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Buying a Sleeper Couch? Find the Perfect Fit for Your Space

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Do you have friends and family that always stay over? Are you a student with a very small apartment? If the answer is yes then you probably need a sleeper couch. Whether you have one and need a new one or you are looking for your very first one, it is always difficult to find the right one. In this article, The Mattress Warehouse tell you why a sleeper sofa (aka couch) is such a smart investment. We will also share factors to consider when buying a sleeper, followed by how to find the best sleeper couch for your budget. If you are in need of some advice to make your social life and dream life more comfortable, continue reading to learn more about sleeper couches.

Why buying a sleeper couch is a smart investment

Sleeper couches are just as comfortable as actual couches. When purchasing a sleeper sofa you can approach it just like you would when buying a normal sofa. Another great factor is that today’s sleeper couches look just like chic normal couches that come in all shapes and sizes. The days of uncomfortable sleeper couches are also gone and with advances in manufacturing, sleeper couches are as comfortable as a real bed. Sleeper couches serve both your sitting and sleeping needs and are a must in today’s time. This means that when you buy one it’s like buying a couch and a bed all in one which is much more cost-effective. They are also very versatile and help with any space saving problems you might have in your home.

Factors to consider when buying a sleeper couch

Size and space limitations

Before you buy a sleeper couch always remember to measure the room you want to put it in as well as all the passage ways where you have to carry it through. If the room you want to put it in is big then you could consider a four-seater couch. On the other hand if you have a smaller space then a two-seater couch might be better. While taking into consideration the size of the room you should also take into consideration the size bed you will be needing. If you have many friends that regularly stay over at your place then you will need a bigger couch.

Number of sleepers

It is important to think of how many people will be sleeping on the sleeper couch on a regular basis. Are you having friends over every week that need a place to sleep or are you a bachelor that only needs a single sleeper?

Frequency of use

If you only need the sleeper couch once in a blue moon then you don’t need to find anything too fancy. However if you or your friends are going to be using it as a regular bed then you might want to think about finding a more specific sleeper couch. In this case you have to look for one that is tailored to your sleeping needs and that will help you or your friends get the best night of sleep possible.

Style and aesthetic

When buying the sleeper couch always keep in mind the style and aesthetic of the room you want to put it in. Even though you are buying the couch for sleeping purposes it still has to fit in with the rest of the room. Colours and size matter in making your sleeper couch fit into your overall lifestyle.


Your budget goes hand in hand with the size of sleeper couch you need. If you need a bigger couch because you have many friends and a big room then you need to budget for something bigger. The same thing counts for when you need a smaller couch only then your budget doesn’t need to be that big. You also need to take in to consideration the frequency of use as stated before. If you are going to use the mattress frequently then you will need a high quality one that will cost more. 

Find the right sleeper couch for your budget

1.     Budget

Simple and stylish with a neutral tone. Good for any spot.

The Moxi Double Sleeper Couch is perfect for anyone with a small apartment and infrequent visitors. This double sleeper is an affordable and functional option for any student or person with a tight budget. The simple design makes it easy to unfold into a double bed and quickly transform back into a couch the next morning. If you are on a budget and in need of something small this is one of many options for you. 

2.     Mid-range

The Moxi Lounger Sleeper Couch

With its dark grey finish, the Moxi Lounger can fit into most décor schemes.

This Moxi Lounger Sleeper Couch is perfect if you want something a bit more stylish and versatile. It has more space to sit and will assure that you and your guests have a comfortable and relaxing day. Being bigger it also offers more space to sleep when unfolded, ensuring that your friends or family don’t have to go far after a long night of watching movies and chatting. 

3.     Premium

Delft Sleeper Couch

This three piece sleeper gives you the freedom to invite all the guests to sleep over.

The Delft 3pc Sleeper Couch is a high-end couch that can add that something extra to any apartment. It’s a top of the line couch that can work well in any upscale apartment. The featured table element in the corner of the couch makes it more intriguing and adds a place for people to put their drinks while sitting on the couch. 

Browse the sleeper couch range online, or in-store

Do you have friends that always stay over but you have nowhere for them to sleep? Do you need extra sleeping space for your family when they come into town? If the answer is yes then a sleeper couch is exactly what you need. You can go look at some of our options at The Mattress Warehouse online or in person. With our many options you will have a sleeper couch for any occasion. Whether you live alone and you need a place to rest after a hard day’s work or you need to host a more classy cocktail evening with your friends. What are you waiting for? Make your budget and go find the best sleeper couch for you and the people you hold dear.


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