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Sealy Hybrid Sage Plush Mattress

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Sealy Hybrid Sage Plush Mattress



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Sealy Hybrid Sage Plush Mattress
Sealy Hybrid Sage Plush Mattress
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You save R 1,700.00
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Sealy Hybrid Sage Plush Mattress

Comfort Level

12 Years Service Warranty

2 Year Guarantee

Weight Limit

160 kg per person

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Product Description

Sealy Hybrid Sage Plush Mattress

Ideal for the Following Sleeping Styles:

  • Back Sleepers
  • Side Sleepers

Product Information:

Announcing the all-new Sealy Hybrid Sage Plush Mattress!

The Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Sage Plush Mattress is the ideal mattress for sleepers that need tension relief. Most of us can place ourselves in that category! Athletes often require tension relief in their muscles, especially during the sleeping process. Furthermore, the mattress will enable you to sink into it, as it has a 5-comfort rating. The fantastic Hybrid Sage mattress is ideal for the master bedroom.

Climate Control and Breathability:

Will Enhance Your Sleeping Experience.
The textiles on the top layer of the Sealy Hybrid Sage Plush mattress is sensational! These fabrics are breathable; breathability is essential for climate control. This feature will ensure that you are cool in summer and warm in winter.

Allergen Protect:

To Safeguard you Against Allergies.
With Allergen Protect you enjoy magical sleep quality. Furthermore, the mattress will safeguard you against dust mites, which are common allergens. With the Allergen Protect on your mattress, you can rest assured that these bothersome little creatures will be kept at bay. Lastly, allergen Protect will not only enhance your sleeping experience, but it will keep your mattress healthy and fresh!

Moisture Protect:

Draws Moisture Away From Your Body.
Moisture Protect protects your body against moisture. Most importantly, you will be sleeping delightfully and relaxed. Look out for Moisture Protect logo when you purchase your plush mattress!

Zone Support:

Supports Your Lower Back During Sleep.
The Sage Hybrid Plush mattress contains high-density foam. High-Density Foam is placed strategically in the third centre of the mattress.  The reason for this placement is so that your lower back is adequately supported during sleep. So, you will be able to lay back, relax and enjoy your rest!

Pressure Relieving Foams:

For Comfort and Pressure Relief.
The Sage Hybrid Plush Mattress contains Dual-Flex Hybrid Foam Layers. These Dual-Flex layers fuse the flexibility of Latex Foam with pressure reducing properties of Memory Foam. This mattress will deliver in terms of comfort. Furthermore, it will provide pressure relief and flexibility. Sealy Hybrid Sage Plush will make your sleeping fantasies come true!

Duraflex Foam Encased Edge Support:

For Support and a Larger Sleeping Area.
The edges of the mattress are thoroughly supported and encased. Additionally, these edges are shaped around the spring system of the mattress. It provides support to the sleeper, and at the same time, the foam encased edges will ensure that you sit on a comfortable surface.

Exclusive Body Sense Pocket System:

Minimises Partner Disturbance.
The Sealy Hybrid Sage Plush Mattress has an exclusive body sense pocket system.  Moreover, this unique Pocket System is designed with the needs of your body in mind. It will conform to the shape of your body and will minimise partner disturbance. Finally, with this plush mattress partner movement will no longer disturb your sleep!

To Summarise - The Hybrid Sage Plush Mattress:

  • Climate Control and Breathability
  • Allergen Protect
  • Moisture Protect
  • Zone Support
  • Pressure Relieving Foams
  • Duraflex Foam Encased Edge Support
  • Exclusive Body Sense Pocket System
  • Comfort Level 5
  • Ideal for Master Bedroom and Spare Rooms
  • Mattress height: 340mm
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • 12 Year Service Warranty
  • Weight Limit of 160 kg per Person per Side
  • Too Soft for a Tummy Sleeper
  • Ideal for Back and Side Sleepers

Don't Delay Invest in a Sealy Hybrid Sage Plush Mattress Today!

Comfort Level


Ever wonder what sinking into clouds would feel like? Well, here you go. The plush comfort rating is the precipice of pressure relief. Beds with this rating are absolutely perfect for those side sleepers who want peak comfort. They are also suitable to some back sleepers who want to maximize pressure relief. This bed should be avoided by a stomach sleeper, as it will guarantee a visit to the chiropractor.

Want to know how mattress Comfort levels are rated?

Mattress Sizes

Double137 cm x 188 cm
Three Quarter107 cm x 188 cm
Single91 cm x 188 cm
Queen152 cm x 188 cm
King183 cm x 188 cm

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