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All You Need to Know about Sleeping Positions

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Most people have the perfect sleeping position that they find themselves falling asleep to every night – and these positions vary from person to person. I have noticed even with just my two younger sisters and myself. I find that I fall asleep a lot easier on my stomach, hugging my pillow, and on my side with my arms stretched out in front of me. My younger sister says she tends to almost always fall asleep in the foetal position, with her arms pulled close to her body. My youngest sister (10 years old) on the other hand, is a whole other story!! Her bed is close to her bedroom window and she somehow finds herself nearly halfway out the window, all splayed out with arms and legs in all directions. If you asked me exactly what her sleeping position is called, I would have to admit that I have no cooking clue!!

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There are a few main sleeping positions that people tend to adopt: foetal, log, yearner, soldier, freefall and starfish. Each of these positions take a different form, have different health benefits and can even tell a bit about your personality or how you’ve been feeling lately.

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  • The soldier position is when you sleep on your back with arms pinned to your sides. This is considered the best position for your neck and spinal alignment, but increases the risk of sleep apnea and your tendency to snore. If you sleep like this, try not to have too many pillows under your head. People sleeping in this position are generally quiet and reserved and don’t like fuss or noisy, social scenes. They also tend to set high standards for themselves as well as others.


  • The foetal position is when you lie on your side, curling up into a ball with knees drawn up to your chest and your chin tucked in. This can strain your back and an extreme curl can potentially restrict deep breathing, not allowing you to fall into a proper deep sleep. Someone who sleeps like this is thoughtful but also subject to over-thinking and worrying. They may be shy and seem to have a tough outside, but soon relax and are actually sensitive at heart. These sleepers may get stuck in their comfort zone and also habitually seek comfort from others, but they usually have and ordered mind and like things to be in place.


  • Those sleeping in the log position sleep on their side with their arms along their sides. The spine is best supported in this position as it maintains its natural curve and it also reduces the risk of neck and back pain, sleep apnea and facial wrinkles.Personality-wise, these sleepers are easy-going, social, trusting and love being part of the “in” crowd. They can be stubborn and set in their ways though, and may seem bossy to those around them.


  • One of the positions I sleep in is called the yearner – on my side with my legs sort of straight and arms stretched out in front of me. It has the same sort of back health benefits as the log position but can cause restricted blood flow and pressure on the nerves in one’s arms, causing some discomfort.Yearners have an open nature but can be suspicious and cynical. They are slow to make up their minds about something, but once a decision is made, they are unlikely to change it. Yearners are dream chasers – they seek for more from life!! Often rational but quite quick to give up on something that doesn’t seem to be going their way, they tend to be too hard on themselves.


  • Another position that I love, is the freefall – on my stomach with my arms around the pillow and head to one side. Even though it improves digestion, tilting your head puts added strain on your neck and your back can start to ache because the curve of your spine is unsupported in this position. Freefall sleeper can be gregarious, brash and nervy. They don’t like criticism or extremely stressful situations and can be prone to anxiety. But they are a creative and confident bunch.


  • The starfish position is when you lie on your back with your arms above your head. This is good for your back and helps prevent facial wrinkles and skin breakouts. It does bring about snoring problems and can cause pain or discomfort in your arms because of being held above your head though. People that sleep in this position tend to make very good friends, are good listeners and are always keen to offer help. They are generally shy and don’t like being the centre of attention.


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