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Choose the Right Size Bed for Your Bedroom: Size of a Double Bed & More

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

You’re moving into a new place and while you’re at it, you think it is a good time to replace your bed. Or maybe you just really need to get rid of that old bed that has springs sticking out of the mattress. Either way, you want to make sure that you get a bed that fits in your bedroom. What is the size of a double bed, will it fit in your room? Maybe a single bed will do better or possibly a king?

No matter your room size, the Mattress Warehouse will help you find the perfect sized bed. Read on as we discuss standard bedroom sizes, bed sizes and how these two metrics meet to make your bedroom look stunning.

Choosing the right size bed for your bedroom

The size of your bedroom should determine, to an extent, the size of your bed.


Because you don’t want a bedroom that contains only a bed and barely enough space to open the built-in cupboards. Likewise, you don’t want a bedroom that has so much floor space that you can host a dance party in there. But what is the correct bed for the size of your bedroom and how do you position your bed? Here are a couple of pointers:

1. Floor space

As a rule, you want at least 65 cm of free space around the sides and foot of your bed. And having a meter on the side where the cupboards are is even better. Measure the size of your room and compare it to the size of the bed you want to buy. If the bed will leave less than 65 cm of movement space around it, it is too large.

2. Symmetry

With single bed sizes, you’d ideally want to put your bed in the corner of the bedroom with the head and one side of the bed against the two walls that converge in a corner (head against the shorter wall). This creates an asymmetric, yet appealing look. Single beds go well in smaller rooms. On the other hand, the size of a double bed is better suited to slightly larger rooms (more on room sizes and specific beds for those room sizes later). Put the head of your double bed in the middle of the wall you choose to sleep against, ensuring that it does not take up more than three-fifths of the wall against which it stands for symmetry’s sake.

3. Room sharing

If you have kids sharing a room, get two single beds and put them against the two longer walls of the room, leaving the central part of the room free for movement and play. Alternatively, if the room is too small to comfortably fit two single beds, get a bunk bed to save on space.

Standard room sizes in South Africa

According to Constructor.org, a bedroom should have at least six square meters of floor space. That is 3m x 2m. Small bedrooms like this are only suited to single- and three-quarter beds. Moreover, they are better suited to children than to adults. For adult bedrooms, 9 square meters (3m x 3m) is better. And if you have the luxury of living in a large house, some master bedrooms can be as large as 4m x 5m. That’s 20 square meters!

With room size and bed size, we found that many people ask:

What is the standard size of a double bed?

In South Africa, the dimensions of a double bed are 137cm x 188cm. A slightly larger room goes well with the size of a double bed (or larger) because you’ll have enough free space around the bed.  And that means that it goes well in a room that is at least 2.7m x 2.5m. If your bedroom is smaller than that, you might want to consider a three-quarter bed.

But as you know, the double bed isn’t the only bed size on the market. So let’s take a closer look at the optimal room size for each standard bed size.

Bed sizes and room dimensions

A beautiful rust coloured bed set with a potplant on the nightstand.

A bedside pedestal brings beautiful balance to a room

As you go through the various stages of life, the things you do in your bedroom change. As such, the dimensions of your bedroom also change and so too the size of your bed (hopefully!). Without further ado, the ideal bedroom size for standard bed sizes:

Size of a single bed and the bedrooms it suits

A single bed (or twin bed) is 91cm x 188cm. These beds are the best for children’s bedrooms (2m x 3m) and large dorm rooms that can sleep many. They can also work in your guest bedroom if you have limited floor space. Another great use for a single bed is in the shape of a daybed or sleeper couch, in which case it can go in your living room.

Size of a three-quarter bed and the bedrooms it fits in

The standard dimensions for a three-quarter bed are 107cm x 188cm. They also fit well in small bedrooms and are great for growing teenagers, students and young adults. With a 2m x 3m bedroom, you can easily sleep on a three-quarter bed and have enough space left for a bedside pedestal.

Size of a double bed and the bedrooms that are best

As already mentioned, 137 x 188 is the standard double bed size in cm. Moreover, they go well in rooms that are larger than 2.5m x 2.5m such as small master bedrooms or guest rooms. Double beds can be used by couples if you don’t mind sleeping very close to your partner but are more suited to single adults with pets.

Size of a queen bed and the bedrooms it fits in

A queen bed is 152cm x 188cm in size, slightly more than the size of a double bed. It goes well in the master bedrooms of couples that have small children or some furry friends that share their bed from time to time. As a rule, these bedrooms will be larger than 2.5m x 2.5m to accommodate loose standing furniture like baby beds and nightstands.

Size of a king bed and the bedrooms it needs

As the name suggests, these beds are top of the line. A standard king size bed is 183cm by 188cm and is perfect in luxury hotel bedrooms, as well as large master bedrooms (3m x3m and more). Ideal for couples that spend family time in bed.

Beds for sale in all sizes – online or in-store

Now that you which bed sizes go well in various differently sized bedrooms, you can make an informed choice. Shop for beds of any size online or in-store at The Mattress Warehouse and we’ll bring your new bed to you.

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