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Create A Fashionable Bedroom

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Bedroom fashion dates back to ancient rulers.

Bedroom fashion gained gradual power as ancient time rulers set the standard for what was fashionable.  Six of the most potent female rulers of Egypt led the trends of the day.  Cleopatra VII Philapator, Twosret, Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Sobekneferu and MerNeith were among the most significant leaders that reigned in ancient Egypt. And according to the hieroglyphs and the history books, all of these rulers slept in a fashionable bedroom. In fact, ancient Egypt was one of the first civilisations to use beds as we know them today.

Being fashionable became increasingly associated with wealth and power.

In old English societies fashion and design was King (or queen). From the Stuart and Tudor times to the Victorian and Edwardian periods, leading families governed not only the land but also the rules of fashion. However, during periods of significant change and upheaval, challenges faced the norms of a society that revolved around the nobility. Back in those days, style mainly differentiated the wealthy from the poor and middle class. Being in vogue was synonymous with the power that they wanted to protect at all costs.

fashionable bedroom

Strict Fashion Principles For Wealthier Families

Wealthy families lived according to exceedingly strict fashion principles. Aside from clothing, the style of one’s home reflected the standing of one’s family. In the homes of the highest ranking families, the furnishings of every room reflected the intricate details of a specific fashion. Believe it or not, your family name stood the chance of being slandered if you did not have a fashionable bedroom!

Much depended on being up to date with the fashion of the times. Fashionable families were able to make essential business connections. moreover, only the wealthiest families had access to the most influential contacts. If you did not look the part, chances were that you would not play the part either… Back in those days, wealth reigned supreme, and business empires rose or fell along with the fashions of the times.

What is fashionable?

The word “fashionable” implies different things depending on the distinct cultures of the era. In the past, the term referred to painstakingly particular ways of doing things. Relevant rules dictated what was and what was not acceptable regarding every aspect of life.

Individuals within these societies structured their lives according to what the fashion of the day dictated. Pressure to be fashionable in every aspect meant that individuals took bedroom design as seriously as the wigs they wore. Without a fashionable bedroom, you might as well kiss your status goodbye. And we’re not even joking! Being in fashion was a serious matter.

A lack of fashion sense reflected a lack of status. Good social standing was of utmost importance and falling behind the times often resulted in social exclusion.

Entire families could end up ostracised due to fashion faux pas. The demands of a society obsessed with fashion created a stressful environment. Fashion dictated everything from dress and furnishings to language and business.

Bedroom Fashion Principles

Conversely, a stylish bedroom in the current day is something fun to create and choices depend entirely on one’s personal preferences. Fortunately for us, changes in perception led to an increasingly open-minded approach over the past many decades. So you might not lose your job because, in your employer’s eye, yours is not a fashionable bedroom…

As our horizons expanded, possibilities increased and what we see as fashionable has altered accordingly. Consequently, the word “fashion” currently has a more comprehensive meaning. You can be fashionably late, for instance. Or you can dress up in bad fashion. Smorgasbords of preferences abound, and the infinite choices with which to satisfy them are easy to obtain. Prevailing fashion trends prize unique expressions of individuality. However, an over-abundance of choice can be confusing.

Modern Day Trendy Bedrooms

fashionable bedroom

A chic bedroom is one that looks wonderful. However, using the word fashion regarding your bedroom is not quite the same as when applying it to your wardrobe. Most fashion conscious sectors include people that are involved in the corporate world and those that socialise frequently. Regularly upgrading or replenishing their attire is a necessity.

You don’t have to replace your duvet every your to have a fashionable bedroom. Thus it is highly unlikely that splurging on new bedroom decor every year is a priority for most people. Aside from globes for the bedside lamp, most of us tend to replace items according to budget. so take the time to choose well; your bedroom fashion choices are longterm investments.

Fashion That Is Good For You.

Nowadays, health, wellness and environmental considerations are playing an ever-increasing role in the decision-making processes. So if you decide to create a fashionable bedroom, don’t redo everything in non-biodegradable plastic. Creating a contemporary bedroom that supports your unique nature can be very satisfying.

Giving your bedroom that personal touch can transform it into a place of sanctity. Feeling fabulous when you are in it is what matters most. Your bedroom is the one area where it is all about you regardless of the size of your home. For those in a relationship, it represents the core of connection, intimacy, and togetherness.

A fashionable bedroom that supports their occupants provides that essential stress-free area that everyone needs. Especially as modern-day life can be very taxing!

Ideally, your bedroom reflects the person you love to be when you are away from the constant requirements of daily life. Use colours, textures and lighting to create the mood that is most supportive of the best version of yourself.

Whether this means peaceful, influential or sultry, you can use your creativity and finesse to create a fashionable bedroom that affirms the perfect inner you.

fashionable bedroom

Know Yourself

To create a bedroom that fits your fashion ideal on all levels, you must understand what speaks to your heart. Every element of your bedroom radiates a subconscious message that either supports you or does not.

Get Rid of Broken Items

Something that is grubby or broken imparts feelings of lack and leads to a low sense of self-worth. Clutter muddies both the mind and the emotions. It leaves little space to deal with work or relational stress while leaving you feeling annoyed at the untidy space around you.

Find the strengths that suite you best and apply them to create a fashionable bedroom that aligns with your uniqueness. Your sanctuary should be an expression of self-love and appreciation.

Fashion and your love language

Everyone has one primary love language. Love languages are not solely relevant to how we treat our partners. They are also applicable to the way we treat ourselves. The relationship you have with yourself affects every area of your life.

All the most successful inspirational speakers remind us of how important self-love is to the quality of our lives. Loving ourselves enables us to enjoy others.

Those around us benefit directly from how much we value ourselves.  It can all start with the creation of a fashionable bedroom that supports your love language.

Dr Gary Chapman published his book about the Five Languages Of Love in 1995. He used real-life stories to demonstrate the validity of his statements. Apply his five principles to the way in which you design your unique and fashionable bedroom.

Science shows that our brainwaves are altered by the environments we spend time in. Hours of nightly exposure to good vibrations reprograms negative neural patterns. New neural pathways form in the brain leading to thoughts, emotions, words and deeds that uplift. Creating a stylish bedroom that speaks your love language works wonders.

Fashion Love Languages.

Human beings grow emotionally and with that comes change. Over time, one’s love language of preference can shift. The best approach is to ensure that your bedroom speaks all five languages in a way that you can relate to.

Love yourself as you love your neighbour.

First Love Language

Words Of Affirmation

Firstly, there are words of affirmation. What aspects of your bedroom confirm that you care for yourself? Is it a photograph of yourself in a peaceful moment or a painting that gently reminds you that you are unique and special?

Canvasses that frame words of real insight or unconditional self-love are all the rage. Streaming meditations of self-love before you go to sleep is a beautiful way of further fulfilling this love language.

Second Love Language: Quality Time

A trendy diary to document your day.

Spend quality time with yourself and with your loved ones. Do you relate to the love language of quality time?  Purchase a fashionable diary or notebook. Stationery stores are overflowing with notebooks to suit every taste. Noting down your accomplishments for the day, no matter how small, is incredibly affirming. Keep your trendy notebook next to your bed. Every time you see it you will remember that you have many wonderful attributes.

Your diary could be colour-coded in the colours of your bedroom. Use fashion to reprogram your mind.

Time for undivided attention to rest is essential. Language that reflects quality time frees up mental and emotional space. Bedrooms awash with things that are reminders of chores or projects that need doing, detract from quality time.

The focal point of a bedroom is peaceful rest and sleep.

Simplify your bedroom and give yourself the gift of undivided attention to rest and recuperate. Bedroom spaces that free the mind to devote time to rest are essential to health. Make use of fashionable trends to create your perfect sanctuary.

The Third Love Language Is Receiving Gifts.

Size is irrelevant! One thoughtful item that you purchase for yourself is all that you need to activate this love language in your bedroom. Taking the time to pick the perfect gift demonstrates an understanding of your personal needs. Pamper yourself a little, it’s the fashionable thing to do! Treat yourself or your partner to a new throw, full of texture and vibrant colours. Even a few scatter pillows can brighten up a dreary space.

Perhaps you could treat yourself or your partner with a new bed? Visit our online store to have a look at trendy beds and the latest in bed fashion,

The Fourth Language Of Love Is Acts Of Service.

Do something small that enriches your life. Options include wonderful recording moments in your bedside notebook. Keep it close at hand to re-read during times of need. In this way, you do something positive that provides support when you feel a little vulnerable or down.

Trendy thermos flasks are easy to acquire. If you love to have herb tea first thing in the morning, fill a thermos at night. When you wake it is immediately on hand. Fashion can serve you and your partner well.

Physical Touch Is The Fifth Love Language.

To translate this to your bedroom decor is particularly simple. The fabrics you choose to put onto your bed are close to you all night. Choose pure organic fabrics that pamper your skin with all night hugs. The right material can be sensual and reassuring, turning your bedroom into a fashionable indulgence for the senses.

Fashionable bedroom

More Practical Bedroom Interior Decorating Tips.

Clear the entrance of your bedroom.

Entrances form the first impression on your mind, and they must be welcoming. Clear all doorways. Using fabric instead of a door can enhance a small space as long as it is always clean. Simple patterns are best.

Natural lighting is important.

Smaller spaces require more natural lighting. Avoid large or loud patterns. Larger areas can do well with elaborate details as long as you feel good with them. Avoid over decorating the space available to you.

The ambience is essential and the lighting in your bedroom at night sets the tone for a quiet mind. Soft light with a yellow hue is in vogue and calms the mind in readiness for sleep. Bedside lamps must be easy to reach from the bed. They can be on your bedside table or built into your headboard.

Fairy lights and salt lamps.

Drape fairy lights around the window for a touch of whimsy. Subtle lighting methods include a rose-quartz or Himalayan salt lamp. Wrought iron basket styles are very popular with the latter. Salt has an additional benefit of cleansing the air of impurities. Himalayan salt diffuses into the air you breath adding nutrients your lungs absorb. Fashion choices for your bedroom must be supportive of your health and wellbeing.

Focus on one beautiful object.

One beautiful object can be far more aesthetically pleasing than a dozen. Take the size of the bedroom you are decorating into account. Clear spaces and gentle flow create a powerfully fashionable look.

Bedding, colours and texture

Bedding can transform the room into an elegant bedchamber. Vast varieties of fabric are available in these modern times. With the attention on environmental wellbeing, natural and organic choices are more abundant day by day. Similarly, your choice of favourite colours are readily available.

Avoid excessive patterns

Avoid excessively intricate patterning, particularly in smaller spaces. Subtle patterns to suit you are readily available. Choose colours that calm your mind or embrace you with their rich tones. Whether you prefer a serene or boudoir look, fashion is what you say it is.

Most important is to create a space that looks, smells and feels right to you both physically and emotionally. Are you the earthy type or do you love vibrant colours to embrace you while you sleep?

Do you like cosy or do you prefer the calm serenity of simplicity? Modern bedroom fashion varies, and there is no right or wrong. Do what suits you best. Establish a haven that flows with the energies and vibrations that nurture you.

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