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Serta beds review

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

So you’re on the lookout for a new bed, are you? Moreover, you’ve heard that Serta beds are quite popular. And so you want to find out if they are worth investing in (and sleeping on), right? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll answer all of your Serta related questions. From how long a Serta mattress lasts to the best Serta beds for sale at the moment. So if you want to know if Serta is a good brand, keep reading as The Mattress Warehouse explains it all.

Find out more about the Serta bed brand

Serta has been building beds for over 90 years. And they’ve been doing it well, based on their award-winning beds. Moreover, they are endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa and are one of the leading mattress manufacturers in the United States.

The company started out in America and soon expanded into the international market because of its local success. With a whole bunch of “industry firsts”, like the creation of the plush bed (yes, Serta beds did that) and the development of the continuous innerspring system, Serta is at the forefront of innovative sleep technology.

We reviewed Serta beds and this is what we discovered

Our in-house bed experts reviewed a variety of Serta beds. Then, just to make sure they weren’t biased, we compared notes with what our customers had to say about Serta. And you can rest easy, both the experts and the customers loved Serta! Here are some of the main features that stood out:

  • Flip-free sleep technology
  • Fantastic support, right up to the edge of the bed
  • The mattresses don’t become too warm at night

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a Serta bed.

You don’t have to flip your Serta mattress

This is definitely one of the main selling points of the Serta mattress. You are way too busy to struggle with flipping your mattress over every couple of months. And with most of the Serta beds we tested, you don’t have to! Simply rotate the mattress every other month to make it last for as long as possible.

Speaking of longevity, you might be wondering…

How long do Serta beds last?

All of the Serta beds we tested come with a 10-year service warranty. This is a good indication that the bed will last that long. And that is great, seeing as Sleep Foundation recommend that you replace your mattress every 6 to 8 years. So if a Serta mattress lasts 10 years, you score 2 to 4 years before you have to replace it.

Serta beds have the super-supportive Continuous Coil system

You can lie anywhere on your Serta bed and you’ll feel the support. When we looked into the reason for this fantastic support, it came to light that Serta has a unique, continuous innerspring system (award-winning and patented) that offers support right up to the edge of the mattress. It is manufactured from high-tempered steel and encased in wear-resistant padding to help the spring retain its form and function for longer.

Maphumze, a satisfied Serta owner said this about his Serta mattress:

Perfect support

Maphumze, a client of The Mattress Warehouse

What more is there to say?

Temperature regulating foams & fibers

Another feature we really enjoyed was the knitted ticking cover on the Serta mattresses. It felt cool to the touch and definitely helped to regulate body temperature at night. And in the higher-end Serta beds, the uppermost foam layers are infused with cooling gel to aid in keeping your core temperature just right.

Our top picks of Serta beds

We chose four categories to work with, namely:

  • Best Serta on a budget
  • The best Serta for a small room
  • Best Serta for couples
  • The most luxurious Serta

Best Serta on a budget – Serta Nobility Bed

The Serta Nobility is aesthetically pleasing with its blue base and white mattress.
The Serta Nobility Bed offers great value for money
  • Currently on offer from R4,699 to R10,339
  • 10-year service warranty
  • 120 kg per person carrying capacity

With a medium comfort rating which is great for all sleeping styles, the Serta Nobility bed is an excellent choice for you and your partner. Not only will it promote sleep for different sleeping styles, but it is also resistant to motion transfer.

Great value for money

Danielle, a happy Serta Nobility owner

Even though we know a lot about beds, our clients say it best.

The best Serta for a small room – Serta Eminence bed

The Eminence bed is resplendent in its king-blues and pure whites.
The Serta Eminence mattress is flip free, making mattress maintenance easier in confined spaces
  • Currently on offer from R4,899 to R11,099
  • 10-year service warranty
  • 120 kg per person carrying capacity

Sleeping in a confined space can be challenging. That is why we recommend the Serta Eminence bed. It has fantastic edge support, so you can sit on the bed without damaging your mattress.

Best Serta for couples – Serta Pinnacle Bed

The Serta Pinnacle combines classic elegance with modern design. Classic blue base with a funky, blue-striped mattress.
The Serta Pinnacle is designed to reduce tossing and turning – perfect for couples!
  • Currently on offer from R4,899 to R11,099
  • 10-year service warranty
  • 120 kg per person carrying capacity

With its medium to plush comfort rating, the Serta Pinnacle bed is perfect for couples. Moreover, the generous carrying capacity of 140 kg per person means most couples can sleep on this bed.

The best luxury Serta – Serta Aristocrat Bed

With the extra-plush Euro top, the Serta Aristocrat is one of the most luxurious Serta beds.
The Serta Aristocrat bed is made exclusively for The Mattress Warehouse!
  • Currently on offer from R12,899 to R28,599
  • 10-year service warranty
  • 130 kg per person carrying capacity

With its high-count pocket spring system and alternating layers of gel-infused memory foam and pure foam, the Serta Aristocrat bed is definitely one of the most luxurious Serta beds. It has a plush comfort rating, giving you the feeling of floating on a cloud as you sleep.

Shop for Serta Beds online or in-store

So now that you know that Serta beds offer great support while keeping you cool at night and that they last longer than what is strictly necessary, you understand why it’s a popular choice, yes? So head over to our Serta range and find your dream bed. And with a variety of payment options, you don’t even have to wait.

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