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Linen Drawer Micro Fibre Pillow



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Linen Drawer Micro Fibre Pillow
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Linen Drawer Micro Fibre Pillow

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Product Description

Nothing is more infuriating than waking up with neck stiffness or a headache due to uncomfortable pillows. Our Linen Drawer Micro Fibre Pillow affords a comfortable sleep fit for a king and is suitable for back and side sleepers.


Poor quality pillows can ruin a guest’s stay at your hotel or guest house. No one wants to deal with a fitful sleep due to poor support and discomfort. The satisfaction of your guests remains a top priority. Our pillows are designed in order to align your neck and head and are suitable for back and side sleepers. 

Good quality pillows ensure increased durability and are therefore cost-effective. The microfibre pillows maintain their shape and ability to provide comfort and support. 

Sound sleep
Our pillows enhance a peaceful sleep. The microfibers from which the pillows are made have hypoallergenic properties, which means are also suitable for people who are prone to suffer from allergies.

Summary of Linen Drawer Micro Fibre Pillow:

  • For back and side sleepers
  • Comfortable
  • Provides back and neck support
  • Durable
  • Hypoallergenic


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