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The Best Sleeper Couches for Small Spaces

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

For modern, small space living, sleeper couches are the way to go. Find out how and why from our sleep experts at The Mattress Warehouse.

Why do you need a sleeper couch?

Whether you call it a sleeper couch or a couch bed, it is the same thing. And the reasons you need one are threefold: Sleeper couches are cost-effective, they save space and look good.

We make it sound so simple because it is so simple. Especially if you are staying in a small bachelor flat. For young people, students and junior professionals alike, who can’t afford large living space, sleeper couches are lifesavers. When you think about it, living in a one-bedroom apartment saves money, but it’s always a schlep having friends or family over for an extended visit because you don’t have space for them to sleep. But with a sleeper couch, you can nullify that problem. You see, during the day you can all chill and play board games in the tiny lounge area. And then, come night time, you just pop open the sofa sleeper and your guests can comfortably snuggle up for the night.

Talking about sofa sleepers, you might be wondering…

What is the difference between a sleeper sofa and a sofa bed?

These terms are generally used interchangeably. However, some purists say that sofa beds come without an extra, hidden mattress and just fold open to lie flat on the floor (Japanese futon vibes). Whereas sleeper sofas/sofa sleepers are like a traditional sleeper couch, with a hidden mattress that comes out when you prepare the couch for sleep mode.

Back to why you need a sleeper couch

Still on the space saver topic. If you live in a bachelor flat (one open-plan room, plus a bathroom) it is often impractical to have both a bed and a couch. So why not get a single sleeper couch to double up as your bed and seating solution? Furthermore, if you take this option, you save a lot of money. Buying a two-in-one couch bed is cheaper than buying a couch and a bed. On its own, a sleeper couch might be slightly more expensive than either a bed or a couch. But if you have to buy both you will definitely spend more. Plus having a modern, elegant couch that doubles as a sleeper just looks a lot better than having a bed and a couch jammed into a small space.

Speaking if which…

How to structure/arrange a small living space?

Single apartments can be cluttered. Sleeper couches are very useful to declutter the space.
Sleeper couches save a lot of space in small apartments

Living in a small space is not always as easy as it sounds. Sure, you save money by living in small apartments, but where do you put all your stuff? Furthermore, how do you distinguish between the bedroom, living area and kitchen if you live in an open plan apartment? Let us show you how:

1. Get dual-purpose furniture

Investing in dual-purpose furniture, like, let’s say, a sleeper couch, is one of the easiest ways to create space in your small apartment. However, sleeper couches aren’t the only pieces of furniture that can double up as something else. If you work from home, think about utilising your desk as a dining room table or vice versa.

2. Use the walls

When you think about it, we mostly use walls to hang art on. And that is more-or-less it. But if you live in a small space, you should seriously reconsider that. Use those walls as extra storage units! Floating shelves are all the rage nowadays, and in small apartment living, it is quite useful. You can use it to store books, appliances and so much more. You can also build solid shelves around doorways and windows to store items like shoes and so on.

3. Be organised

Small living spaces can become chaotic and un-neat in the blink of an eye. Leaving out a used cup and the bread knife makes the space look dirty. That is why having a well thought out storage system is crucial. Everything you own should have a well-defined storage space within your apartment. Furthermore, you should get in the habit of putting away things directly after use. Don’t leave it out for later, as it will soon become an untamable mess.

4. Define separate areas

This may sound like a tall order, we know. But it is possible. Put all of your work stuff and books in one space, like in and around a bookcase. Put your hobby gear/sports equipment in another spot – not in a jumbled heap but try to arrange it so that it seems to be part of the decor. You can also use indoor plants or room dividers to create the illusion of having separate areas in your small apartment.

5. Declutter on a weekly basis

Clean up all of the surfaces and corners at least once a week. Just take half an hour to take out all of the stuff you don’t use and put all of your shoes back in the shoe rack.

Tight squeeze? No problem with these sleeper couches

There are sleeper couches for sale for a whole variety of different settings. So to make your choices easier, we’ve listed some of our premium sleeper couches here. Find anything from a single sleeper couch through to luxury leather couch beds.

Single Sleeper Couches

Single sleeper couches are perfect for small apartment living.
A Single Sleeper Couch is great for students

For cramped university quarters, a single sleeper couch is perfect! Only 76 cm wide, it can fit into the smallest of apartments. And with its slide-out sleeper function, you can turn your seat into a bed in no time. If you are looking to save on floor space, this one is definitely for you.

Junior Sleeper Couch

The junior sleeper couch comes with comfortable armrests.
Villa Junior Sleeper Couch is perfect for children

Coming in slightly larger than a single couch bed, a junior sleeper couch is another great option for single apartment living. It looks stylish with its armrests and slides out to become a super comfy bed. If you use it as a secondary bed for guests, the armrests serve the dual purpose of affording your guest some before bed privacy in your small apartment.

Double Sleeper Couch

Double sleeper couches are great for people who have family over all the time.
The practical and stylish Delft Double Sleeper Couch – great for young couples

An elegant double sleeper couch that, at first glance, does not look like a sleeper at all. The Delft double sleeper is fantastic for young couples and for people that frequently have family staying over. With a width of 137 cm, a double sleeper couch doesn’t take up a lot of floor space when doubling as a seating option. Moreover, with the easy fold mechanism, you can turn it into a bed in no time at all.

Montrial Leather Sleeper Couch

Leather sleeper couches look luxurious and feel fantastic.
The Montrial Leather Sleeper Couch adds a touch of class to any apartment

A glamorous leather sleeper couch for upmarket apartment living! What more do you want than a sofa bed that looks luxurious and feels fantastic!? This couch is aimed at people that want to show off in their small apartment. If you live in a small apartment because you prefer small apartment living, this beautiful leather sleeper is for you. It oozes elegance and success, and it sleeps like a cloud.

Sleeper couches for sale at The Mattress Warehouse

The sleeper couches we listed above is just an appetizer. We have a lot more where that came from, so head on over to our online store and get your couch bed now. And the best part is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your apartment. We bring the sleeper to you, free of charge! Happy shopping.

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