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Windsor Door & Drawer Pedestal (Chestnut)

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Product Description

Organized and neat, clean and smart – this could be your very own room as impossible as it may seem at the moment. Not only does this beautiful masterpiece offer style and elegance in true royal style living up to its name, but it also provides the perfect hiding place. All those misplaced and unruly extras that cannot seem to find a permanent home in which to stay. Chargers, lost tit tats, newly discovered sweets, or misplaced pens and bobby pins can find a home in your bedside table free from judgment. How so? Well my friend, because of the wonderful invention called Windsor Door & Drawer Pedestal (Chestnut).

Merely store away your treasures and bothers in this convenient and trustworthy bedside apartment. No more hassle and no more worries. Enjoy the ease of tossing your troubles in a drawer to be handled in due time while you lie back and relax on your bed next to the pedestal. Pure bliss and rightly so.

The wonderful Windsor Door & Drawer Pedestal (Chestnut) by Michael Calvin

Without a doubt, the Windsor Pedestal exhibits an impressive and forceful presence commanding attention. With the serious and earnest design, one can use the Windsor pedestal to turn up the charm in a room. Therefore, you’ll have a more sophisticated and controlled look. Or enjoy it allowing for a more sensible yet free effect. To ensure that no unwelcome surprises come knocking when you find yourself unpacking and placing your beautiful Windsor Pedestal in your home, be sure to take out your measuring tape and have a look at these upcoming measurements for the perfect result. The Door and Drawer Pedestal has 600 height, 560 width, and a 380 depth.

What is more is that you can choose between two beautiful kinds of wood according to your very own preference. Enjoy mixing and matching with the rest of the furniture in your room. These available woods are Chestnut and Mahogany.


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