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Strandmattress Dream Me Bed

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Strandmattress Dream Me Bed

Comfort Level

1 Years Service Warranty

Weight Limit

90 kg per person

Product Description

If you are looking for the ideal mattress for your children’s or spare room, then the Strandmattress Dream Me is the option to choose. Its design makes it perfect for your children’s or guest bedroom in your home. It offers the perfect posture support for adolescent, or for juvenile during their growing phase.

The Strandmattress Dream Me is a single layer mattress. It is made with high density reconstituted polyurethane foam. Given its construction, it is recommended only to be used on a slatted base. It is constructed to be suitable for children and adolescents in their growing phase. However, this is not the only purpose of this mattress, as it can also be added in your spare room, where it would occasionally be used.

Features Of The Strandmattress Dream Me

This bed features a construction and design that allows it to deliver a gentle firm posture support. Whether utilised by a child or a teenager, this bed is capable of ensuring a comfortable sleeping position, which helps prevent backaches. Particularly within the growing phase of children, they need to sleep on a firm mattress. It will allow their body to rest in a proper posture. Sleeping in a correct position would not have any adverse effects on their growing body. This quality mattress helps with this requirement, offering a comfortable, yet soft bed to sleep on.

The Strandmattress Dream Me mattress is designed with a unique feature, which allows for zero movement transfer. It means that your child can sleep comfortably, without feeling any disturbances during movement in their sleep.

Other features that are characteristic to this mattress include its allergy-free and non-toxic fabrics, which are meant to enhance the quality of the sleep. With woven damask ticking, this mattress is hygienic, thus being an excellent choice for your children. This feature also makes this bed a great choice for a spare room, where it would only be used for special purposes, such as guests coming to your home.

This mattress has a thickness of 150 mm, and it comes with a service warranty of 1-year. Soft and firm, this mattress is an excellent choice for your home.

Comfort Level


Beds with a firm comfort rating are great for certain sleepers. Firm mattresses give way a lot less under body weight, creating a firm and solid platform that allows perfect spinal alignment. People who like to sleep on their backs and stomachs will greatly benefit from sleeping on a firm mattress.

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