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Create the Perfect Bedtime Routine with These Easy Steps

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Once you have found your new bed in Cape Town, you have probably improved your sleep by at least 70%.

Beds for sale in Cape Town give you a whole lot to look at and consider. Beds supporting the back, beds designed to hold your posture in a way that you won’t be tense, beds that are pure luxury. When looking for beds for sale in Cape Town, the options are seemingly limitless! And having so many options is ideal for so many reasons. Getting quality sleep should be your first priority when looking for a new bed. The best way to make your decision is to look through your options and match your bed with your sleep needs.

But you need more than a new bed. You need a proper bedtime routine!

Once you have a routine that you can stick to, you'll have fewer nights of bad sleep.

Once you have a routine that you can stick to, you’ll have fewer nights of bad sleep.

Routine is key to great shut eye

As much as we’d like to believe we are not creatures of routine, take a closer look at your life. Just about every part of your day is constructed in some way or another from a routine. You wake in the morning, you brush your teeth, you shower, you get ready for work. When you do this every day, it becomes a routine.

Despite modern thinking, this is not the end of the world. Routine is actually good for you. There are many reasons why you can benefit from having a routine, especially having one at night.

The latest reports from the sleep world are troubling, to say the least. With scientists pinpointing bad sleep as having a link to dementia later in life, while we already know that bad sleep can be linked to a number of other health issues, sleeping properly is more important than ever before.

By having the right bed routine, you can fall asleep faster and you will be able to sleep more deeply than usual. When we sleep, your body experiences different stages, each as important as the next in terms of getting quality rest. When you improve your sleep routine, the quality of your sleep is also bound to improve.

You will notice the change in the quality of your sleep almost overnight when you have the right kind of routine working for you!

Not only do you need a routine, but you need to perfect your sleep routine. And this is how to do just that…

  1. Cut back on the amount of water you drink at night

One of the main reasons you wake during the night is to use the bathroom. This can be especially problematic after a night out when you have had a late night drink. Waking the midst of a deep sleep can damage the quality of your rest. Deep sleep is when your body is recovering from the day and so waking up and then getting back to sleep, breaks the cycle and forces it to start over.

Try drinking more water during the day and less at night so you don’t get thirsty.

  1. Shut down the modern world

Over the course of human history, our sleep patterns have been determined by the sun. We woke with the sun and as the sun went down, our bodies naturally became tired. The melatonin levels in our bodies have adjusted this way, so even to this day, when the natural light becomes dimmer, we tend to feel sleepy.

Technology has changed all of that. Screens of laptops and phones emit blue light, similar to that of full daylight, which prevents the body from naturally becoming sleepy. Blue light can have an effect on the melatonin levels in your body which in turn will affect the quality of your sleep.

To avoid this becoming a serious problem, you should block out the modern world at night. Really, your emails can wait until morning and social media can take a break. Your sleep is more important than sending that WhatsApp message. If you have no other choice but to work on your laptop at night, install a light filter. These can really help!

Looking at your PC, laptop or smartphone screen at night can damage your sleep.

Looking at your PC, laptop or smartphone screen at night can damage your sleep.

  1. Tidy your home

It might take no more than 15 minutes. Making sure that your home is neat, the dishes washed and everything else is tidied away, can help your mind to shut down which will, of course, help improve your sleep later on. Studies have shown that having a clutter free, clean house can help to make you feel less stressed.

I like to think that the added bit of physical work can help to relieve the tension in your muscles which in turn will also help to completely reduce the day’s stress. Cleaning can also be therapeutic in a way, seeing that it will help you to focus your mind on something other than your thoughts.

  1. Stretch your muscles

Nothing beats a few yoga stretches before bed. These days we are very much office bound creatures, spending our days typing away at our desks. Believe it or not, but your muscles can become tight and tense when you sit in this position for hours on end. You need to release the tension and the stress that your body has accumulated throughout the day and stretching is the way to go.

Now, you don’t have to do yoga, there are plenty of other options to go with. But yoga is very much focused on stretching the right muscles. In fact, it also goes beyond stretching muscles and helps you to become more mindful of your body. Mindfulness has its uses and its benefits, such as helping to decrease your stress and increase your relaxation, helping to improve your sleep.

  1. Write out your thoughts

A lot of our sleep troubles begin with the mind. We are a generation with a lot of worries. Work stress, financial problems, and more than enough other troubles to keep you wide awake. Your thoughts could be the main reason for not sleeping. The best thing that you can do to alleviate your mind of all of the day’s troubles, is to bring out a notebook and pen and write it all out.

Whether it is something that is worrying you or something that you need to do the next day, having it out on paper can clear your mind enough to enjoy some great sleep.

The key to a routine is to stick to it until you have it set in place. Even when you have selected your new bed from the beds for sale in Cape Town, you will still need the will power to stick to your routine to get the most out of your sleepy downtime!


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