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Bamboo and bedding: 4 reasons to go natural

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Are you looking for cool, new bedding?

Has the summer heat kept you up for one too many nights?

We feel your pain.

That’s why we here at The Mattress Warehouse decided to fill you in on a little secret: the natural fibres you’ll find in bamboo bedding or a bamboo mattress protector can help you to keep cool at night.

Now isn’t that cool? (pun intended)

Mattresses, bedding and accessories

Nowadays, almost anything to do with a bed can be made from bamboo or bamboo-derived products. From mattresses all the way through to bed linen.

So if you really want to cool off at night, you can get an entirely new suite of natural bedding products:

  • Pillows
  • Mattress
  • Mattress protector
  • Sheets
  • Pillowcases

By the way, The Mattress Warehouse stocks most of the above in bamboo products. So you can get your new, natural bed outfit all in one place. And you don’t even have to get in your car to go and get it. Everything is online. How is that for convenience?

Wait a minute! This sounds too good to be true.

Is that what you’re thinking? It’s certainly what we thought the first time we heard about the bamboo craze!

However, we’ve since had the opportunity to do some research and experience first hand how these naturally derived products can enhance our, and more importantly, your sleep. Because that is what we are all about – helping you to get the most restorative sleep possible.

So if you are a sceptic, take three minutes to read the rest of this post (with an open mind).

We are fairly sure we can convince you why going natural is to your benefit. In fact, let’s list those benefits for you right away:

  • Stay cool at night
  • Natural smell for better sleep
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Friendly to the environment

What are the benefits of a bamboo mattress?

If you want to read more about bamboo mattresses specifically, go check out this post. However, to save you time, we did a short summary below.

Stay cool

"Cool" bedding
“Cool” bedding

As we’ve already mentioned, having a bamboo mattress or mattress protector can help to regulate your body temperature. Which is quite handy when the nights get unbearably hot.

How does it work?

Because bamboo wicks away moisture and allows for fast evaporation thereof, the fabric doesn’t become clogged up. This in turn allows for free airflow in and out of the mattress. All night.

Check out the Edblo Novara mattress that comes with a built-in bamboo comfort top.

Now, if you add in some more bamboo bedding like a pillow, sheets and a pillowcase, your body temperature is more likely to stay constant throughout the night. Because if your sheets already wick away the moisture, there is less moisture that sinks into the mattress. And with less moisture in the mattress… Well, then the mattress doesn’t have to do so much work evaporating your sweat!

Is a bamboo pillow good?

Yes – not only does it help to regulate your temperature, but it also gives off a natural smell that helps you drift off to sleep faster.

Natural smell for better sleep

Bamboo fiber gives off a natural fragrance in bamboo bedding.
Natural fragrance

During the production of bamboo bedding, minimal chemicals are used. Furthermore, most of those chemicals are removed before making the final product, be it a pillow or a mattress protector. This in turn leaves the final product smelling of natural bamboo-foresty goodness.

We stock a fantastic Natural Latex pillow with a Bamboo Cover. If you struggle to sleep at night and you wake up with a sore neck, this pillow might be what you’ve been waiting for.

Are bamboo mattress protectors good?

Apart from helping you to keep cool at night and smelling nice, a bamboo mattress protector keeps away those nasty dust mites and bacteria.

Anti-allergenic bedding

Dust mites and bacteria struggle to find a foothold on bamboo fibers. As such, they cannot find purchase in your bamboo bedding, whether it is a bamboo mattress protector or some bamboo bed linen.

What’s more! Because bamboo is made from mostly natural material with very little added chemicals, the mattress protector itself won’t contain anything to aggravate your allergies (unless you are allergic to bamboo, of course).

Our Sealy Soft Touch Mattress Protector is a soft-to-the-touch add on that helps to protect your mattress from stains. Consider buying it with your new mattress for longevity and added protection.

Are cotton or bamboo sheets better?

Cotton plants on the left vs. bamboo plants on the left. Which plant makes the best bedding?
Cotton vs. bamboo

Even though cotton plants grow a fair bit faster than bamboo, farming cotton is much more water and pesticide intensive than farming bamboo. Moreover, bamboo produces way more oxygen than cotton plants.

So just from an environmental perspective, bamboo sheets trump cotton sheets.

But that isn’t the only arena where bamboo is the winner.

Bamboo Tencel or lyocell sheets (same thing, different name) can be compared to silk sheets in terms of texture and feel. Whereas even the best cotton cannot compare to that soft, luxurious feel. But unfortunately, the lyocell sheets are a bit more pricey than cotton sheets.

Ready… Set… Bamboo bedding!

We hope that we’ve managed to convince you why going natural is in your (and the environment’s) best interest. So go through to our online store to shop all things bamboo bedding related! However, if you’re a fan of traditional cotton or linen fabrics, you’ll be glad to know that we stock these options too. Check out the full bedding and linen range from our online catalogues.

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