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Slumberland Pocket Spring Pillow - Firm

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Slumberland Pocket Spring Pillow - Firm



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Slumberland Pocket Spring Pillow - Firm
Slumberland Pocket Spring Pillow - Firm
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You save R 140.00
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Slumberland Pocket Spring Pillow - Firm

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Product Description

The Slumberland Pocket Spring Pillow - Firm is a great option for alleviating tension while you sleep. The individually wrapped mini pocket springs inside this pillow offer pressure-point relief tailored for the resting person’s head and neck. Find your sleep solution right here with the Pocket Spring - Firm, demonstrating micro-adaptation that comes hand in hand with cushioning comfort for rejuvenating sleep. Ready to gently soothe those tired muscles night after night, this one’s for you!

Lasting Cotton-Polyester Cover
The very durable exterior encourages airflow and offers a hygienic finish that promotes a cool, refreshing sleep experience. The selected fabric blend features comfort, fewer wrinkles and ease of care, all packaged together in a wonderful pillow that keeps its shape beautifully.  

Revolutionary Mini Pocket Springs
You will never know until you try it! Why not experience firsthand a pillow made like a small mattress with mini pocket springs inside? This unique design offers excellent adaptation to your movements, giving personalised support and cosy comfort at every turn. Feel the difference with the therapeutic support and pressure-relief offered by the Pocket Spring - Firm. 

Extended Band brings more Padding
The extended band adds extra height and breathability to the pillow. This additional padding layer contributes to the effective and efficient pressure relief provided.

‘Boomerang Effect’ with Repurposed Fibre Encasement
The layer of fibre used is very resilient and demonstrates rapid recovery. The fibre, along with the inner spring core, ensures that the pillow always keeps its shape and never needs to be ‘fluffed up’. 

Summary of Slumberland Pocket Spring Pillow - Firm: 

  • Lasting Cotton-Polyester Cover
  • Specialised pillow featuring revolutionary mini pocket springs
  • Pillow never stays flat
  • Demonstrates ‘Boomerang effect’ with repurposed fibre encasement
  • Non-washable item
  • Fits a standard pillowcase and pillow protector
  • Use with a waterproof pillow protector


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