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Does Your Room Look Dull? Maybe It’s Time For A New Dressing Table.

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

dressing table

One of the ancient essentials for a bedroom is the dressing table. To women, a dressing table is considered as the most important aspect of their daily lives. Without a perfect dressing table, a bedroom is never quite complete and may seem like no matter how much time you spend pondering over on which one you want to get, it will never seem easy to make a decision. However, let us assure you that choosing the right dressing table is never a hard decision.

Choosing the right dressing table focuses mostly around the look you would like to achieve. You have to ask questions such as; will your dressing table sit in a proper dressing room or just a regular bedroom? Would you like it to be a statement piece? If so, which accessories will you need to complete the look and where can it fit in the bedroom you have chosen? At our store, we have a wide range of bedroom collections that let you go for a complete set in a unifying style or mix and match pieces.

There are a few tips you will need to consider before going to the store and start your plan on buying a dressing table for your bedroom. One of the most important aspects when buying a dresser is to find one that suits within your budget and requirements. A lot of people never seem to really care about the value of a dressing table until they finally have it in their bedroom. More often than not, people will buy the wrong dressing table due to quick judgements. Some are even driven by the wide range of dressing table for sale in the market, making them a lot more confused when deciding later. So before you step into hunting for your most perfect dressing table, let’s take a look at what you should consider before finally purchasing one.

Storage of Dressing Table :

Get a dresser that has enough drawers that are large enough to keep your trinkets, accessories, and valuable items. This tip work best for those who have boxes full of perfumes, accessories, watches and make up sets will definitely need a dressing table with sufficient storage.

Size of Dressing Table :

The height of your dresser should fit right below your mirror. To add to the aesthetic value of the room, the width of the mirror should match the width of the dresser. The size of your room will also dictate the size of your dressing table. Anything different will spoil the look of the room. Measure the remaining height below your mirror before you go shopping for this furniture item. A dressing table should fit this exact height. Anything taller than the measured height would cut the mirror and spoil the look, but a little less would be fine.

Budget of Dressing Table :

Second hand shops are ideal for those whose budgets are tight in order to find affordable dressing tables. Furniture shops have a dressing table for sale of ranging prices and you can always find one that will fit within your requirement and budget.

Style of Dressing Table :

dressing tableA dressing table also needs to have a small chair or stool to sit on. Pick a dresser that represents functionality, elegance, simplicity and modernity. If you love the pedestal shape, with a space in between to sit or with one or double drawer on either side, you can also go for a classic piece. They can be bulky and are usually best suited to larger bedrooms, but they tend to provide plenty of storage. For smaller bedrooms, we suggest the on temporary dressers and if you want to go contemporary, always remember to keep it simple. Go curvy shapes or in soft pastel colours, that is if you want your dressing table to represent femininity. If you are still unsure of the colour that you want, go for one with wood or neutral colour so that it does not look out of place if you change your décor.

Lock System of Dressing Table :

An ideal dresser is definitely the one with lock facility, especially if you have some jewellery which is quite valuable and should be kept safely. Items such as passports, gold and silver jewellery can be stored here.

Knickknacks of Dressing Table :

You can place visually stunning artifacts, antiques, scented candles or even potpourri on your dresser other than your perfume bottles, jewellery boxes, and make-up sets. To make your dressing table look even more stunning or to add a distinctive Victorian vibe to the dresser and the bedroom, you can try placing lamps or candle holders.

Functionality of Dressing Table :

dressing tableFull-length mirrors or triple mirror are impractical if you have very limited space as mirrors can make or break a dressing table. For trendier and practical look, go to flip-top mirrors. A good quality dresser has drawers that glide smoothly and are securely joined when you open them open. When you are not using it, we suggest for you to get a compact stool that you can easily tuck under the table.

While getting ready, the biggest problem a couple will always face is when one person is spending too much time in the bathroom in front of the mirror. By getting a dressing table is considered as the best way of solving this problem. A mirror in your room would avert the early morning tiffs with each other and save a lot of time. Choosing a dressing table is pretty much like choosing a bed. You can never go wrong with one particular style, but you will soon realize that it is probably not the one you have been looking for.

Our suggestion remains simple. Make a thorough research prior to purchasing one as this will save a lot of time, energy and even money. You do not want to be spending on a dressing table that will eventually cause you frustration because it cannot meet your requirements and needs. Always consider the people who are going to use the dresser and the actual size of your bedroom. Lastly, an important tip you can keep in mind while buying a dressing table is to look for an item that is multi-functional.

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