass shape of the Bonnell spring system is synonymous with sturdy, consistent support. This very durable support base is widely used in mattresses and assists to bring satisfying sleep to millions. 

Clear-to-the-edge Support
Now you can appreciate the excellent support offered by this mattress, right up to the edges. The reinforced perimeter allows more useful sleeping space and enables the mattress to hold its shape instead of sagging.

Summary of the Edblo Omaruru Mattress:

  • Comfort level 2 – Firm
  • Most suitable for back and stomach sleepers
  • Made with renewable natural resources & recycled materials
  • Non-turn comfortable support top
  • Ultracare fabric treatment for allergens
  • Cooltouch Knit fabric that’s breathable
  • Firm comfort support & choice comfort layers
  • Low-bounce insulator pad
  • Durable Bonnell spring unit
  • Clear-to-the-edge support
  • 10 year warranty
  • 1 year guarantee

Comfort Level


Beds with a firm comfort rating are great for certain sleepers. Firm mattresses give way a lot less under body weight, creating a firm and solid platform that allows perfect spinal alignment. People who like to sleep on their backs and stomachs will greatly benefit from sleeping on a firm mattress.

Want to know how mattress Comfort levels are rated?

Mattress Sizes

Queen152 cm x 188 cm
Double137 cm x 188 cm


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