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Bed Sizes: Is a Double Bed Big Enough for 2?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Your in-laws are coming to stay over for a week. And suddenly you wonder if the double bed in the guestroom will be big enough to keep the piece… Or are you simply wondering if a double bed will afford you and your partner that is soon moving in enough space to sleep well? A lot of our clients ask us the same question. So we asked our team of experts at The Mattress Warehouse to give us their opinion on the matter. Some of them said yes, while others said no. So if you want an unbiased opinion on the matter, keep reading.

How big is a double bed?

The standard double bed (also known as a full bed in the US) is 188cm long and 137cm wide. That is 46cm wider than a single bed. In other words, it isn’t twice as wide as a single bed, in case you were wondering. You also get an XL double bed, which is 137cm wide, like a standard double, but it is 200cm long. This makes it an ideal option for you if you are taller than 180cm. To summarise the size of a double bed:

  • Standard Double – 188 x 137cm
  • XL Double – 200 x 137cm

Is a double bed the same as two beds?

The answer is no. Apart from the fact that it is not twice as wide as two single beds, it can also not be split into two beds.

The double bed: big enough for two people?

That depends on the people, as demonstrated by our very own experts that are divided on the matter. If you enjoy cuddling up to your partner all night long, then it is for you. On the other hand, if you (or your partner) are a restless sleeper, you might want to consider getting something a bit bigger. But without further ado, here are the reasons why double beds can, and can’t work for couples.

Reasons why a double bed will suit a couple

As a couple, there are a couple of factors (see what we did there?) that has to align in order for you to get restorative sleep on a full bed:

  • The size of the individuals – If both of you are slight of build, you should have space to spare on your double mattress. If you and your partner aren’t selfish sleepers, each one of you will have roughly 188 x 68cm to sleep in.
  • When the couple sleeps deep – Sleeping on a double mattress is a breeze if both partners are deep sleepers. That way, if one of you turns around, the other won’t be disturbed by the motion.
  • You wake up in the same position you fell asleep in – double beds work well for couples that lie still at night. Because of the limited space to turn around in (68cm per person) it is ideal for those that don’t turn around a lot while you sleep.
  • For couples on a budget – Compared to the Queen and King size beds, double beds are slightly narrower. And because it is smaller, it takes less material to produce. Which means, it is cheaper to buy.
  • If floor space is limited – Because it is the smallest of the big beds, a full bed can fit into smaller rooms than its larger cousins. So if you and your partner live in a small and cosy apartment, a double bed might be your best option.
An XL double bed with white covers and an upholstered headboard set against a beige wall. The large leafed plant in the corner picks up the wooden floor beautifully.
An XL double bed is perfect for tall couples

Reasons why a double bed won’t suit couples

Let’s hear what the other side has to say about couples and double beds:

  • The size of the individuals – Once again, body size matters. If you or your partner are heavy set or big boned, you might want to consider a larger bed, like the queen or king size.
  • When you or your partner wake up for anything – If you or your other half are light sleepers, then a double mattress might not be right for you. Because you have limited space on such a bed, every small movement might be a distraction or irritation and keep you from get those important zZz’s.
  • Not for restless sleepers – Do you or your partner roll around a lot at night? If that is the case, a double bed might not be your best option. Even with high-tech memory foam mattresses, it is still difficult to cancel out all movement transfer on such a compact bed.
  • Couples with small kids or large pets – When your kids or pets share the bed with you quite often, a double bed just won’t do. It gets too cramped, body heat builds up quickly and in the end no-one gets proper sleep.

Best alternatives to a double bed for couples

If, for some reason, you and your partner are not happy to share a double bed, don’t stress. You’ve got options.

Is your double bed too small?

Consider getting a queen or king-size bed. But before you do, make sure it will fit in your room. We recommend that you should have at least a meter of free space around your bed (apart from the side that goes against the wall). Measure out the space that your new bed will take up and make sure you have enough floor space left on the sides. Use these measurements to help:

  • Queen size – 152 x 188cm
  • King size – 183 x 188cm

Small living space?

Do you live in cramped quarters where you can’t fit in a large bed? Or does your bed double as a sofa? If that is the case, you should consider getting a sleeper couch. These innovative pieces of furniture are seats by day and beds by night. The perfect solution for a couple living in a small space.

You want more bang for your buck

Remember, a double bed for sale will be cheaper than that same bed type in a larger size. However, if you want a bigger bed that is still within your price range, it might be within your reach. The Strandmattress Bambino Queen is quite affordable. Moreover, it is a sturdy and durable bed. Check it out.

Browse the full double bed catalogue

At The Mattress Warehouse, we know that sleep is super important. What’s more, everyone has a unique sleeping style. So finding the right bed isn’t always easy. That’s why we stock an impressive variety of beds. Visit our double bed for sale page and browse our full catalogue to find your dream bed. And remember to get a mattress protector with your new bed, so that you can make use of our 100 day trial period. You see, we want to ensure that you get that perfect bed.

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