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Day 2 of beds at the Decorex expo

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Day 2 at the Décorex Expo at Gallagher Estate.

It’s another fun-filled day at the Decorex expo. I’m so excited to walk in again because yes I do feel like a VIP (very important person). Each day the crowd seems an increase in numbers. The competition amongst the store owners also keeps rising. Everyone is trying to make as much profit from the expo as possible. The halls are full with a buzz as people from far and near get excited about which stall they are going to visit. Little did they know that The Mattress Warehouse was taking over!!

As I mentioned earlier we were invited by the Fold A Bed company to be a part of their stand. So if you saw the FAB bed brand, you are also seeing The Mattress Warehouse. Fold a bed are beds which are made to save you space in your house. Let’s say you live in a cottage or a bachelor flat and don’t have enough space because adding a double bed or a queen-size bed will make your room seem too crowded and as though everything has been cramped in. Then a fold a bed is for you. Once folded it looks like a cupboard and opens your space up for your convenience. There is no need to take the linen or your pillows off the bed. The Fold A Bed folds everything neatly against your wall. Guests and friends will never guess that the wall unit against your wall is actually a bed. The Fold A Bed is also useful if you have a spare room and you are undecided if you want to make it a guest bedroom or a study. Well, I say why not have the best of both worlds? Make your spare room a study by day and a guest bedroom by night. It is for such convenience that the (FAB) was created. You no longer have to be limited by space. The Fold A Bed is made of wood and comes in four standard colours: mahogany, white, black and brown. You are not only limited in choice but you can customize the bed to your satisfaction. It also comes in 6 different types of wood and you can order the bed in extra length. The FAB, however, does not include a mattress so you have the choice of putting in a mattress of your choice. So whether you prefer a Cloud Nine mattress or a Forgeron mattress, FAB can accommodate them all. The bed has inner support planks in the middle which means you don’t have to worry about the bed breaking or bending inwards. We also offer to come and install the bed for you.

Do not be missed by this great opportunity!! The Décor expo was abuzz with the FAB beds and where else can you get them but here at The Mattress Warehouse. We also sell different types of mattresses so you don’t have to shop elsewhere. Whether you want your Fold A Bed to be accompanied by a spring, foam or latex mattress we have all three mattresses in our store at affordable prices. Visit us today or buy online at the www.thebedcomapany.com. We deliver nationwide!!

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