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Can you buy a mattress online?

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Would you buy a bed, mattress or other furniture online?

In this busy age, finding the time to go shop for something like a bed just seems to be too time-consuming until you really need it. Once you do go buy one however, you’re going to do it properly, after all, a buying a new mattress is a big deal. For you, buying a mattress is you buying your sleep quality for the next 5-10 years! It’s the difference between back pain or well-rested sleep, between clear, productive days, and blurry, exhausting days, so maybe you feel you should read up on mattress specs, shop around for the best price, and “test” every bed.

Many sleep experts will advise you to lie on a bed for a minimum of 15 minutes before you consider buying, to test how the mattress conforms to your body. This is definitely true, as just pushing down with your hands or sitting on the mattress does not show you how the mattress will react to the different weights of your pressure points and body contours, and whether or not you feel smothered or that the bed is too firm. However, this can get very confusing if you try more than 2 beds, as you can’t remember which bed did what, and which one you liked for what reason. It’s also unnecessary to try more than 2 or 3: There will only be a few beds that will fall into your categories of what you need (zoned back support, something firm?), what you like (coils vs springs?) and what fits into your budget.

But do you really need to test the mattress if you know exactly what you want and why?

Understanding what the different bed components do and what your needs are is more than enough to choose a bed without testing it: it’s basically what the salesperson does anyway. You tell them your weight, age, what you want, how much you want to pay, and what size you need, and they boil that all down to specs, and then what beds fit those specs. The only reason they can do that is because they know more than you, but they don’t have to. You should have enough experience sleeping in your current bed to know whether or not you like something soft or firm. What if you could know as much – or more – as a mattress salesperson and choose your own mattress for you and your family? This is a lot simpler than it sounds!

The breakdown:

Soft beds:

This is known as “plush” in the mattress world. Soft beds are usually preferred for lightweight (under 80kg) and elderly people. As they will give way enough under the sleeper’s weight to cushion his or her pressure points gently, and they will not sink too far into them. However, you might like the feel of a soft mattress. despite weighing more. This is where a pillowtop mattress provides the plush and the support you would need.

Can be made with pocket coils, memory foam, continuous coils, and other foams.


Medium Firm beds:

Usually chosen by people who have back problems, firm beds sink in less and take a heavier weight than plush beds. A medium firm bed works well for almost anyone and they are very durable. Medium firm beds are a good buy for children because they last long and support growing bones and changes in weight. They are also very nice guestroom beds because of their adaptability.

Can be made with pocket coils, memory foam, latex, bonnel coils, continuous coils, and other foams.


Ultra Firm beds:

For those who like firm, firm! This is catering mostly to personal taste: If you prefer a firm mattress, like a Cloud Nine latex, then that is what works for you. There are other firm options but latex is the firmest.


Motion beds: These beds have a motorised system that can lift the head, foot, and middle of the bed to accommodate your needs at any time. They are usually paired with a memory foam mattress, and prove excellent back support, especially for someone bed-bound, but they work very well as a normal bed too. Genessi makes comparatively affordable ones.


Are you confident about quality? No matter what you know, you might buy a mattress that you decide you don’t want, or it might have a malfunction. If you buy from a supplier that has subsequently disappeared, or from an online store that refuses to give adequate service, you might regret your choice. That fear of regret keeps many from buying what they want online. At The Mattress Warehouse, we promise guaranteed personal service that helps you as far as possible, brands (Silentnight, Cloud Nine) that have been around for many years, and reps that will come and personally inspect your mattress if you have any problems.

Using this knowledge, you should be able to confidently choose a mattress on our website, order it online and have it delivered to your door (where you can test it before you pay!). We also stock other bedroom furniture, like side tables, wardrobes, and headboards. If you still prefer the personal touch, call The Mattress Warehouse on 0861 007 000 for mattresses in every range of price, coil unit, foam, size and firmness.

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