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Kooi Superior Pocket Plush

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

A bed as comfortable as the Kooi Superior Pocket Plush is worthy of a notable introduction – and I will duly oblige. The Plush mattress perfectly moulds fantasy and reality into a product that will love you for years to come. The Plush’s exterior follows suit in delight; with blue lines that run around matt grey mattress and designer base bodies, this bed truly has a pleasing visual aesthetic. Finally, a complex block-like and milky white surface further enhances the Kooi Superior Pocket’ts top.


Buying a new bed requires and results in investments that impact your life on numerous fronts. The first impact will be on a financial level. The Second investment will be time since you will be spending around a third of your entire life sleeping on your bed. An educated and well-informed familiarity with your bed is essential in both the money and time investment prospects. It is so important that there is a dedicated page which guides you through the process – View that page by clicking here. Kooi Superior Pocket Plush

Comfort Level

One of the most important factors to take into consideration when buying a new mattress is comfort level. Do you require the support and spinal alignment of a firm mattress, the neutrality of a medium or the benefits of a plush? Comfort level’s importance should be a the top of your understanding before you buy a new bed. Because of this blog is about a plush mattress, I will delve a little deeper into that fact and link the other levels below.

  • You can learn more about the benefits provided by the Kooi Superior Pocket Firm by reading this blog.
  • You can learn more about the benefits provided by the Kooi Superior Pocket Firm by reading this blog.

Benefits of a Plush Mattress

A plush mattress essentially inspires your usual bed advertisement campaigns: it’s like sleeping on clouds. Although, I prefer the angle; like sleeping on marshmallows. A mattress that delivers a four out of five comfort rating will provide that sinking feeling loved by so many people. Due to the memory foam used, a Kooi Plush bed will excel in providing you with much-needed tension relief. This is perfect for individuals with stiff muscles. Those who prefer sleeping on their sides will benefit most from a plush mattress – the softer surface will allow your body to sink comfortably into place.

Kooi Superior Pocket Plush Memory Foam

Kooi Beds manufacture plush bed models by using heat-influenced memory foam comfort layers. What does heat-influence mean? It’s quite simple: Your body heat will activate the memory foam, which will create the sinking feeling you desire.

High Performance

I have now taken you through the comfort and introductory paces of the Kooi Superior Pocket Plush bed. Although I have refrained from using the phrase “high performance,” it is one you will come across in Kooi’s context. I might kill hopes and dreams by telling you that your Kooi is not an undercover fitness transformer. The bed won’t come to life and terrify your pets and children in its wake. It will remain calmly in your bedroom, of that you can be guaranteed. The Plush embraces its “high performance” slogan in a few unique ways:

  • Advanced zoned and nested pocket spring technology makes up the inner workings of the Kooi Mattress. These pocket springs adapt better to every part of your body.
  • Every technical stage – from design to production – is innovative.
  • To be environmentally friendly goes without saying.

Why You Should Buy the Kooi Superior Pocket Plush

Why should you spend money on the Kooi Superior Pocket Plush? In short, you should for the reason behind buying anything: You like it. At Kooi Beds, it is essential that customers like the look and feel of their bed. The company not only aims, but delivers this standard in many ways. So, allow me to tell you exactly why you should go to themattresswarehouse.co.za and buy the Kooi Superior Pocket Plush.

The Bed That Inspires

Modern day people are constantly in search of greatness. Everyone wants to be fitter, healthier, prettier and more successful on every level. In a way, a Kooi bed can assist you with all of those dreams – and I’m not clutching at straws. Personally, I have found that owning a Kooi bed stands as a constant reminder to live actively. When you really think about it, this seemingly innocent piece of furniture constantly wins your attention. Within that, the Kooi and its essence linger in the back of your head. In the end, inspiration will slowly hone itself; turning from laziness into healthy living. With health, you will also find the roots of happiness and success.

Pure and Affordable

The Kooi superior pocket is affordable. Therefore, I hardly think buying this will leave you cringing at the state of your bank account. If you are, I’m quite certain that its comfort and the delight of your rest will distract.

Old mattresses use foam with calcium fillers. Not only do these fillers contain chemicals, but they also decay over time – resulting in a mattress that sags with body impressions spread across. Baring this in mind, you’ll be excited to learn that every Kooi mattress use Pure Foam – a

It looks good

Looks certainly aren’t everything, especially when it comes to highly practical things look beds. But, no one ever denied that pretty is worth a mention.

When I first showed a designer friend of mine images of the Kooi Superior Pocket Plush, his feedback was the following: it doesn’t look like your normal bed at all. It looks so futuristic. His feedback made me smile because I thought the same. The beds from Kooi simply look futuristic, sporty and unique. For this reason, your Kooi bed will boost your room and act as a foundation in transforming your area into a space worthy to be proud of. Those of you who have spruced up your rooms with nice items will know how positively it can affect you.

Technical Specifications

Kooi Beds proudly design and manufacture their products to the purest processes and quality in South Africa. Technical specifications matter, so allow me to spoil you geeks with a few key Kooi details:

  • Advanced zoned and nested spring technology is used in the Kooi Superior Pocket Plush.
  • The bed boasts pocket springs that assist in better contouring to the unique shapes of your body.
  • Do you share a bed with a partner? If your answer is yes, you will be very happy to hear that the Kooi Superior Pocket plush boasts zero movement transfer. The days of being awoken by your partner’s movements are over.
  • Kooi beds use the most advanced high density and latex pure foam comfort layers. These layers spoil and delight.
  • On the outside, you can rest at ease with the delight of a soft and fire-retardant fabric.
  • A beautifully designed base accompanies your purchase.
  • 20 Year Service Warranty
  • 3 Year Factory
  • 125kg rating on either side

Featured video

Skipping the parts that you perceive as “boring” is a very human thing to do, so I understand. But I hope you can find some time away from watching the satisfying animated video to read my blog. Let’s be honest, you’re browsing this blog because you’re interested in getting to know the Plush better. Can’t hurt to find out more.

If you feel as though neither my blog nor animated video did justice for your inquisitive nature, feel free to contact our friendly team via the following means: Email: [email protected] or phone to 021 510 1858, 021 510 3554 or 086 100 7000

If you prefer making a social sweep, drop a message to our awesome facebook moderators: https://www.facebook.com/TheMattressWarehouseSA/

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