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Benefit Of Drinking Milk Before Going To Bed

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

benefit of drinking milkDo you remember the good memories of having mom pouring a glass of milk for us to drink before we go to sleep at night? She always told us the benefit of drinking milk and as much as some of us hate the taste of milk, there are good benefits of milk! One of them is obviously allowing us to have better sleep at night. Perhaps, a sweet dream or two? Well, who knows?

Milkshakes, cereal and any other calcium-enriched products which contain milk as their main ingredient brings a lot of benefits to our bodies. You should be grateful that your mom has taught you to drink milk just before going to bed, because there is a benefit of drinking milk before sleep. So do you still pour a glass of milk before you go to bed? Do you still hate the taste of it and still fight it?

In this article today, we are about to share some interesting facts with you about drinking milk. There are so many methods of getting a better sleep at night. One of them is to buy a new mattress. But what if your sleeping disorder is not caused by your mattress? Perhaps all you need is a glass of milk to help you feel a lot more relaxed at night.


Benefit of Drinking Milk before Bed.

If you struggle to fall asleep, drinking milk just before going to bed will help you. This is because any dairy products or milk contains tryptophan which is an amino acid that help in inducing sleep. Furthermore, milk also contains a hormone called the melatonin which regulates the sleep-wake cycle. If you can’t get enough sleep at night or you are too stressed to fall asleep, you might need a full glass of milk in order to help induce your sleep. So, it turns out that our mothers are right when it comes to the benefits of milk, especially for our sleep at night!

Now we know how good milk is for our body before going to bed. But is there any special type of milk we should be drinking? Different people have different tastes, but we will try to give you as much information as you may need. There are a lot of benefits of milk if you pay enough attention to it.

Try the “Night Milk”

Some cows that produced certain milk have been milked at different times of the day. If you find you can’t fall asleep even after drinking a full glass of milk, the reason might be the fact that the cow has been milked at another time of day except for at night. You want to fall asleep, you must drink milk that was produced by cows at night. However, before you go ahead and give your local milk company a call and ask if the cow that produced the milk was milked at dusk, let us discuss a recent study by Korean researchers. They stated that by feeding mice the night milk, it reduced the anxiety in them and helped in increasing the time of sleep at night. Even though this test has never been tested on humans with sleep disorders, we still think “night milk” might be your best solution to a better sleeping experience. So good luck in finding your night milk if you do not have a cow that will produce you night milk.

The Alternatives to Drinking Milk.

If you do not like drinking milk, especially at night just before going to bed or perhaps you are a vegan, there are a few other alternatives for you to try. The benefit of drinking milk at night is pretty obvious, more and more people started to make it as routine to ensure that they have at least a glass of full milk each day. However, if you are a vegan or you just don’t feel like drinking the milk produced by cows, you can try other types of milks. Some of them are nut milk, almond milk or coconut milk. All of these types of milk are natural, delicious and most importantly perfect for people with a vegan diet. The best part would be that these milks all have the benefits of milk produced by cows. They are also known to help you in reducing anxiety and getting better sleep at night.

Christmas Season!

benefit of drinking milkWe all know how cookies and milk are the thing, especially during the Christmas season in the west. The best part is when we get to “feed” our favorite man in the red costume – the Santa Claus! Or what most people will call Father Christmas. One of our favorite childhood memories was definitely setting out cookies and milk just before bed. During the Great Depression in the 1930’s, it is known that this started due to the circumstances at that time. Families were facing hardships during the Great Depression, they began teaching children to set out cookies and milk. This way they taught the children the importance of showing gratitude for gifts and giving to others.

Why We Think Drinking Milk is Good?

Well, let’s just see in a very simple way. If you love drinking milk, wouldn’t it be good too if you set a good example for your future children? We all remember how even our parents love drinking milk too right? The best benefit of drinking milk is more than just that. If you struggle a lot to stay focused, drinking milk will also help in keeping your attention focused on what you should do.


Other than having the right bed for your sleeping experience, it is also good to always practice healthy eating habits. Drinking milk before bed does have a lot of benefits. The benefit of drinking milk at night will help in boosting your immune system. You will feel a lot more refreshed waking up the next day. The benefit of drinking milk is widely known and we should be thankful to our parents for teaching us this important habit! So try and make drinking milk before bedtime a priority!

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