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Don’t Forget the Memory Foam

Author imageThe Mattress Warehouse

Memory foam is made of a substance called polyurethane and has special chemicals added to it to increase its viscosity and density. This increased density makes memory foam mattresses extra heavy but also extremely durable. They also offer excellent support to your specific body shape. Originally used in the NASA space program and airplane seats, this unique foam is energy-absorbent and indescribably soft. The soft feel is due to the reaction it has with body heat, allowing the foam to mould to your warm body.

When you buy a bed or mattress with memory foam inside you will receive all these great benefits.


The benefits of a memory foam mattress include:

  • Comfort, comfort and comfort!!
  • Distributes body weight evenly.
  • Your body heat softens the mattress in all the right places, relieving painful pressure points.
  • You easily attain a correct and comfortable sleeping position with proper spinal alignment.
  • No allergies!! Memory foam is made of inorganic fibres.
  • Reduces your need to toss and turn and roll around at night.

memory foam


  • Memory foam pillows lessen the chances of headaches, jaw ache, teeth grinding and migraines while you sleep. They also reduce and neck pain and tension.



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